Nothing Written Is Ever Completely True

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I'm going to share something that's helped me immensely with understanding spiritual writings: don't believe everything that you read. I highly recommend approaching it from the understanding that the person who wrote it is very much a human being, and still growing in their personal understandings. They're still developing, and they likely have plenty of their own illusions that they're not yet aware of. What they tell you may even be 95% accurate, but there's still that 5% to watch out for.

I recommend approaching the messages this way no matter who they claim to be channeling. A 5D Being wants you to step into your Higher Self so you can be like They Are, that's what they're here for. What They're not here to do is make channelers and their followers completely dependent upon Them. That feeds into the illusion that people are weak stupid cattle, and not the amazing, blessed, and Divine Beings that Humans truly are. You all have this Connection to Truth, not just certain special people.

There's also the fact that our language is designed around communicating 2d and 3d thoughts. When I'm talking about Truth, I'm talking about God, I'm talking about the Transcendent Reality that exists beyond the limited mind. Do you have any idea how incredibly complex God Is? I can feel the wonder of this directly, but I couldn't possibly write it down. We have such a restricted vocabulary to communicate God, only a handful of words such as Oneness, Source, Spirit, Truth and Love.

One of the other enormous issues with writing is the reader's interpretation. I know what I mean (I hope), but do you? For instance, I know for a fact there's plenty of people who put a very negative connotation on the word God. I don't view the word that way, but it's understandable that people do because of what religion has done. A word is like a finger pointing at the Moon, and people stare at the finger instead of where it's pointing.

If you really want to understand what you're reading, you have to adjust your perspective to the writer's understandings, not try to force your perspective upon what you're reading. At the Galactic Free Press, we make a distinction between feelings and emotions, the world and the Planet, but many of the writings we post use those words interchangeably. That's perfectly okay, we don't demand conformity, and it's good to view different perspectives. We just recommend that you read with the understanding that something may be "lost in translation" or not entirely correct. It's up to you to find Truth, and in this you'll find your Freedom! Becoming reliant upon any single source outside of yourself is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED.


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Exactly! God is so complex

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Exactly! God is so complex yet so simple, because it is everything that it could ever be. It is the thing infinity itself. We can guide people in a way to allow them to find their own inner light on their own.

Obama denies you to have the

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Obama denies you to have the Blood of Jesus Christ as your physician and healthcare! To be born again "In The Name of Jesus"!If we believed In Jesus Christ.If we believed that a life of righteousness gave us a light body made of The Holy Spirit to have power over anything against it, and if we believed The Holy Spirit of Christ was added to All Light, every Water molecule being and creation , and if We believed Jesus Christ's Pure Blood, Spirit, Water and Father was added to All Light, Water molecules, Power, Being and element of time and beyond that God allows, then we can see how we have already received Jesus, His Father, Eden and Their Glory In US as Us being an immortal Body of Christ as The Son of Man with a Christ Body and a Water Body of Jesus added to our physical Body and should treat All of Life as such with faith God has the Power to have done it. Now only if we can call man's words a lie and Believe God's Word is Truth! All of creation, time, light, matter and power is Heaven and is in the mind. Whatever you choose to be able to still exist in Heavens reality as truth and what you do In and towards It All, feeds your heart. Your heart feeds your mind, your mind feeds your soul, your soul creates your body. These together creates nature around you. Whatever you know and accept as truth, by free will, to still be able to exist or going to In the universe and creation of time and how you treat it All is how YOUR HEART, MIND AND ACTIONS, FEEDS YOUR SOUL TO CREATE YOU AND YOUR REALITY AROUND YOU! I filled All of it with The realities of the Holy, RIGHTEOUS Pure; Saints, Father, LIFE, LOVE, Blood, WATER, fire, radiation, Light, Glory, IMMORTALITY, Power, Reality, Knowledge, Science, Elements and DNA of, GOD, Eden, JESUS CHRIST and All that is deemed GOOD AND PURE, BY HIM Eternally Omnipotent and Omnipresently Forevermore and shall treat it All as such, to be with and in All souls. "IT IS DONE", Amen!If you disagree with me, that's on YOU!