our new world in a flash

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So its funny how two of everything were created and how everything was created the same, and i mean everything! they are oppisites but they are also the same without the other one wouldnt have purpose to exist.And they are everywhere in everything,,, e.g dark n light, up n down,sun n moon, hot n cold, left n right,in n out, day n night, near n far,they are all two of one because they both apart of the functioning for its purpose, But it is very basic at the end of this creations final destinys walk,, Its either THIS or THAT, ONE or the OTHER. [.x2]. !!!Good thing im on to it {little do they know,wel to their physical bodies,]..The whole WHO THE WHAT THE WHEN THE as i put it TRIPPY SHIT!!!! jdid you know the that the human body is made up of 70% fluid, and also our planetary home is made up of 70% water, and also our cosmic universe which brainiacs are still clueless to the actual size etc to spaceland is actually 70% dark matter, and it does all tthe way to infinitty like everything else , AND I MEAN EVERYTHING..I can only laugh at times to realise im the only one aware of the TRUE HONEST REALITY OF PURPOSE FOR LIFE,, And EVERYTHING of this world as we know it is about the change and the freaking level of absolute heavenly bliss is mind blowing ,,AND its 100% truth iv been walking in both worlds ,, only way i can put that and omg how unbelievable but this is thing thing all of it is that soooo unbelievable that its crazy!!!! but YES exaactly what that is because that feeling of the unbelievaable being true is wel unexplainable and it really is again meant for that is something that can only be felt through Heart only,,Heart beings being authority witthin all your inner physical body beings managed from heart to mind,, which turns out thats why for nearly the last 3 and a half years all of the spiritual world come up in my hood,nothing new to me iv always known who i am ,[lucky for that conquering all my walks of honour ] im the one WHO WILL GIVEE A FUCK! no matter who you are if your living breathing i will care about how you are stranger or not,,WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!! how hard is it to care,, little did i know then,,still the same afteer every of which shit ways come rampage me ,oh lets not forget spiritual world so all of which being invisible beings in thier form to thier kinds of thier realms,, Yes that was a bit of a wholey moley one to figure out along with all of it but their are countless infinite numbers of invisisble beings due to everything was created the same, and creation does create has being since the beginging till now the end its just that we didnt realise it to be whaat it was until it was to late ,,good thing we have our oppisite and backwards and that the walk iv been walking for the last 3 andd a half years i believe iv managed to clean up all the femme bollocks styles and accompanying of ways coz naturally that would go without saying ,CLEAN YOUR ACT UP STYLES and come on in ,, BUT DONT and CATCH YOU UP STYLES ,the same heart beings now that all been with me seeing life through my perspective bla bla bullshit becoz i thought i was going crazy then but nope!!!! coz i know who The fuck i am and one thing i most definatley am not is crazy, 1005 of right mindd hhahahahah yes hence why i can only laugh oh theres so much but i could never explain in one go oh and funnier right bet u didnt know ole j.j jthe bro or so to say lol jesus bet yous didnt know he was a twin ,identical to his ,,,,,,,, yep you guessed it believe it or not whatss the one thing missing from the whole god jesus sstory ,[oh actually come to thimk of it i found that this paticular point was missing from most stories of individual persons,profits however you want to label them,] that simply to my mind i think 'HEY what the fuck am i and how did i get here as well as everything else ,ther is no way NO WAY thers no mama in the sstory its just not right,, turns out i was right again,,, and everything hass been written we know our father his son and our brothers, it was written ssomething was hidden from the very beginning of time and handd placed through the times of different nations times for the very end of time,,,THAT HIDDEN MYSTERY ,,,,,,,,IS THE FEMME,,, the mother [of creation] the daughter, [to creator of creation of our world,AKA our GOD] the wife [to son of man] sister to all believe it or not,