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Newsletter, Wednesday, July 18, 2012
By Anne DeHart


Hi Everybody .... we're on a roll!


First of all, I need to get you on the same page as I am. So... let's catch up with the rest of this happy world! Look what's happening in Russia!

And remember ... it's OKAY to be happy!
Click on this link, below, and let yourself go!


Wasn't that really fun? And it's time we started getting used to having fun because that is where we are headed!
As I browse some of these postings ... like Blossom Goodchild's of July 14 ... and others ... we are told to only stay with the messages that resonate with us ... that make us feel good. If we find our "buttons being pushed" and we start getting nervous and uneasy, worried, fearful ...


There is just so much news, so why keep looking at so many viewpoints of it? Just a little while ago, I thought I would look at what appeared to be a nice friendly site. He was telling us how to spot disinformation. Well... just about EVERY paragraph contained the word "fear." It just went on and on! And I GOT OUT! I don't care how "nice" they appear, and maybe it is not intentional and they don't realize what they are doing to people ... but we JUST DON'T NEED IT!


All we need are our own good viibes! That is where and what we want to BE!

By the way, if you liked having some fun with the Russian flash mob, you can find other happy folk on Today's Inspiration. There is also a 1:10 YouTube which you may have seen before (I had) awakening us to the sacred knowledge of vibrations and human emotions. If you are looking for something to hold your attention for an hour or so ... and finish you off on a "high" -- this could do it. Good sound and well choreographed.


Actually, this 1:10 YouTube came on Drake's newsletter! As you probably know, Drake's radio show has been shut down. Here is the message I received from Lady Dragon on Saturday:

Drake and Minuteman called for the FBI, the Police and the citizens to make arrests then their radio show got shut down so that they could not speak anymore

You know, I thought the agenda was:

1. The Calvary is coming!
2. We'll call you if we need you.
3. Sit back and watch the fireworks!

Now ... the Calvary is here and we are seeing the fireworks on Greg Gile's videos. So.... WHO CALLED AND SAID THEY NEEDED US??? Why are we inciting the citizens to get into the frey????

Personally, guys ... I will not be posting these kinds of initiatives. I fully believe that OUR PART is, as always, RAISING OUR OWN VIBRATIONS, which means staying happy, helping others get happy, and RAISING THE LIGHT QUOTIANT ON PLANET EARTH! We are gaining on the darkness... we are nearing critical mass. WHY have a huge open confrontation? WHERE does that put people's vibrations???

And actually, Drake's work as far as we are concerned is about finished. We are getting Federation postings that arrests are being made, and once the cabal is collected, our attention is going to be on our new "guests" and the information they will be posting for us on TV. (Read SaLuSa's message for today). Yes, by that time I probably won't need to even write a newsletter or post a website!

So, now that Drake is focusing more on political and military agenda's ... that is very 3D, I have pretty much stopped posting him, unless he comes up with something, again, along the spiritual line or is sharing some good news.



A couple of weeks ago, I had posted some information from Ashtar on the Road. This seemed to be a nice source, but I had never heard the message; I had just read the transcripts. So.... last night I listened to the full 90-minutes of Ashtar on the Road's teleconference. Susan Leland's recorded Ashtar message within this 90-minute show was about 40 minutes And yes, it took me to about 5 AM to hear the whole 90-minute call, but I wanted to HEAR the energies. And although Ashtar sounds, obviously, different through Susan as he does through Michael Ellegion, I believe this is a good source. This is another source committed to delivering Ashtar's information as well as other valuable and unique messages; information quite unique and not, to my knowledge, to be found anywhere else.

All of this to say: On the DISCLOSURE-2012.COM website, click on ASHTAR and you will have access to the latest Ashtar message through Susan on July 10 2012. It was posted July 16, titled

ASCENSION AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES. Both the written transcript and the mp3 audio recording are there. On the audio, more news comes via the news team of Tara and Rama who bring information exclusive to their sources. The last 30 minuites of the audio includes a guided meditation by Sekhmet. These are some pretty lively 90-minutes, and considering how shy Susan Leland was when first contacted by Ashtar ... today she fullly allows the energy of Ashtar as he utilizes her Voice.

Since we no longer have a direct link to Zorra for current updates, I believe this bi-weekhy communication with Ashtar will be much appreciated.

And yes, I still have my own audios with Ashtar that I plan to post! It is just a matter of carving out the time. I still have to post all of your new INSTANT CONTACT personal info. I have lifted them from within all of my emails and they are safely saved in my Word file as backup. I should be able to get them on the INSTANT CONTACT page hopefully by Wednesday. If you have not sent your info and wish to be our "eyes and ears" for your part of the world as all this unfolds, just send me your





This has to do with the closing distance between us and Nibiru. When more and more of this comes your way... just remember that Zorra told us we were in no danger from Nibiru ... that Inner and Hollow Earth have advanced technologies to prevent this celestial body from interfering with Earth and her orbit.


VISTA PRINT CARD I have 1,000 of these "business cards" and this is more than I can personally distribute. Send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope and I will send 25 - 50 cards back. The back is blank, matte. Easy to write on.


Mail to:

Anne DeHart

c/o P. O. Box 4841

Tubac, AZ 85646


This is one way to do our jobs and get the word out!







Check out the postings here. Things are happenings throughout the world that indicate that we are moving toward Ascension! Lots of new items since July 4th. Benjamin Fulford's for July 17 is here, as well.



NEWSLETTER ARCHIVES If you lose one of your newsletters and haven't "seen it all" -- we have a quick-fix! The Newsletter Archives can be found on the bottom of the Home Page of our new Disclosure website.


And of course, the Hollow Earth Network site also has Newsletter Archives posted right up at the top of the list of pages.



FEDERATION This link is like our daily mail. And it has really gotten active (to say the least!) We hear of Timothy Geithner being arrested; we get reminded as to our proper response; there is a great YouTube showing military activity in US neighborshoods; and yes ... we learn of active military encounters here in the US and, sadly, loss of life. And we learn how close those who have "left" still are... and how soon we will see them again!


All of this telling us we are getting close ... so close.




Our part? Our part is easy! Once again ... what is our "Passport to 5th Dimension? "A Happy Heart!" And Today's Inspiration!


Each time we visit this page, we find the just-right posting to make us smile... okay, it's even okay to laugh ... that's what they do in 5th Dimension. So let's start getting used to it!


And each time we pick ourselves up, bring forth a smile, a grin... a real laugh ... we are adding to the Light Quotient of Mother Earth! So it is up to us just how much Light we can add to each day and... when we will bring this precious planet into critical mass!


Much love to you guys,




Hollow Earth Network (HEN)

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