Paradoxal Grids

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Paradoxal Grids

The percentage of events, fractured on contents which were disposed for us to see, from venues which had been immersive, throughout exoplanetary “products” exchanges, these were pronounced in a matter of a fractal of a second for the exchange was energetically abiding in lower transparent forms, throughout the grids which disposed the effects, (Causal planes) to adjust the temporary fabrics which were shifting and coalescing with greater care of units, which are predispositions, from the enactments of some contents found throughout cosmoses, in planetary situations, where we had hidden some of the misfortune in probable futuristic timelines for rebalancing to occur, and this caused an occurrence which had not happen in a long time, as for the effects of said memorabilia, the content which is viewed from within immersive venues, pathways which are abolished from individual grids in cosmoses, had successfully readjusted the contemplations, in accords to systems wiring in extent to the universal codex, law’s which would interchange transgressions, from purposeful grid enactments.

In temporal manifestations, the conduct, flow of antiquity, given the old earth, surmounted in excess the probable routes in which we were getting to a substantial set back, as in destruction, of something which was acting as an inertia, to potential fabrics within the psyche of humans, and other beings…

Something which resembled the anti-matter phenomena, from some experiments going on in 1954-1955, where they had achieved or been able to pull out anti-matter, and contain it in space (Matter) which was crucially unstable, and this could affect the psyche of humans all around the Earth.

Anti-matter phenomena then coincides within our individualistic states, as for when we are speaking in terms which may apply to some random figurative speech models, which compiles the effects of our commands to be driven in synaptic currents… Portending fabrics shift from dimensional anomalies, inter-pocketed throughout space, individually if this matter where to be set free, the energetic exchange of matter to anti-matter would be subliminally impacting the subatomic world, or the core of matter itself. Since we are adjusted to the core* of the Matter*, then we suspect that this cause can shift the individuals psyche, in sending on out messages which are controverted, immersive, continuous, which adapts and transforms the way we understand the generalized idea of what we are portending to when we come from a place where we are enacting the good and the bad (Dualities). If we are in neutrality, the suspect (Anti-matter) phenomena, would affect us indifferently, but by sets, as in attempts to create measures which are calculated for the recovery of what creates the potential balance in everything which exist, can be calculated by fractals of a second, in the process which interchanges the energetic modules, globules, (Neurons and quarks) substantiating the differences from perceptibility and memory for grid alignments in temporal flux programs which are accessing an immersion of content from individuals worldwide for fabrics to be evaluated at the correct moment in which some of the anti-matter phenomena excels in prosperous attempts, amounts to conjoin symmetrical anomalies, or alignments for attempts to create a type of resurrection into a new reality, world from simply having brain immersions, or (Mini strokes) to give out “recalculate” from advents “ramps”, what contends to memory in transcript from fractals of a second in all that gives us meaning while we are calculating or adjusting some form of energy (Fabrics) as, chance, within the all, when we apply choices to what we want or are experiencing in moments of gradually coming to a nexus, which would be interlinked as an advent to new telemetric designs, while attempting to give out the consensus, of whatever choice we would have given into. And then subsequently experience, with that choice what the product would be…

If by any chance you seem to lose control, and are being “carried” on out to do something which would feel as simply going with the flow, then by attempting to locate or reciprocate the understandings in what is possible and impossible, you would notice many thousands… Billions, Trillions of calculations per second being made from your point (space) in time, where you are in a TRIP to define the law’s (Story) of your Earth self on this Earth while having probable shifts in your timelines, being made to eventually adapt to something which is hidden and monitoring this earth very closely, for us to evolve in a secure manner, with or without disruptions, translucent matters which corresponds to the intellect, and the heart, by feeling into what you should do, and then simply having that feeling controvert as another individual shifts the general agreement, by standards which applies love, or compassion or simply not to experience something in which we don’t want in the general agreement, then by following said decisions, you would fall into a category where you can become sick, as in light headed and have a rewiring from the top of your head (Crown chakra), this would usually get you to other venues, for you to accomplish an individual task, as in having flu like symptoms which would allow you to understand where you are heading and in which direction you should be, by moments of the greater alignments, for the general timelines to conjoin in a system which is direct in transmissions for the general populace, in bringing higher light (Information) order and structure to our lives, to eventually become free of impositions, from corrections taking places in the fabrics of what we could see as a singularity.

When some proponents of the “big bang machine”, as one venue where we can see how the totality in what we as humans, can create, from having multiple stand points, viewing points of reality, when we are simply sitting in a chair or on the ground, in the sky’s, reading this information… Simply having it here is a process by which individually you would not need to have anything in accounts to pertain, portend to the higher flows, which can help you see what is transpiring in these moments, from points of interests.