Oligarchy in the Holy Land — Tiny Number of Families Dominates Israel's Economy

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AlterNet - Alex Kane, 12/02/13

After America, Israel is the most unequal "rich" country in the world when it comes to wealth.
The vast gulf between the American elite and the rest of the nation has increasingly been a hot topic of conversation since the 2008 economic crash. The 400 richest Americans have the same amount of wealth as the  bottom 50% of the American population

But most Americans probably don't know that the 2nd most unequal "rich" country is the close ally and client state of Israel, whose own oligarchs own a significant slice of the Israeli economy.

Many Israeli citizens--like their American counterparts--are withering under the weight of the high cost of living. For other, more marginalized citizens, unemployment and poverty are the most pressing concerns. About 21 percent of Israelis live in poverty, the highest among developed countries that are part of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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