The New Unity~Gaia Full Moon Message

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Commentary from The Galactic Free Press~ Together we don't create the illusion we Co Create Reality In the Unknown as a Collective Body..... All Our Love


Please consider sharing this message anywhere you might think it will be received. Gaia and all living things upon and within her have made the transition to 5th density and a new form of unity prevails. A new game has begun in earnest! A new world is being created second by second from the collective hopes, wishes and dreams of all living things within her sphere of influence.

The old unity and the old message was that all things are created from the light and will someday return to the light. The old message was that everything is light and we are all one. This remains true but a quantum leap in unity has now been achieved with Gaia’s ascension.

Within Gaia’s sphere of influence something new has occurred, something that has never occurred before. A new form of unity has been established and it extends throughout all the dimensions transforming them as well. This new form of unity is “the wheel of life” or the ecosystem that ensures the collective balance that will allow all forms of life to flourish within her space. This “wheel of life” or ecosystem is a type of unity that has never been able to achieve the higher levels or dimensions until now.

Every living thing that exists on Gaia at the present moment has sworn to uphold the sanctity of collective life and it’s delicate balance or is in the process of leaving. We each contain a small part of the giant jigsaw puzzle of this collective system and every small part is just as important and any other. Together we form a united creative force that literally creates the illusion of a 3d world second by second!

There is no future except the one that we are creating moment by moment and that future is collectively balanced to ensure that all forms of life may flourish. There are no exceptions. This is the new law and the new game.

In the past only individual souls have been able to ascend. With Gaia’s ascension the “Wheel of life”, an entire ecosystem has been able to ascend! This is an entire new form of united collective creation!

This is an entire new form of collective love!
Bless us all!