~Osho~ When Love is Authentic

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Love is my message, my whole gospel, the very core of what I have been teaching and doing.

As far as I am concerned humanity is suffering from lack of love. All other problems arise out of this problem.  Poverty can disappear within minutes; poverty is not really a problem — it is just that love is missing!   We have the technology to make the whole Earth a paradise but nobody has that heart that can share, that can make an effort to make the Earth a paradise. On the contrary the whole scientific growth and technology is being used to destroy.  Seventy percent of every nation’s income is being used to destroy.  Seventy percent of every nation’s income is being wasted on the army, defense.  Although the governments call their armies defense, it is a false name: they are all meant to be aggressive and attacking. The defense ministries of all the world are really attack ministries, not defense at all.


Man can be immensely happy. Nothing is missing, the world is full of all that is needed — the stars and the trees and the rivers and the mountains.

It is just that somehow inside man something very essential is lost. Man has forgotten the language of love. He lives through competition, conflict, anger, jealousy, possessiveness — and these are the enemies of love. All these poisons destroy the nectar of love. A sannyasin has to drop all that is against love, that goes against love. Slowly slowly, as the barriers are removed love starts flowing, because it is our very nature. It is not something to be brought in from the outside, it is already there. There are just a few obstructions which we have to unlearn. Once that happens love becomes a golden light. Then your name will become a reality to you.

It is a light that not only lights your path, but can light many other people’s path. And it is a light by which one becomes aware of God’s presence. We are living in darkness; hence we can’t see God. We have eyes and God is present but the light which can become the bridge is missing. And love is the only light. It is love that becomes a prayer, it is love that one day becomes the realization, the ultimate realization of God! And certainly when love explodes…. Kabir says, “it is as if a thousand and one suns have arisen suddenly in your being.” There is so much light and it is golden. But the alchemy is through love, the transformation is through love.  I teach meditation only as a help towards love, as a means — love is the goal.



“Being loving, in fact, is my whole religion: to love, but not to destroy love by something fake ~ marriage or any other kind of relationship. Love is authentic only when it gives freedom. Let this be the criterion. Love is true only when it does not interfere in the privacy of the other person. It respects his individuality, his privacy. But the lovers that you see around the world, their whole effort is that nothing should be private; all secrets should be told to them. They are afraid of individuality; they destroy each other’s individuality, and they hope that by destroying each other, their lives will become a contentment, a fulfillment. They simply become more and more miserable.
Be loving, and remember: love came suddenly; it was not because of any effort on your part. It came as a gift of nature.”

-Osho, The Hidden Splendor, # 23