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Nothing has been left to chance, for that is a state that does not exist
John Smallman | 11/16/2010

As the moment of your awakening approaches, more and more people are becoming aware of a sense of urgency and a sense that something of great moment — but they have no idea what — is soon to occur. The energy of love, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance that all you Light-holders are demonstrating and sharing is having an enormous effect worldwide, and what you are hoping for and intending is what is being sensed.

An awakening of humans into their natural fully-conscious state is what has been planned for eons of Earth time, and the moment for this divine event is approaching very rapidly, which is why there is this increasing sense of urgency and expectation. God's divine plan is unfolding precisely as He has always intended, ably assisted by the warm and loving energies of all you holders of the divine Light. Nothing has been left to chance, for that is a state that does not exist! Everything that occurs has a reason and a cause. The fact that you cannot identify them is irrelevant; you are, after all, confused, lost, and wandering, frequently aimlessly, in the illusion you built and to which it seems you are very firmly anchored.

Nevertheless, you are free because you are part of the divine Being Who created you from Love, totally free, to experience the eternal joy of existence. The maelstrom of anger, fear, hatred, and suffering that apparently surrounds and envelops you is an insubstantial nightmare that you have imagined and embraced for eons. It is going to disperse like mist in the sunshine, leaving not a trace behind.

You have been vigorously seeking an end to it, and over the last few decades of Earth time your desire to awaken has intensified enormously, as many of you have found that letting go of fear and anger while embracing forgiveness and love has brought you peace of a kind never previously experienced. Yes, there are still billions of you adrift in the nightmare, but the intensity of the field of love, forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance that you Light-holders have created is most effectively dissolving the walls of terror with which so many people have surrounded themselves, allowing that wonderful energy field to flow into their environment, bringing relief from the terror and hope of release from the nightmare.

You are on course to depart from the nightmare that has enveloped you in its cold, dank, and squalid swirls of misery for such a seemingly interminable length of time. The exit is close; in fact, it is never very far away as you cannot be far away from Reality when you have your permanent existence there. You truly do know this, so allow this knowing, which you all have deep within yourselves at the very center of your being, to rise up into your conscious awareness. This will mightily strengthen your God-given will to awaken into the glorious Reality that is your eternal Home.

With so very much love, Saul.


a blast from the past :)

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Thanks to You All,

In Lak'ech Ala K'in <3<3<3

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 ‎~ Greetings Love Beings... This Morning we got Notice from Our Craft of a 24 Hour Notice for many events to begin unfolding. Drake has just released as well The Green Light, which also verify's this. We ask You to Please have no expectations as to what this all Means and Looks like. All Events are Inevitable and We are Very Close Now. These Next 72 Hours will Be Interesting. We will Be Sharing Up to the Moment Updates as they Unfold.

The Earth Allies are Ready and are In Place for whatever Occurs.

Relax, Be In Joy, and Place Your Intentions on a Smooth and Quick Transition.

AS We recieve Information, We will Share this Immediatly

We Are Close NOW

Love The Earth Allies


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The nightmare is not over and for a great deal of souls the climax maybe painful, neverthelss our mission remains on target