~Not Everyone May be Thrilled with Disclosure~

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~Not Everyone May be Thrilled with Disclosure~







The subject of UFO~ET Disclosure is beginning to work its way into our popular culture, showing up in songs, videos, and now even comics (see below). News coverage is gradually changing from the ridicule mandated by the keepers of the UFO secret in the intelligence community as far back as the 1950s to a more objective interest characteristically shown to most other unusual but newsworthy subjects.



Normally the readers of this site and others like it mostly read and share their views with other lightworkers and move in a subculture in which galactics are accepted and known for their true form and behavior. But Disclosure may rapidly bring us into contact with many others in society who could be deeply anxious about what the future holds for the planet and perhaps even traumatized from years of negative conditioning towards extraterrestrials.


Disclosure, rather than being uniformly a celebration, may present us with a fair amount of work to do and a great need to be circumspect in the face of others being concerned and even anxious about the possible future of the planet. Supposing they know anything at all about galactics, that knowledge may have come from hearing about past violations by negative aliens or viewing some of the threatening stereotypes spread through films and TV shows.


And when the truth of our planet’s interactions with extraterrestrials is laid bare, it won’t be possible to deny or skip over the fact that some galactic races have indeed mistreated terrestrials. The big question on everyone’s minds will be: What are the intentions of this current contingent?


Among past mistreatment has been the assumption of control by the Annunaki going back many millennia in our civilization.  A second class of violations are the abductions of the little Greys. The Greys or Zeta Reticulans face a genetic crisis and traded the  knowledge gained from experiments on terrestrials for technology given primarily to the U.S. military.


Alien from Independence Day: Extraterrestrials as marauding locusts


There is no denying that some aliens are negative, and we’ll need to reassure the anxious that none of these races is able to approach the Earth today because of the protective ring of ships around the planet belonging to space coalitions like the Galactic Federation of Light and the rising energies which negative races cannot tolerate.


Another obstacle is overcoming the attitude of ridicule that was mandated by the CIA to be given to all who reported sightings of unidentified flying objects so as to ward off people becoming aware of their reality. UFO sightings were explained by people regarded as eminent in their field, like J. Alan Hynek, for instance, as marsh gas and weather balloons while the very authorities who mandated the dismissals not only closely followed reports but attempted to shoot down spacecraft and salvage their technology.


Creature from the Alien Trilogy: Notice your reaction. It may be what some people feel when news of Disclosure breaks


Those UFO witnesses who would not agree to being silenced by ridicule could be visited by teams of agents (men in black) authorized to threaten them or in the final analysis make them disappear. The tendency to ridicule has become a line of defense in many westerners not only against UFOs but also against things successfully associated with “socialism” or “terrorism” or even, in some circles, “liberalism.” We should be well familiar with how it operates in people and how deeply it runs.


A third obstacle is overcoming the attitude of fear with which the subject of “aliens” has been invested after so many TV shows like V and The Event or movies like Alien, Predator, and Independence Day. It may be hard to convince most people, at least prior to First Contact, that only humans are gathered near the Earth. The fear of a creature like the Alien that haunted poor Sigourney Weaver is probably deeply buried in many people’s subconscious.


What most galactics we'll meet will really look like: Billy Meier meets Semjase from the Pleiades


A fourth obstacle comes more from the unknown itself. People have been conditioned to fear such things as germs, plagues, pandemics, foul air, small creatures, etc. The simple introduction of the unknown into life  or of an unknown factor raises anxiety and concern in people. When all of these fears are combined, they coalesce into an angst that makes the need for us to be rigorously careful about words used, jokes made, responses to others, emotional extremes, and many other acts and gestures which would be acceptable in most circumstances but very upsetting in the post-Disclosure situation.


My generation was raised on horrific images of the Holocaust, creatures from the Black Lagoon, worries about nuclear destruction, fears of terrorists, all manner of frightful situations.  Unless we’ve cleared them (and most people haven’t), these fears exist at some deep level waiting to be triggered.  While most of us not only welcome Disclosure, but are eager for it, we need to remember that for many people in the world, the news that galactics are here around our planet could send them into real and traumatic reactivation and only our good sense, measured response, and ability to remain calm and unafraid may stop fear from rippling through society.


We have our work cut out for us. In my view, it would be best if we considered our situation before Disclosure happens and realize that, while it is a time for joy for us, the better and wiser posture may be to be aware of how those around us may be taking matters.





While there are many people

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While there are many people who will react badly to disclosure, that is never an acceptable reason to delay the inevitable. The fact of the matter is, no matter what we do, disclosure must happen and the public reaction will be mixed, with some on the really bad end. That's just how things are. We can't let that be an excuse to delay the event 100 years into the future and bargain to get an impossible result of 100% positive feedback.

I agree

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I agree with the above comment. There will never be a time when everyone is ready and looking forward to disclosure and the longer it takes and the more we say it is going to happen and then nothing happens, then the more people disbelieve it will ever happen. Lets get on with it and then work it out.


Yes, no more delays.

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Let's just formulate a strategy to ease the fears that arise.  We can start to prepare people now.  I have been.  People, animals and the earth have been suffering long enough.  We need the help of our star family now.  With their support many people will find the strength to rise.