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This is a powerful Scorpio New Moon… it is happening on 11-11, a master number and date. Recognized by many…. as a portal or gateway to the Universe…….. which embodies magnified energies for positive change. 11-11 is also known as the Peace Code.   It represents high spirituality and a balancing of opposites…..which is a major theme of this shift!   11-11 also is a symbol of the twin strands of human DNA, and it is also a time of spiritual activation……along with activating our evolution and consciousness. These 11-11 energies will continue to be active for several days after this Scorpio New Moon.  

The Sun and Moon (the New Moon), are in Scorpio.  Scorpio energy is about deep transformation, Earth Spirituality, sex, death, desire, natural shamanism, others money, passion, intensity, highly intuitive, the Soul mate, our shadow, medium ship, hospice, looking deep into our unconscious and our Soul…..and anything that feels a little uncomfortable!  If it isn’t uncomfortable……it isn’t Scorpio! 

A lot of Scorpio energies are being magnified during this Scorpio New Moon!  Be aware of the gray side of Scorpio which is…. lies, secrets, judgments, out of bounds Ego, control, manipulation, betrayals, jealousy.. etc.   If you feel yourself in these areas, recognize it…and make a conscious effort to move out of it and forward into the higher energies of Scorpio.  The “gift” of Astrology is being able to recognize the energies…. move away… so you can navigate to a higher level.   This Scorpio New Moon will also activate things on a sexual level.  The energies are very passionate and intense….everything from casual sex, to sacred sexuality, the merging of the physical body with the Soul. 

Remember also that a New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle. New Moons are the most spiritual and intuitive moons of the whole Lunar cycle. It is a wonderful time to manifest, meditate and create!  Each New Moon brings with it a down load of evolutionary energies giving us the knowledge to create a beautiful future.  This is a very powerful time to manifest and create.  Take the energy of this very powerful Scorpio New Moon and manifest a beautiful and peaceful world.   Take time to manifest for yourself also.

With this Scorpio New Moon ……The Universe is asking us to face our greatest fears….to face things that we haven’t wanted to look at (rather recent or in the past)….face our shadows (our less desirable qualities)……except them…. move through them… so we can transform them into the higher energies, so we can be part of the “New.”  This is a very powerful time….with lots of changes leading to transformation.  This powerful Scorpio New Moon…. could trigger a challenge in your life or an opportunity…..or out of the challenge, which you are facing, you can receive an opportunity.

For many….there is that feeling of the rug being pulled out from under our feet…..  It is a time of letting go, detaching from things…..and moving away from people, places, jobs and things…. that no longer serve us……as we continue to move forward and into the “new”.   Moving through all of this is not easy.  It can make us feel at times…… depressed, sad, hopeless and we can question our sanity.   At times we can feel lost and overwhelmed.  Some of the time….there really is no bases for these feelings.   The energies are deep and intense and all part of the looking deep into your Soul and facing what needs to transform.   Actually this is good….because as you face the Soul searching… begin to transform and you find yourself in the high energies of Scorpio…..the rise of the Phoenix….out of the ashes…..this is Scorpio…  Remember that it is usually in the darkest hours….that we find our answers and then the light (healing) starts to appear. 

This transformative Scorpio New Moon also has Mercury (the planet of our voice, communication or all kinds, and our mind) sitting alongside of it.  This brings in the theme of learning and communication to this Scorpio New Moon.  With Mercury close to this New Moon, it is transforming and opening our minds to larger perspectives……the ones that come from the Heart and not just the mind.  Mercury is also asking us to share communication with our Souls on that deep Scorpio level …. And face what is being heard…..even if you feel you don’t want to go there right now.  You are aware that it is time to walk through some of the “hurts”, feel them……. so that they can be healed    

We also have Venus and Mars sitting with the North Node and Jupiter at this Scorpio New Moon. 

With Mercury, Venus and Mars being major players in this Scorpio New Moon…..the major theme of the balancing of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine….is being accented!    Bringing balance……to everything in the world that is out of balance….. is a huge and powerful statement from the Universe!!

Venus is about relationships, sexuality, intimacy, values, money, Love, creativity, attraction and feminine energy.   The Universe is asking us to look at who we love, how we love, and how we let others love us.  We are being asked to be truly honest with ourselves…. and others… when it comes to all the qualities of Venus.  

Venus is also sitting on the Super Galactic Center……spreading the message of Love…..Peace…..and deep Soul Love to all….. throughout the 30 some Galaxies, including ours, that rotate around the Super Galactic Center.     A theme…of Universal love and balancing of the Feminine and Male energies, the right brain and left brain and everything that needs to be brought into balance……. with an emphases on Relationships of all kinds!  Equal respect, and equal give and take…… in all relationships …, community, work, friends, tribes etc.  Bringing relationships into Balance!  We need to change/transform our thinking in how we develop and observe relationships.  We need to communicate (Mercury with this Scorpio New Moon) in this “new way” of being in relationship….. so all can see and hear and feel…… this ” New” way…..with integrity, respect, honor, equal give and take, trust, etc.   This is where we are heading.

With the North Node and Jupiter also sitting close during this Scorpio New Moon……we begin to realize that the North Node is the Universe’s intent that we (Humanity and all the Galaxies)… all meet in Love and Peace (remember Venus and Mars are also sitting with the North Node and Jupiter) and because the North Node and Jupiter are in Virgo….we are being asked to ground it into this reality and share it with all Galaxies.   Add in Jupiter (the planet of good luck, optimism, Joy, higher learning, religions, and philosophies, travel) and realize the joy in not only the spreading of love in our own world….but also throughout the Galaxies.  Jupiter is also about empowering you to make positive changes in your life.

We are receiving a very powerful message from the Universe about Love….. for ourselves, humanity, and for all life forms in our Galaxy.  We need to transform where we are….to where we are headed…towards a powerful  Love…. that is easily flowing back and forth between us, humanity, the Earth, and all life forms in our Galaxy!  Wow…..the Universe is speaking loudly!!!   Are you listening?

With this being a New Moon in Scorpio…….we are being asked to go into the depths of the unknown (Scorpio) so we can see what we need to let go of and purge.   This is a powerful time to manifest (New Moon) that we all become the Spiritual pioneers (Mars sitting on the Super Galactic Center also) sharing and involving all types of communication (Mercury, sitting with the New Scorpio Moon) with all life forms throughout the Galaxy!!  Listen to what information you might receive….throughout the Galaxy and from all Realms!!!  Go deep within yourself, your soul and see what comes to you…things that you might need to look at, from childhood traumas to things that you are reacting to now.  How can you change your current approach to these things?  Because this is a New Moon, which is the most psychic and Spiritual moon of the whole lunar cycle, it is a time to mediate, and a time to manifest.  Take all the energies of this New Moon and manifest a beautiful path to ascension for all, a beautiful world and a beautiful community.

The Earth itself may have a hard time incorporating all the energy from this powerful New Moon……There could be some natural rebounding, major storms, earth quakes, volcanoes etc. from the Earth.  The Earth is also purging.  Solar Flares are also increasing during this time.

Take this energy of transformation, Birthing of New, Change and Urgency and empower yourself to change where needed and then to change the World! Take a step, any step, just move……now is the time to take action!!

Old pathways dissolve and new ones show up.  This Scorpio New Moon brings us a lot of changing energies, life changing down loads, and new knowledge.  There can still be confusion, and chaos.  Watch money markets, the weather, for the possibility of more major storms.  Watch out for more aggression, accidents and some violence. There could be a lot of “World” violence and aggression…..trying to manipulate us into ”World Relationships” that we do not want to be a part of … a nation and also as a people.   Watch what you say and how you say it.  Watch where you are walking and how you and others are driving.  Be careful, be cautious!  This is a very powerful Scorpio New Moon! It is time to manifest…create the future you want….create the world you want to live in….create a beautiful world for your community and for the world.  It is a time to meditate….as much as you can.  It is a time to ask for guidance and then trusting the guidance you receive.  It is time to sit in quiet and Listen!!!

These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth. These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart. 

Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below). Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way.

 Feel free to share this update, in its entirety! AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2015 Cathy Lindsey All rights reserved.

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