NEW! Thw Goddess Crop Circle!

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NEW! Thw Goddess Crop Circle!

Blogger: Thanks for posting this. It is a beauty. I see your interpretation, it could very well be so!

I also see very strong indications of Goddess energy. The 2 mirror images are portions of a previous Goddess crop circle, which synchronistically had appeared while a Goddess convention had been going on in Glastonbury! 

This image is symbolic of Isis and the crescent moon - here is a link to this formation:

My interpretation is that there is a message here about the joining together of polarity and the resulting merge into Oneness. Merging our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects is our collective path straight ahead, as well as our individual healing process.

The trio of individual circles might be representative of the Higher Self, the head center and the heart centers, pictured here joined together into Oneness.

An interesting point to note is that this formation appeared on the eve of the New Moon in Libra - which has it's emphasis on relationships on all levels. So once again, an emphasis on balancing and a merging of 2 participants.

The 2 mirror images are joined together within the environment of the One - the perfect circle of the Source of all creation. Within the context of the moon cycles and the New Moon in Libra, it could also point to the complete expression of this merge at the time of the full moon within this cycle - which is the Hunters' moon (Dianic) and occurs on October 29th. 

This falls 2 days before the pagan holiday of Samhain, which is a celebration of the cycle of death and rebirth. The northern hemisphere falls to sleep at this time, while the southern hemisphere is awakening to it's rebirth of spring, once again a manifestation of this balance.

The central circle at the midpoint can be seen as the center of the Milky Way galaxy, with the 2 interconnected spiral arms leading into the fertile Womb of all possibility. This can also be seen as the picturing of the Twin Flame energy - with the synergistic sealing of two hearts as One, and the creation of the third entity - the Divine Child.

It's also interesting to note that this formation appeared in a field designated as a conservation area and planted with wild bird seed - in great respect and stewardship to Gaia as well as serving to nurture & sustain Her wild creatures over the cold and barren months of winter.

Magnificent !


I could be off but the newest crop circle seems similar to Cobra's window of opportunity.


I am writing with reference to the crop formation which appeared yesterday morning on our land at Avebury Trusloe and has subsequently appeared on your website. 

As the owners of the field we are asking if you could put a message on your website asking people NOT to enter the field and crop formation. This area has been planted as a conservation area and planted with a wild bird mixture. The area is designed to provide winter feed to wildlife and birds and also to provide a safe habitat for ground nesting birds. A lot of time and money has been spent siting this particular plot and establishing it for the benefit of wild birds, insects and farmland animals.  

Visitors to the formation are now disturbing the birds who will not come back to the plot, they are trampling down the nesting areas and feed sources and all this work is now being undone. People entering the field have not been given permission and signs have been erected stating there is 'no entry' but they are being ignored. Indeed some people have become rather aggressive and abusive when asked to leave the field. 

We ask that everyone is welcome to enjoy the aerial pictures of the formation on the internet, but please do not enter the field. 

Many thanks 

Robin and Ben Butler Land owners




Heavenly Father

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Thank You heavenly father for these beautiful and magnificent messages given to us by our Loving Star Family from the universe. Sending unconditional LOVE to all.


Love & Light



Please respect their simple

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Please respect their simple request. To enter 'the field' of love, you need only enter your own heart.

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