OCTOBER 8th 2018 – NEW MOON IN LIBRA AT 10:47 pm CDT

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This Libra New Moon is focused on relationships! Relationships of all kinds…your personnel one’s with lovers, friends, work relationships etc. Libra New Moon’s are about balance, love of the arts…and usually a very soft and fun energy…however this Libra Full Moon is a powerful one…..as it squares Pluto….activating transformation, drama, and intensity! Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of Love, beauty, money and the feminine. Venus is in Scorpio (ruled by Pluto)….so again a focus on relationships, the feminine, and deep Soul work in these areas! Then we have Venus squaring (friction and stress energies) Mars the male energy, passion, warrior etc. There are a lot of different and transformative activations at this New Moon. You can feel this energy and see it being brought to the surface where ever you go right now. Just turn on the TV. Libra is about balance…it is about Love…it is about creativity…it is about equal give and take…it is about the law. Over these last few months…now…and in the months ahead, the Universe has been and is speaking Loudly! Equal give and take….Equal give and take in all relationships! No one is better than anyone else. No gender is better than the other. Pluto…transforming the way things have been into the way things should be! Pluto also rules sex! Again….this is a very powerful New Moon. The seeds planted and the actions taken during this time will play out for months to come….the choice is yours as to how you are going to handle all the relationship issues….in all arenas (friends, lovers, partners, at work, business, government, leaders, countries etc) that you are dealing with. Equal Give and Take. Pluto is initiating transformations in these areas. Pluto is saying loudly, that we need to transform these relationships that are not in or moving towards the higher energies and we need to do it with integrity and respect!
Expect some changes to happen in some of these areas! The changes could be in many arenas and can happen as quickly as a lightning bolt….. or as an awakening when you realize that you are no longer vibrating where this “person/person’s” are vibrating and you find that you must move on….gently….but you must move! I have focused a lot on personnel relationships….but relationships with CEO’s, Presidents and Congress, other countries and other countries leaders etc. etc. also fall into these changes. This also includes boss’s or owners of companies that exploit people (mostly sexually), for their own advantages.
As Venus (the ruler of this New Libra Moon) and Jupiter are both in Scorpio and Scorpio rules Sex! It is interesting as Jupiter (one meaning is expansion) entered Scorpio…… the Harvey Weinstein (American film producer) scandal broke out and then the “Me To” movement etc and it continues on. Again…it has to be put in everyone’s faces in order to see what needs to be changed! We are in a time of radical change assisting our Evolution…and as above (the planets energies), so below (the Earth)…..we can see it being played out almost daily!
New Moons bring new beginnings, and give us an opportunity to set up new patterns in our lives…new goals. In Libra it is a great time for new beginnings in relationships, creativity, and to bring balance into all areas of your life. New Moons draw us inward giving us the opportunity to reflect on how far we have come and were we are planning to go next. New Moons are the most spiritual and intuitive moons of the whole Lunar cycle. Each New Moon brings with it a down load of evolutionary energies that activate in us the knowledge we already have….. so that we can embody it, move forward with it and create a beautiful future. It is a wonderful time to manifest, meditate and create!
New Moons are when the Sun and the Moon are sitting right together……blocking out all the light. Giving us the opportunity to feel the darkness….to feel the quite….to feel and see the beauty of the night sky…with all its magical twinkling stars……oh the wonder of it all! We can almost Feel the closeness with Source and the wonder of the “other side”……..it is time to manifest! It is time to make some powerful intentions……..it is time to create. How loving…….that we are given this opportunity every month……at the New Moon.
When we say that the Sun and the Moon are sitting together…..we are actually saying that both luminaries are in the same sign sitting right next to each other, not separated …. but in oneness! The energy of the Moon is then doubled…giving us more opportunities to both learn about this energy and to use this energy. This month it is about Libra……
This Libra new Moon, which is ruled by Venus….. is about Love, creativity, balance, and all types of relationships. It is about…..equal give and take, the law, diplomacy, being social and enjoying the arts, both observing them and creating them. It is about being the peacemaker and the awareness of “open enemies” (meaning, people that we have to be around and deal with even though we know that they might be an enemy.) It also is about bringing into balance our need for connection with the “other” and our need for freedom. Wow that is a lot!!
When we talk about relationships…..we have to realize that there are many kinds of relationships. We have the traditional relationship with our Lovers, close friends, business partners, and Family. We also have a relationship with ourselves. Our beliefs and our inner talk….self-love and self-hate….and the masculine and feminine aspects of who you are. You have relationships with friends, bosses, strangers, clients etc. We also have relationships with nature, animals, the Earth, our Galaxy and all Galaxies…..our Angels and Guides…. our own Spirituality, our Soul, and with Source/God/God-Goddess! We need to be flexible within all our relationships, because as the “new” is being co-created by us…..the way we look at relationships is also changing…..surround them in patience, peace…and Love!
This Libra New Moon defiantly is giving us a strong message about relationships. It is time to make sure that all the relationships you are interacting with…. are within balance, and are vibrating where you are vibrating. Make sure they are honoring “equal give and take”…… without one person controlling more of the relationship then the other. Balance! Libra is about committed relationships and the beautiful Love that surrounds them on the high side of Libra. On the gray side of a relationship you might have abuse, control, or co-dependency….also the falling in Love with Love instead of the actual person……this is not the high side of Libra’s association with Love in relationships!
If you are thinking about Love relationships and really truly want to find your “Soul Mate”…..this is a very powerful New Moon in Libra to manifest your desires….make intentions…and co-create your love life and your own reality.
Libra is about Balance!!! Unfortunately the world is so out of balance right now. War, no Peace, the powerful and the powerless, the bully and the victim, the rich and the many poor, climate change, food, the political system, and the male energies and feminine energies etc. etc. It all needs to be brought into balance…..before we can truly reach Peace, Love and Evolution! Pray for a healing of these out of balance areas in our World. We must bring things into Balance! The Universe is speaking loudly!!!!!
The New Libra Moon is also conjunct (sitting with) the dwarf planet Ceres. Ceres is about fertility…the growing of the grains, vegetation, food etc. Fertility of ideas and of course human fertility. She is known as a Mother figure. The Moon itself also represents the big Mother. Again, a lot of feminine energy in this Libra New Moon. Ceres (because of the taking of her daughter)… had the strength to stand up to and fight back against Pluto (lovingly called “the God of hell”) and made him come to a Balanced agreement with her…involving her daughter. Ceres, the first Goddess to make a powerful leader (Pluto) agree to an equal give and take agreement between them…in how to handle Persephone…Ceres daughter.
This New Moon has also formed a Cardinal (birthing of new, change, and urgency) T-Square (friction, stress energies) along with Pluto in Capricorn, and Eris in Aries! Pluto is about transformations….especially in the areas accented with this New Moon! With Eris we have the added aspect of the opposition to this Libra New Moon Eris is about chaos, competition, jealousy etc! This aspect can also bring about power struggles. With Pluto it is about the transformation of the Soul’s of those within the relationships (personnel or with leaders throughout the world) it is about taking action that can lead to either War/fights or Peace/Love (Libra New Moon) ……. the choice is yours!!!!
It is as if the Universe is also saying….this New Moon is about relationships….but don’t forget the relationship between yourself and all humanity! Yes there is a lot of Chaos out there, and things feel unstable and at times it feels a bit volatile, along with mood swings and anger…..but we need to pull on this Libra energy of love and balance. We need to bring balance to everyone….treat everyone the same…we need to communicate to others with integrity and respect…..we are all one….we are moving to the oneness!
This aspect is also strongly associated with worldly events. The relationships between Countries, their Leaders, or Religious groups, etc. With Libra also representing areas of the Law (Libra’s symbol is the scale’s)…..it is an extremely powerful time to pray for PEACE! Peace in ourselves, our community, humanity, our World and its leaders, and all worlds, throughout the Universe.
We also have a Fixed (not wanting change, stubbornness-but can be stable) Grand Cross happening…. a very powerful intense aspect. The Grand Cross consists of Mars/South Node, North Leo Node, Venus, and Uranus. Mars (warrior energy, passion, action, pioneer, anger) is sitting with the South Node which represents past lives and things in your immediate past. Lessons, that can be a challenge and disruptive…that you need to look at now and take action on in order to change them and move forward towards your evolution. North Node in Leo….what we all are moving towards now….which is the big Heart energy. Thinking with the Heart….speaking with the Heart! Learning to have fun and enjoying our inner child. Then we have Venus (love, attraction, female energy, creativity) that is also opposing Uranus (outside the box thinking, constant of change, community, humanity, genius). This again is accenting relationships and how many need to change and “upgrade”. There is also a emphasis on love of our neighbors, our community and humanity. Uranus and Venus square the Nodal Axis and in Evolutionary Astrology this is considered a “skipped step”. Meaning that we have been working on this lesson as a collective for life times….and we cannot move forward till we take care of this! What does it mean? One big meaning that we are still working on and that we need to overcome is….unconditional love for our community members and all humanity! We need to Love one another…. We need to find ways to positively express our individuality, our creativity and love….within the whole of humanity, while offering the same respect for everyone else.
All of these aspects at this Libra New Moon gives us the ability right now to say what we are thinking….right out loud…especially when we feel there is injustice involved! Balance in communications (Mercury in Libra)….radical changes in what is being said…..we are seeing the strength as we observe many many woman saying “me too” and more. Radical change in the voice’s of those that have witnessed the “out of balance” communications (including the fear of speaking up about it) of the past!
Remember also…that the things that are brought into your conciseness during this New Moon and its aspects, won’t go away when the New Moon disappears……the seeds have been planted….it is our choice to nurture them and help them to grow. Meditate on this and ask for guidance…above all Listen!
This New Libra Moon and Mercury in Libra are within the orb of the ancient star systems of Arcturus and Spica…powerfully activating and illuminating the energies of both. When the Ancient Star systems are activated, it also activates our DNA were we can have remembrances from the Ancient Star systems.
The Full Libra Moon activates Arcturus: the fourth-brightest star in the sky. Edgar Cayce mentioned Arcturus more than 30 times in his readings, calling it “the highest civilization in our galaxy” and “the way, the door out of this system.” Other channeled sources identify Arcturus as one of several extraterrestrial groups who seeded life on Earth and who continue to aid humanity’s evolution
The Full Libra Moon also activates Spica: As the star of the grain harvest, it is the provider of our material needs, and indeed it does always show up well in that respect. It is the star of eminent dignity, immense wealth, great happiness and favorable for public and legal affairs. A word of caution….you only reap what you sow. So share your wealth with all!
During this Libra New Moon, meditate and manifest for balance in all relationships, especially during this period where things are being brought up and put right in our faces and into the open (good and bad) so that they can be healed…..including the troubles in our government, and around the world. They are being put right in our faces so we can’t miss them…..if we can’t see what needs to be healed...then we can’t heal it! It is time to move away from places, people, and things that no longer vibrating where you are vibrating and to do it in a loving way. It is time to leave behind your “baggage” so you can move forward. It is time to manifest and create your “tribe” (those that vibrate where you vibrate), and to bring balance in your personal relationships of all kinds.
Being in balance is a key word with Libra…..and being in balance is the key word of the “Shift” that we are currently in. With this Libra New Moon manifest….true Balance and love in all areas……..Peace is the result!!! Manifest Peace!
It is time to take the time to Meditate during these energies of this Libra New Moon. As I have heard said before…..if you have to schedule in 15 minutes to meditate….you probably need an hour!! Meditation not only relaxes you and puts your body into a peaceful state….it is also a time that you can receive incredible guidance, if you listen!!! Meditate and manifest on Love in all areas….. Meditate and manifest on balance in all areas. Manifest and create a beautiful reality……a beautiful world for yourself, your tribe, your community, all humanity, the Earth, our Solar System and the Galaxy. Manifest a world that holds, Peace and Love as its highest gift……Love of all!!!!
These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth. These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.
Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below). Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way.
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