One blogger’s clear, succinct view of “Ascension”

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Thanks to Laurel, who knows what I like!



“Ascension” is the word human kind uses to indicate a change in frequencies from visible to invisible that allows everyone and everything (earwigs, too!) to disappear from visibility  (out of the frequencies known largely as third and fourth dimensions or the astral plane), with a body (in form) and into visibility in what we have so far called (incorrectly) fifth dimensional frequencies or the mental plane (not mind). In truth we are “ascending” all the time although progress is largely unfelt and invisible. In truth there are no dimensions; it all exists simultaneously (if we can get our minds around that!).

Changing of frequencies to a higher level actually happens all the time during the time or process we call “death”. In antiquity there are stories and mythology of a humans ascending - their bodies disappearing or becoming invisible to most, although seen by those capable of seeing higher frequencies. Jesus was said to have ascended. So did Lazareth.

Now is the time for a mass awareness of ascension. Any one who chooses to may ascend with his or her body accompanying. Really, though, the only “death” involved is “death” of the old way of being and doing. You might say that it is somewhat like a snake shedding its skin or a crab taking on a new larger, more expansive shell.


The increase of frequencies for all planetary species (including humans) is expected to approach the point where ascension can occur during December, 2012. Ascension is to occur for planet earth at this time. Everyone and everything has a choice of date of ascension (and a choice of not) at this time. Everyone will experience it differently.

Although in reality ascension is already happening, the galactic transit centre point which was thought to be the magic moment occurred at 11:11 on the 21st (Greenwich time). This was followed by a 3-day period in which not much appeared to happen, but in the invisible world and in Nature this time was needed to assimilate the new frequencies that emerged at the transit time. The last time this occurred in cosmic history was approximately 25,580 years ago – before recorded human history. As these energies are new to us as a species, it will take a couple days or months of adjustment before we start singing Halleluiah!


It is a Divine consciousness plan (and experiment). We all agreed in and from other times, other dimensions, other planets, other universes (and so on) to gather at this particular time (of our solar system transiting the Milky Way or Galactic Centre) to experience the Divine Spark of Source in physical form rather than ethereal form.


Wherever you are is the right place. Being outside enjoying Nature as much as possible will be easiest.


As it is also part of the Divine plan for each of us to have an experience to tell a story about: everyone’s experience will be different. Generally, though, you will “know” inside yourself when your turn has arrived. Just be quiet. Be at peace. Let everything go with thanks and forgiveness. Be present to the “new” you. Be and feel the Divine Spark of Source (love) you are.