Opening of the Portal Report

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Portal 2012 Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We have opened the Portal! For the first time in human history, the energy of divine grace has entered the surface of the planet directly from the Galactic Central Sun. 

This has drastic and long lasting consequences on the etheric and astral grid around our planet. All etheric and astral matrix, all Archons and reptilians and their technologies have been squeezed into a very thin layer which extends around 100 feet ( 30 meters ) upwards and downwards from the surface profile of the planet. All areas further up and further down from the surface profile have been completely cleared and liberated. This is a huge victory of the Light and one of the main necessary steps needed before the final victory and the Event.

You might being to feel that there are less attacks and less influence from the negative non-physical entities.
The activation of the ALMA vortex has insured that humanity will finally begin to connect with its Soul.



Dearest Cobra

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Allow me to remind you of two promises you made to us the people so eagerly awaiting "The Events" etc. On 2/24/13 and agian on 4/09/13 you said that on or just after 5/25/13 that you could then give us information on financial relief and changes before that were hidden from us. So we wait for you to fulfill you promise again, and again and again???


What is you're real purpose with this?

David Porter

Author of the series


Your comment

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Cobra gives information all the time, some of it we understand and some we do not.  In my opinion if all the things that have been withheld from us were given in one communication it would overwhelm people.  Also my opinion it will be given in ways we can accept and understand in easy doses.  Cobra serves the light in his part of the divine plans and has that knowledge.  Others have theirs.  Our job is to raise our vibrations to love and joy.  No one can do that for us, there is no one coming to save us from ourselves.  Fear is part of duality, love is divine.  Looking outside ourselves for the answers gives us someone else's opinion and takes away our personal power.  It is an inside job and we are the one's we have been waiting for. 


Each person on planet earth has a mission and a role they agreed to before they came here.  Cobra obviously is working on his mission as are others whether we agree with them or not, it is their mission.  You have yours and I have mine which may not be the same mission but it is still our mission and we are all part of the divine plan.