The Peace Portal Approaches

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The Peace Portal Approaches

Posted on August 22, 2013
A heart with wings, the clouds echoing how I feel!

A heart with wings, the clouds echoing how I feel!

This is a holy week for me. I feel drawn further in to my own source, my own light. I feel reverence for all of life, for all of us for the journey that we have been on. All is about to change. My cells are doing a wild dance of freedom as my exterior presents the glassy sheen of a still pool. All is in harmony. All is truth. All is well.

I have not written in ages as there was nothing to say. Words, empty vessels that no longer held the truth that I felt. I could not pour this aliveness into any form. Rather, I have lived it, drank it, breathed it, been consumed by it. Surrender is easy to write, harder to live. I was called to this inward time by Sophia, my I AM presence. Linda struggled with some of it as I had to cancel plans with others and let go of connections that my personality desired. I had to face a fear that I would not emerge from this hermit life. I did not know if or when I emerged, if there would be anyone left to dance with. This was hard. I have honed my surrendering skills in the past few years but each layer demands a new level of letting go. Ultimately, all the personality concerns melt as to not follow the promptings of my soul would be the most difficult choice of all.

I read of others living in joy and feeling passion arise for new things. I felt no passion in any outward sense though a passion for freedom inflamed every atom in me. Freedom for us all to sing our song, to see our own beauty, to know our place in the cosmos. Oh, yes, that is a flame of passion in me, to see liquidlovelight pouring everywhere with its freeing grace.

I love the stark contrast of the burnt log and the vibrant pink, decay and growth present in each moment. This is life.

I love the stark contrast of the burnt log and the vibrant pink, decay and growth present in each moment. This is life.

I had experienced all that I desired of this earthly plane and wanted more, oh, so much more. A theme of my life, wanting more than was in the offing. I am a visionary, holding the image of the what is to come, moving the goal post further afield so as to assist in this evolutionary cycle. It is so reassuring to realize that our innate nature, once judged as wrong, is now ours to claim as who we are. Of course, I was always pushing for more, that is the role that I agreed to play.

Surrender I did and the earth took me deeper into her core. She offered to entrain me to her heartbeat. I was to become a tone for the new that is arising. A tone with no sound that reverberates far and wide. It was a process that has taken all of me as there are no half measures offered. On the surface, my body rested. I was shown how my environment was perfectly suited for my needs. It was a safe place for my body to be while my spirit soared wide and deep. It offered me physical comfort and ease, allowing me to be fully present with the task at hand with little popping out to tend to outer requirements. A gift that my higher self created for me at this time. I was not to dilute it.

We have been engaged in almost frenetic activity under the surface, getting much in place for this portal of August 25th when the planets and sun gift us with a influx of love and light. Each morning, I awaken to the tone of more hearts opening to their own beauty, their tones  sounding strong and true. I feel giddy with this energy as I sense that soon the newness I crave, will be here. That we will laugh that we ever knew anything but radiant health, that we engaged in separation based on skin color or economics. That we believed that we were powerless to create our lives. That we believed in anything but love.

Tending the flame of my heart deep in the earth. This is my now.

Tending the flame of my heart deep in the earth. This is my now.

It is a grand letting go as we remove our old robes and choose the robes that truly fit our essence. A person dear to my heart, recently had a direct experience of the divine in the middle of a pain filled night. This light coming in has challenged our physical vessels in so many ways. All the density is being cleared, to make room for this mighty waterfall that is about to cascade upon us. What a gift this is! Yet it can feel frightening when the pain seems to be the only reality. In that sacred moment, he went through the portal the pain offered rather than resisting it, and he knew himself as whole, as well in body and spirit. He knew himself as the beloved son, so dear to the Creator. He was gifted with a nakedness that shone only light. In the days following, he had the opportunity to decide if he would clothe himself in any of his old shirts, old labels of who he thought himself to be. The temptation is strong to cover ourselves quickly, lest we feel the chill of the air which exposes our vulnerability to the world. Can we stand in that nakedness and allow the not knowing of what to choose, to be? Can we ride the pain and see where it takes us without seeking middle of the night internet queries to put a label on it and contain it? Can we stand in the winds of fear and let the tears come? Can we befriend the moment and breathe into the bodily restrictions without seeking a way out?

Our bodies hold our wisdom. Listen and allow and they will take you on a journey of self discovery. They are the book to open in the night, when the stars are shining and the pain is speaking in loud tones. They are communicating, asking us to listen. I see so many who are ill this week, their bodies creating the opening to rest and stillness that allows this new energy a place to land. My friend is tentatively trying out this new perspective, of allowing himself to be taught a new language by his body.

I love how loved we are. I love how the universe conspires to move us always to our higher expression of self. I love the selves that are emerging, naked in our glory, knowing ourselves as suns. Breathe in whatever is there for you, knowing you are in your perfect place, all situations in  your life have been created by you and for you. Know that you are loved beyond our wildest imaginings of what love is. Feel it and sing it. I will be feeling and singing it with you.


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Peace Portal Opens

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This week has been a week of emotions, a lot of crying (some for joy, some for sadness). The body has been jumping up and down (inside-if you can imagine that). The feeling of wanting to be alone and yet as caregiver of a 93 yr.old father was not quite alone. Walks in the morning,sun-gazing and meditation was MY needs. Having a friend who needed to go to the doctor was the only other thing that was demanded of me. I love this time and am savoring it every moment. It will never come again. I love the beauty of your words. I thank you so much for sharing this. It resonated with me and my feelings of this year. Bless You!


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What a BEAUTIFUL sharing of yourself you have given us!

So much of what you've written resonates deeply within me.  

My nephew is in trouble....for the ??? time, and I am the only one in our family who will still even speak to him.  He has lied to and stolen from me and STILL I stay in contact, because I am afraid that if I let him go he might fall of the cliff for ever.  And yet, I KNOW that we must sometimes hit bottom before we can begin our upward climb.

After reading your post, I am facing MYSELF....looking at the deep abandonment issues that I still carry.  Am I helping my nephew?  Or am I hurting him by keeping the net under him?  THIS is the question I am now asking myself.

I have work to the form of Meditation and Prayer.

I just wanted to let you know that you have helped me by sharing your feelings.  And I would like to add this;  You write BEAUTIFULLY!  If you haven't yet written anything that has been published, I believe you would be doing a great service to us all, by writing a book.

Thank you again, LOVELYlinda