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Pay particular attention to Antura’s questions today. There seems to be a discovery of Mars Roverlife on Mars!!

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And a quick explanation for my new subscribers. Theo is my own Guardian Angel (GA) with whom I communicate in meditation, along with Gaia, the Soul of the Earth, and my soul “cluster” brother, Antura, (and a few others). Generally, I’ll ask Gaia the earth questions and Theo about our lives. Now for some interesting topics of the week that YOU requested, and which will give you a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE:


Mammatus CloudsBarb in New York writes: What kind of souls create cloud shapes for artistic enjoyment? Do they create formations for everyone to see or just the person who sees them? Why do some people see them and others don't?

I have seen and still do see very interesting shapes in clouds, from childhood on, all the time. It seems as if they are calling to me to and say: "Hey you, look at me" and "Take my photo." I never really wondered about it till now.

For example, I saw an angel formation once and, after feeling blessed to see it, I decided to take a photo of the angel cloud. By the time I got my phone set to camera, it had faded.

Another time I was feeling very distraught and saw a long-nosed man’s profile face formation. I had to think of my deceased uncle, who was a really funny man, and I was cheered up.

Recently I was feeling rather down and saw this heart-shaped cloud. I have attached the photo of it. I sensed I was being reminded by the angels to stay more heart-centered and that everything will be all right. Thank you so much for answering my question about the cube-shaped clouds. It opened up a whole other set of wonders.

Gaia, how would you describe the souls that form artistic clouds? Is that all they do?

Cirus CloudsYes, an interesting question, Tom. You would have to describe their soul interest as art in all its forms. Forming clouds is just one of their interests. They would best be described as having a fragment of themselves forming artistic shapes while other parts or other fragments are having artistic experiences throughout the universe. You are, or were, correct in thinking that they can be multipurpose. They do these shapes with great love. Many humans would not recognize a shape they’re not familiar with, butsomeone on another planet would recognize them.. So do take time to look at their creations any chance you get.

That brings me to my next question—why do some people see them and some do not, and are they aware of one or more humans looking at the clouds so that they can show off or display their work?

Oh yes, quite so. As any artist, they enjoy someone taking interest in their work and will put on a demonstration at times if a person relaxes and sits outdoors enjoying watching the clouds. You can also request MBOs to see some unique cloud formations and they will try and oblige, depending upon the prevailing winds, moisture in the air, and so on. There has to be the right conditions for them to paint their pictures shall we say. So don’t give up if the first one or two times has no results; persevere and you will see some beautiful art—just not permanent. There are many artists today—humans—who make or create art that they know will not last such as those who make sand or ice sculptures.

Cirus Fibratus CloudsThat does bring up the question, are the souls forming the cloud shapes having fragments experiencing Earth lives?

No, but a good question. These souls have chosen to be artistic without having physical lives.

Cathleen writes: I live near Mesa Verde, Colorado. A few weeks ago at 5:45 a.m., right above my property, it appeared that a pink swirl that looked like a potential vortex or wormhole was opening. It was quite large and very prominent in the sky. Could Gaia tell me what that was about and did it have anything to do with me?

Gaia, what was the odd pink swirling effect over Mesa Verde, Colorado recently?

One of the cloud angels or souls was trying out a new artistic look. It was not an ET craft, Tom.


Helen in Hawaii writes: Just wondering about Machu Picchu. In one of your newsletters, you said you were attracted to the pan flute music (as I am too) and that you had a life as a religious leader during the time when the great city Machu Picchu was developed and built.

Machu PicchuCan you find out why the city was abandoned? And was the abandonment all at once or a slow migration of moving away? Looking at all the photos of the place, it looks beautiful. Since you know you had a past life in that city, when you look at the photos now, do you get a sense of "nostalgia" or anything like that? With over a 1,000 life times in so many different places (and some places that no longer exist in our timeline!), do you get a feeling of "been there and done that" in some of the places you had visited? I suppose you had a life on all continents!

Gaia, was Machu Picchu abandoned all at once or after the Spaniards arrived?

It was abandoned over a fairly short period of time. Machu Picchu was built for religious purposes as has been speculated. This lasted several hundred years and then the people moved on.

I think I feel most at “home” in England and France since I think I had a number of lives there—a couple that I know about.


Aravind writes from Australia: August 6 will be the 70th anniversary of the Hiroshima nuclear bombing and subsequently Nagasaki on August 9, which killed about 129,000 people. It is commonly viewed as the chief catalyst that ended the Second World War in East Asia in 1945 (Wikipedia, 2015).

Hiroshima & Nagasaki A-Bombs1. What were the soul contracts of the people who experienced and perpetrated the tragic events?

2. Will nuclear weapons be used in war again?

Gaia, what were the soul contracts of the victims and perpetrators of the A-Bomb attacks on Nagasaki and Hiroshima?

All the people who died in those bombings, just as other bombings in the Second World War, had taken lives in other conflicts, including Atlantis and Lemuria and even other wars before records were kept, or were destroyed.

What is the probability of the use of A-bombs or similar devices in the future?

They will never be used again, Tom. You have raised your vibrational levels to a point where that will not occur again. So therefore the probability is zero.


Gaia, how many alien races are represented on Earth—all 200 Federation planets, less, or more?

Actually more, Tom. I know you thought it would be that number or even less—the 82 number someone wrote about—but in order to have the human DNA just right, Creator asked other species on other planets not part of the Federation of these planets to contribute, which they willingly did. Therefore, well over 300 planets contributed to the Earth Experiment.

Milky Way Galaxy & MeteorWould it be less than 400?

Yes, but use the over 300 number as we don’t want to steal the thunder of your ET uncles and aunts when they reveal your history.

Would the number of soul volunteers from different planets be the same or less?

They would be less, Tom, since asking for DNA contributions and soul volunteers from planets are two different requests.

Then would it be closer to the 82 number someone wrote?

It would still be much more. Some planets sent just a few souls—I should say volunteers—and some planets such as the Pleiadians sent many more. Still, virtually all the Federation planets are represented, so that 82 number is off quite a bit. Consequently, you can use the number of less than 300, but those numbers will be much more specific in the not too distant future now.


Theo, am I correct that the first attempt to reach another star’s planet will be around 3150, earlier, or later?

A little earlier, Tom, but not much. You’re in the ballpark, we can say, on that estimation.

Proxima CenturiHow many light years away is the planet they will try and reach—over 100?

No, a little less, Tom.

How fast will be the spaceship they will use—the speed of light, less, or more?

Less, but it will hover around that mark, Tom.

So, not over the speed of light?


How many crew members will there be—50, 100, or more or less?

Less than 100, Tom. That’s a fairly large crew.

Where would they have space for all the capsules to hold their bodies?

By then, they will have designed them to be beds. This will not be a tiny spaceship, Tom, but a behemoth because they will not worry about aerodynamics.

When they are rescued, will everyone just exit the ship, to the other, or will the ability to jump through portals be installed?

That’s a future consideration that goes into the realm of probabilities. The highest probability is that they will be taken aboard the rescue ship and then the decision will be made to either finish the voyage or return to Earth. If made to finish the voyage, they would then be trained to be the crew of a more modern spaceship. These decisions are not written in stone yet. There is flexibility. There will be much more known about the planet they are attempting to reach and that will play a part in the decision.


Interstellar Space ShipAntura is an ET and one of my soul group or “cluster.” He’s already had 800 lives on Earth, mostly as an explorer since that is his soul interest. He’s an amphibian in this life and a member of a “first contact” team reaching out to other developing worlds. You can read more about him and other ETs in my book, FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET.

Antura, regarding the voyage in which Earth humans will try to reach a distant planet in 3150 or so, how can they be retrieved since they will be in the middle of a voyage, not near a portal?

By then, you will have learned, with a little assistance from us, to dial in specific points between the portals. I can’t say too much more about this because there will be people whose soul contracts are to discover this, but yes, you are correct in thinking it has to do with those energy connections between planets.


Mantej writes: What is the crab-like figure that has been spotted on Mars coming out of a cave?

Mars CrabAntura, was that crab on Mars real, a rock of some type, or CGI?

No, it was real, Tom. It was there to give just a little hint that there are living entities on the planet. I know you thought I would say no, but in this case it was something viewed to perk the public’s interest.

Mantej writes: More sightings!!  Can you ask Antura if the ten UFOs over Osaka Japan were real or not?

Antura, were the lights over Osaka Japan made by drone spacecraft, one or two ships or what?

You’re correct in the assumption of drones, Tom. The operators of the drones liked to move them around to give a show to those on the ground.

Aravind writes: Question I have for Theo is, of all the planets NASA has discovered in the last 20 or so years using the Kepler telescope, what percentage have humanoid or intelligent life on them?

PlanetAntura, of the planets NASA and astronomers have discovered in the last 20 years, what percentage have intelligent life on them and are there any humanoids included?

No humanoids thus far in the ones they’ve discovered, Tom. Most are large, gaseous-type planets; certainly there are a number that have intelligent life, just not what an Earth human would consider. You still need to greatly broaden your ideas on intelligent life, and yes, hopefully you and I will help to change their ideas or concepts with your visit to our mothership.

Mantej writes: Can you ask Antura if this UFO overtaking a Virgin Atlantic Plane at JFK Airport was real or not?

Was that a spacecraft passing by the Virgin Atlantic plane on takeoff?

Yes, it was a scout craft from one of the Federation ships. It knew it would be seen by the photographer, and is just another instance of showing a little of itself. And yes it was traveling at quite a high speed.

Wasn’t able to ask all of the following questions:

Wes writes: Were the Reptilian races the first to embrace the antithesis of the "Light"? Were they created with the thought that they would explore and actualize negativity, to see where it would go and how far? Has it not been said that the "Light" cannot know itself without the "Dark" as its counterpart? If this is true, will this idea continue as long as creation exists?

Antura, I am very disappointed about the further delays in the First Contact with the Russians. Now it may happen in 2016, maybe. This seems to be par for the course. Is Putin out of the loop, or is he involved to a certain degree? It seems to me he would the person to spearhead the "First Contact" event, or is he against it?

Antura, how many galactic federations are there is our galaxy? Is there one overall Council that oversees the affairs on a galactic scale? Are there any federations or empires still around that are of a negative orientation, such as the Orion or Draco?

Reptilian AliensAntura, did the Reptilians embrace negativity?

At the time of the original Star Wars, you would have had many who would have said that, but the reality was just greed.

Is Putin in the loop for disclosure?

Oh yes, he will have to give his blessings before Disclosure.

Antura, how many Federations of planets are there in our galaxy?

Several, Tom.

Over 10?

Yes, slightly over that number. There are, after all, millions of planets in this galaxy. Some have no wish to be part of a Federation. Others might just wish contact only with the planets in their solar system. There is a wide range of choices to be made. Many have intelligent life, but not the kind that lends itself to joining a Federation.

Scout CraftFinally, would scout ships have the same portal hopping ability as the large mothercraft?

Yes, but normally this would not occur since there are many factors such as supplies, provisions, and so on.

Rita writes: What is the reason there have been so few crop circles this year in comparison to all the years in which they have been a phenomenon?

Antura, why were there fewer crop circles this year?

The beings that do this work had other assignments this summer. There are still more to come, so perhaps the average number will be closer to previous years by the end of the fall season.

This question came from Sterling in Texas:

Antura, are there any humans on Earth who are considered hybrids?

No, there are none at this time, Tom. They would be so unique as to be instantly recognizable with many different oddities in not only appearance but internally as well.

Bernie writes: I love reading your newsletters and have read your books. But have never read anything like my sons and I experienced. I would appreciate yours and Antura’s comments.

Alien AbductionAbout the mid to late 1960s, my sons and I were laying on the tarmac in a camping ground called Martha's Lake watching for satellites in the brightest of night sky. There was no moon, just the stars that were so bright one needed no flashlight to walk through the brush or around the trees. One of my sons started laughing and jumping up and down. He said look at the "dancing star." And we all watched in silence as it bounced here and there through the sky until it got lost in the massive Milky Way.

We continued to watch for about five, maybe 10, minutes -then- we again saw a small blinking light coming towards us. It was as small as a distant satellite, but as it came closer, it became larger and larger until we knew it was going to come right over our heads. We ducked behind some parked trailers and watched this HUGE round thing pass over us watching the stars disappear behind it. This thing was about 60 ft. in diameter and just skimming the treetops. I (foolishly) was going to see if my flashlight beam would reach it, but my sons hysterically begged me not to. Once the silent thing passed over us, we gathered our stuff and high tailed it to our tent, I asked if everyone was in their bags and, once all were accounted for, we IMMEDIATELY went to sleep and never questioned it.

UFOWe now ask ourselves how does one go to sleep with adrenalin running so high?

My question for Antura is, did we really see a UFO or was this man-made? Did I see something leaving our tent? After all these years, I would really like to know.

Was the spacecraft passing over Bernie and sons in the late 1960s Zetas or Federation, and were they contacted and/or abducted?

Yes, they were abducted, Tom, by the Zetas, but their DNA did not fit the profile the Zetas were looking for, so they were never abducted again. They could undergo hypnosis to remember the event should they choose.


This MBO story and the next two originally appeared last week in my Blog, which you can read in its entirety at

Nancy writes: As I was reading your MBO blog stories, I was reminded of one of my own. I was coming home late from work. It was about 9:30 Traffic Stoppm, and I got pulled over by a police officer. I gave him all of the required paperwork, and asked him why I was stopped. He told me I had a brake light out. And to think I just got the car inspected the previous week! I sat there frustrated, and BING-remembered MBOs. So, I requested one for no problems and no ticket. I did sit there for a long time. Finally, the officer came back and handed me my stuff. He just told me to get the brake light fixed, and that was that! Yeah! Great MBO result!

I have also asked Gaia for an MBO when she was getting ready to let a thunderstorm rip, and I was hurrying to my car, asking for just a few more minutes until I could get to my car, if it wouldn't be an inconvenience. She has been most generous! Once, when I was doing that, I ran to my car, opened the door, closed it, and BOOM-the heavens opened up and it POURED! All of my MBOs were amazing, but that was really special!

What I like the best about MBOs is that they show you that you are never alone, and don't operate in a vacuum. It's like a hug from Spirit to see them work! Thanks so much, Tom!


Eli writes: Interestingly enough, I went to your website on Saturday looking for the link to your most recent newsletter and found that it had not Hopkins & Mack Hypnosis Sessionyet been posted. I was drawn to your post about writing down your dreams. I often have vivid dreams that I remember (and then forget soon after I wake up) and sometimes even understand the meaning intuitively, as well as the message for me in my current life.

I used to write down my dreams, but have not for many years now. The night that I read your post I dreamt that I was using MBOs in my hypnosis practice. The louder I said the MBO the more powerful and important it seemed to me. I currently say multiple MBOs before every session. I probably say MBOs out loud at least five times a day and 15 times a day when I am working. I am going to start writing them down now. Not sure about the meaning of this dream, but thought I would share it with you and see if you had any thoughts/information about it.

I feel that the dream was a message that saying an MBO with emotion works even better since you’re creating great energy.


Laurie writes from Florida: I’m really looking forward to reading your book on Atlantis & Lemuria. (Maybe I should request an MBO that it gets printed and released sooner than I can hope for or expect, LOL!)

Florida stormI want to remind our Gentle Way community to please utilize the “gentle rains and gentle winds” request of Gaia whenever a storm approaches. It’s not exactly an MBO, but I always back up the request with a properly phrased MBO for gentle rains and gentle winds over my home during any storms that day.

In my area of South Florida, we’ve been getting some very powerful thunderstorms that pop up in the afternoons. To lessen the impact of such storms, you told us that Gaia said to go outdoors, face the approaching storm, and say out loud, three times: “I welcome gentle rains and gentle winds” while holding out our arms and hands in the direction of the storm. I do that every time, and it has worked beautifully. Even when the radar on TV is lit up like a Christmas tree with reds and yellows and greens, the weather over my home is remarkably mild. Whenever I see the sky darkening and the clouds starting to build, I go out onto my patio and make the request.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do that a few days ago, and, oh boy, did I ever regret it! I got busy that afternoon and didn’t have the computer on to keep track of the radar. By the time I noticed that all the daylight was going very, very dark, the Rain Stormrain was already starting to pound down and I couldn’t get outside. The skies opened up and I got blasted. A thunderstorm rolled over my home with strong, scary downbursts and branch-snapping wind gusts. I was worried that the screening on my patio enclosure was going to shred. (I’ve been through hurricanes, and this one short burst of wild weather was comparable.) I said as many MBOs as I could think of the whole time! Fortunately, the storm passed without damaging my home or my immediate neighborhood. But I found it ironic that the one time I didn’t physically go outside and open up my arms to Gaia and the sky was the one time that I got hammered.

UPDATE: I’m writing a few days later, and this afternoon we had another strong line of pop-up storms. I got outside and made my request for “gentle rains and gentle winds.” It’s a good thing I did. Two weak tornadoes touched down just west of my home, but the wind and rains above me were minimal. Thank you, Gaia!

SECOND UPDATE: This morning a line of rain storms showed up on the radar. I went outside and requested “gentle rains and gentle winds." That’s exactly what I received, despite the fact that those storms bloomed and ended up dropping a funnel cloud only a few miles south of my home. As it turned out, the cloud that produced the funnel vortex was the cloud I was facing when I requested “gentle winds!” I’m so glad that I went outside and made my request of Gaia. Who knows what might have happened otherwise.


This question came from Mantej. Fortune Cookie

Theo, do any fortune cookies contain messages manipulated by GAs?

Quite so. They can be used to pick up the spirits of someone depressed, or to warn someone of an impending event. This does not occur in every instance. Most of the time it is for amusement.


Ocean StormLee writes from Florida: Tom, my heart breaks for the families of the two boys in FL who are missing at sea. I realize there is a lot of karmic activity with the boys, their families, the rescue agencies and the people who are offering up prayers. Is there any hope of them turning up safe or being found? Thank you. I hope my BPs have some influence in their return.

Theo, did the two Florida boys drown?

Yes, Tom. When their boat capsized they were unable to retrieve their life vests and drowned in the storm.


Wes in St. Paul writes: I just can't let go of the Paul McCartney controversy, if there is one. Okay, he didn't die in a car crash, but there is anotherPaul McCartney side to the coin. I have read from another source that Paul was heavily influenced and used by the "dark side" for various reasons. He married Linda Eastman, who was from an Illuminati family. Because of this dark influence, his behavior changed drastically and the other Beatles sensed this, especially John Lennon. It finally got to a breaking point where the group could no longer function because of Paul's radical and abrasive behavior, and so the three other Beatles called it quits. Could Theo comment?

Theo, any truth to the claim that Paul McCartney was influenced by the dark side?

That is pure poppycock, Tom, invented by a conspiracy theorist for their own benefit.


Cathleen writes: Youtube is filled with prophecies about September 23 and 24, 2015, which includes comets, bank failures, war, and solar flares. Do we have anything to worry about on those dates.

Gaia, what is the probability of any large dramatic events occurring around September 23 or 24 of this year?

Not too large, Tom. Yes there will be the usual events from daily life occurring, but nothing spectacular happening then. May we remind your readers, Tom, that there are deaths occurring every minute of the day for various reasons, but again, there will be no mass event taking place on those days.