Occupy the Planet - The Tide Is Turning (Roger Waters)

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The Tide Has Turned! YeeHaw

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I always find myself reading your posts when I read my daily Galactic Free Press!  I love it.

it always lifts me up. this utube video by Roger Waters is so wonderful and I never would've seen it if you hadn't posted it thankyou so much. It is so important to throw off the yoke and embrace whole new kind ideas.

Thank you





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Great song, great message and

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Great song, great message and well put together video. 


BTW ANdReA, you are soooo hot! Wish you were here in the states so I could wrap my arms around you. :)


The Tide is Turning

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What an absolutely great video and music... It was as if the angels themselves were singing  encouragement to all....I got goosebumps all over! So Many angels surrounding all the human angels who have peacefully gathered to turn the tide of injustice back and allow the tide of Love for ALL to return and  embrace each and every heart with love for self, God, and All there is and will be...

I am so thankful to be part of this massive, worldwide, great awakening for all of humanity... We've only just begun and look what's happening! Much Peace, Joy, Light and Love Everywhere! NOW! :) <3