A New Year like no other ever have been!

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Dear friends, I wish you all for this New Year, that you could experience what I experienced last night!
The Unity of all that is and the certainty that we all will be experiencing it very, very soon!
We are all but One Being, One Consciousness and One Soul!
It is my desire that we all understand that many of us are awake, but that many are not, and to bring these ones to our awakening, we need to love and forgive them without any misgivings, so that they also can feel the love that we feel
and return to being the part of us that they have always been!
Just love to the evil to disappearance, that is the real answer of the meaning of life!
We have believed in the Illusion of Evil and darkness for too long, let us really quit it right now, let us Unite!
Let us all sing a song of love and acceptance that will resonate all over the World!

Oneness, we are the One!

We are the One Body, One Soul, excluding none!