Past - Present - Future and the Moment of Now

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Past - Present - Future and the Moment of Now


ok, let me see if I can get to express something in an understandable language… 


There's only Now, and this Now is the Real Now of Consciousness, which means one is Conscious of one'sTrue Self, and Knowing that which seems to exist outside is, in fact, simply a projection of an internal "program" running.


Past and future are mere illusions, and they live in the mind as images linked to emotions and prevent living in the Now. In order to create our outside reality we somehow need to re-create it in every Now Moment or it would fade away. We're all linked to one another through Consciousness (fact is, that asConsciousness increases, Oneness is increased and the feeling of separation decreases) and have what could be defined as a "contract" about what the "reality" we live in looks like. Again, proof is found all over history as each time a new paradigm emerges, the first reaction is to deny it. As more beings look into it and start accepting it, it becomes part of the "contract" and no one would ever deny it anymore (flat planet, flying, and so on...). In fact, almost all that is taken for granted now was fantasy in another Moment. This proves first that there's no such thing as a fixed and true reality outside of us, otherwise it would not be possible to change it through internal intuitions and changes that happen BEFORE it changes outside (or I should say at the same time, but there's a time lapse before it's lived). 

This also proves that Consciousness comes First, and as we're all One Big Consciousness it does not matter who gets the intuition first as, in one way or the other, it will spread to All. 


Lets go back to past - present - future. If past and future do not exist, what makes you believe they do? Our mind. When an event happens and is linked to any kind of emotion, it is stored inside our mind. In a 2d/3d perception, one event happens before or after another one and we relate to our mind map to know if it is past, present or future. And this is something amazing if you think of it for a while. We're so limitless we create time inside of ourselves and then project it outside as if we actually live in real time. 

In order for a shift in Consciousness to happen one needs to become Aware of the Present Moment as it's in here that All happens. As it's often said, "Be aware of your thoughts, as you'll live them", and this is true. In fact, there is no such thing as a world outside that "lives us", it's us who live our thoughts. 


And what about matter, that thing we think we can touch and interact with? In fact the answer is in the question: we think we can, and thus we do. What is the first thing one is taught in an "empowerment/coaching class"? BELIEVE IN IT! Believe you can be a manager and you'll become one, believe you'll win that race and you'll win it… Why does it work? Because all is Energy. And matter is nothing but energy too. It's Energy shaped and held together by a Higher Universal Consciousness, and in fact, we never really "touch" matter as two atoms never really get to touch themselves. It's simply our perception again that tells us we're touching something. The energy of our hand and the energy of, let's say, a stone interact with one another when they get close and this interaction raises a feeling we call "touch". Same thing happens among beings. When we get close to someone we don't need to touch them to Feel their energy (though some are not aware their feeling come from there), and this is because we also emit a wide circle of energy around us. 


Breaking the rules of known physics is nothing other than breaking the rules of our minds and becoming free from the "collective contract", and we know how this contract has been very well manipulated over the centuries in order for it to be stable and unbreakable (until Now). 

So how does one get out of time and into the Moment of Now where all is really happening? Simply by forgetting the rules, and these rules are glued together by fear. First comes the fear that has been put inside of so many by the dream-machine itself, fear for survival (no money, no food, no shelter, no basic needs), then comes the fear of the unknown (what if it's not true, what if I'm getting crazy, what if it's all lies, what if there's nothing behind the veil, what if...). Then there's the fear of not being worthy... and the list of fears could go on infinitely as they are part of the glue that holds this dream intact. Fear is the glue of the dream-machine. Want to wake up? Detach from the glue.


And what if it's True? Well, there's only one way to find out. Live It. Be It. And Enjoy It. But for this, one has to jump...

Personally, I can assure you that the hands that will catch you will be your AHA! Moment of Now. The rest... is up to you.

And by the way, has it ever happened that you woke up from a nightmare that you thought was real? And what did you feel when you realized that monster did not really chase you or that person did not die or whatever nightmare you might have had... 

Yes, relief!


Get your relief Now, it's the only Moment that Is Real. Guess what the Glue of Consiousness is made of...


All My Love,





I am so grateful

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Thank you dearly Andrea for this post. 


Wonderful awesome fantastic too good. 

Love and Light <3 <3 <3