The Now Makes Everything Up

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What the dumb don't know fills a Living Universe with laughter.

All thought is a vibration of energy and the EYE FEELS the LIGHT ENERGY as SEEING. The FEELING IS then transformed into the EXPERIENCE of SEEING. In ignorance, the SEEING is not real but shadows on the cave wall and the experience of the Belief Systems about the shadows.

Life is a FEELING too, but in ignorance the shadows are dulled, FEELINGS without connection to anything REAL.

So many people live life in ignorance and their life is lost in illusion and caught up in the "world" where the BS is more common than common sense, lol.

I write and the taou recrtoc thinks it knows what I am writing, so it writes what I am not writing, lol, and it throws words in just to be funny. Or that could be me.

The Now makes everything up and then the experience happens and learning is a constant Now happening.

In creation, nothing is ever repeated, just reflected in the energy as similar in expression.

There are moments when the thoughts are so complete it seems the whole Living Universe IS EXPERIENCING NOW TOTALLY. Yep sure 'nuff.

The ignorant project their illusion upon creation and think creation is what they think because they have been told to "think" it is. Well "ta da" and life moves along carrying the ignorant along too, lost to the illusion and projecting BS all along the way.