'Obey': Film Based on Chris Hedges' 'Death of the Liberal Class' by Temujin Doran.

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Published on Feb 24, 2013 by Legalis Pseudonym



AS OF MAY 2013 an UPDATED version can be viewed at: http://vimeo.com/59002146

Temujin Doran attempted to contact me via YouTube messaging in May and due to the poor manner in which YouTube disseminates messages, I only got the message and attempted to replace this version today 08/29/2013.
Unfortunately I cannot update or edit this video because YouTube limits accounts that have received a Copyright STRIKE to videos that are 15 minutes or less in duration. You can thank YouTube's automated processes and NBC Universal for tagging me on a 42 second video (not related to this video) in which I even provided a link on where to purchase their material. 42 seconds out of a multiple hour series in which I was trying to convey a point about artificial intelligence, should not constitute a copyright violation, much less all but shut-down this account, save for 15 minute video slices. Thanks YouTube and NBC Universal for further emphasizing the point of why "Obey" was released! Since several articles have apparently linked to this video-link, I am leaving it up rather than having people directed to a dead-link with no forwarding...exactly what the powers that be would like, I'm sure.

British filmmaker Temujin Doran released this movie based on the book "The Death of the Liberal Class" by Truthdig columnist Chris Hedges. The film, titled "Obey," explores the rise of the corporate state and the future of obedience in a world filled with unfettered capitalism, worsening inequality and environmental changes. Many thanks to Temujin Doran.

Warning: Viewers may find some of the clips in the film disturbing.