"One of the biggest secrets of psycological manipulation"

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What it religion? What is its meaning?............Manipulation!

It was begun when the Pleiadian Jesus Crhist came to Earth to share his spiritual teachings and save our conciousness from following the dark side,
But people took it wrong and turn spiritual information into a belief...
The cosmic dark forces took advantage and used it agaisnt us,
The Reptilians used religion as a great weapon to keep us shut down in a lack of information,
If you're in a religion...you have become Pshycologicaly enslaved.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today...............People all around the world killl each other to see who has the best imganiary god....
Today if your not religious your evil according to them,
It makes you kill other opposite religous people,
It cant let you know what is beyond the skies and beyond our planet,
It makes you fear!! a hell, demons and god,
It makes you believe what it wants you to believe,
It cant let you know and see reality,
With it your not free, it wont let you live how you want, only how it wants
For thousands of years they have kept you in a lack of information,... they dont want you to know that there is a lot of existace beyond our skies!!! god, heaven and hell is not all in existace and reality!.
.............I have nothing against it....I just want people to KNOW the TRUTH.....
And WAKE UP!!WAKE UP!!!WAKE UP!!!!!!!! The psycological manipulation ends!

I'm not religous, I'm not an athiest, I'm not different..........IM AN AWAKEN HUMAN BEING ON PLANET TERRA IN THE EL SOL STAR SYSTEM......sharing the great awakening of humanity :)
I was chosen to deliver this messege CONCIOUSLY........share the word and stop religious people from killing eachother for their beliefs!........
Peace, Love, Wisdom, Cosmic Light :) ♥



I think your beliefs about

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I think your beliefs about reptilians and thinking jesus was an alien, or whatever dream youre dreaming is a crock of shit. You don't tell someone who's suffered like, AS CHRIST, that he does not exist. You do not tell others what to believe. Just who is working for who? I do not have any doubt in my mind, and I am not afraid of big scary aliens. I am afraid of the ONE TRUE GOD though... religion serves its purpose, as do we all. I exist for God as his reality checker. I know who I am- who are you?


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God is all there is!! There is nothing else!!

As an aspect of the one experiencing life to know himself better!!

I can tell you there is nothing to Fear!!! and it is fear that keeps us down!!

If when someone reads the Bible without someone telling them what it means one discovers that in it is the Truth, they learn that-


   We are not alone,

   We reincarnate.

   The Bible says-The truth is in your Heart, Judge not least ye be judged!!

   Search your heart for the truth Nowhere else can it be found!!!

With the Love of all there is


god a misunderstood concept

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god is a concept of male power, the struggle with that caused all the destruction. No one can say to you what to believe, & judging comes when you are quoting the bible, as the prison rules, it's a mixed up pile of whatever, & misconcetions have been born from it. i am not to be judged, right, but your god isn't it, he's never been it alone. like a new rooster in a henhouse, he saw an opputunity to try control, & our world's messed up because of it. I believe our true creator is neither male, nor female but birthed them. so your god, alone? no he had a set of parents also.. Mother/father god.. equal as should be. let sacred female balance this in you.  The belief system itself was fear inducing, threatening evil on you if you don't obey, He knew it was here, & did nothing about it except to use it to keep you under control with fear of hell..pick the positive parts out & live by it, but still without goddess, it's still imcomplete.. all I was taught as a child was this' god's' love/hate relationship with us, & we trusted it, as many trust their abusers. Believe it & that's fine, but don't shove it down our throats we know better, 5D love, inside us!, is the true creator. there is truth in what you know, & each has their own truths. when someone says Bible I fear the worst from it, & that needs to change. I wish they'd all burn away, & that damned wooden cross symbol of torture too,  Christ doesn't like being reminded of it.. would you?..maybe then people would explore for theirselves the truth..sorry to be harsh, but in my opinion, this is the problem, not the solution

ok.. truce

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Many were taught this mono-thesist muslim, christian  one male god stuff, I was, i just found my path other than it, aliens are the reason we have this oppurtunity, I know, it I've lived it for years. true, people are going to learn for themselves, why then, if they don't agree with this site.. why are they here.. I've searched for years for others here like me.. I cherish this site for the truth I've known, others do also..

There is an qoute of the

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There is an qoute of the awakening,

"People have gotten so used to the moon matrix that they will fight agaisnt any awaken one to protect it"............ thats why people who are manipulated with religion are always agasint the truth!............at least youre the only good comment on this post youngmoonchild :) starseed <3

i get angry

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See, this is the crap I've dealt with, I've known for years that Christ was Pleiadian, that Anu(Anunnaki/& reptilians had taken control, & this is another example of the destructiveness it has caused. They will keep spouting this 'one true god thing for eons, instilled in this prison they belive with all their heart, that's what's been taught.. .. that's the miasm that needs to lift, He was never a sole creator, & not to be confused with galactic mind/source, my true creator.. this is what I've had to deal with. An monothesist religion that claims to be it, & it's not. people defend it, even though so many died because of it. Guest, it doesnt matter what you believe, it's changing, we are all starseeded, beyond this christian prison built here, the last few thousand yrs, especially when Anu threw the net over us when he had christ, whose not his son, killed to hush him up.. the bars are being removed, & we can choose freewill. I never understood why someone would worship a male deity, alone, supressing female, that threatens evil on you if you don't obey, & does nothing about that evil. Well never fear, evil has been banished, & because of my not fearing it, when facing it in battle, as I was the 'banisher', my ancient birthright was to help send it away. No one can tell you the truth, if you're not ready to accept it, or tell you what to believe,. The aliens at work here has been many, & for your evolution. break free of your prison dude, it's destructive, & self serving. ..feminine balance will cure all this disharmony, & the uncloaking of the various alien light-workers will reveal all in time. are you bent on punishing others for the lies told to you. Christ, I know for a fact,( as a child of his & M.M., is from the love place, Pleiades, & never was here to join the oppressors at his work. wake up people.. lies.. all lies..open your heart to the changes.i hope you see for yourself what many of us has always known.

To Awakenjesse12, I say amen!

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To Awakenjesse12, I say amen! The cabal has used religion against the people, to divide & conquer, to instill fear and make people obedient, and to ruin people's perception of spirituality and god. The cabal have had their hands in virtually everything -- politics/government, banking, religion, media, rewriting history, manipulating science to suppress certain truths they didn't want the masses to know. I think for anybody to even try to defend religion is a joke. And for the record, I am not an atheist either. I consider myself in the middle between religion and atheism.

I'm glad

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So glad someone else is saying this too, When I say it I got attacked.. Now it's time for the truth to come out..