#PeaceWithRussia: The Necessity of Peace With The East

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by Lance Schuttler , The Mind Unleashed

With tensions nearing post-Cold War highs between The United States and Russia, and the possibility of greater conflict ahead, we must look at this situation and begin to understand it for what it is. As someone born in the US, I propose that we must also demand and enact peace, true diplomacy and cooperation with Russia. It can be no other way.


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The Situation 

What is happening in Syria is tragic. We see the US regime bent on overthrowing the sovereign, democratically elected Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria. But at what cost? Risking a world war with Russia, along with Iraq, Iran, Syria and China? Are the US politicians and military men who want this scenario crazy?

The reality of the situation is something far different than what the mainstream media portrays. It has nothing to do with Assad as “a dictator” and “using chemical weapons on his own people,” but is centered strictly upon oil pipelines and the central banking system. In fact, Moscow has shown how the information presented to the UN Security Council does not prove in any way that the Syrian government has ever used chemical weapons against it’s own people. While the media tries to paint Assad and Putin as dictators, in the real world we all continue to wait for evidence of chemical weapon use from Assad to be shown and proven.

It’s About The Money

Back in 2009, two middle eastern pipelines were proposed: 

One that started in Qatar and went through Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq then on to Turkey [then to Europe]. The second proposed pipeline was to go through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Turkey [then also on to Europe]. Saudi Arabia said no to the first and Syria said no to the second.

This “no” from Assad in Syria was certainly done to protect his Russian ally, as well as to protect himself from being overthrown. The reason that Russia has a strong interest in protecting the Assad regime is that Assad is stopping natural gas from flowing from the Persian Gulf to Europe. And since Europe is dependent on and the biggest customer of Russia’s natural gas (from the Gazprom company which holds the world’s largest supply of natural gas), it is important financially and politically for Europe to remain that way, in the view of Russia.

A year after Assad said no to the Qatar, Saudi Pipeline (which was US and EU backed), he called for a pipeline running from Iran (who has the world’s second largest supply of natural gas, behind Russia) through Iraq and into Syria, which then could begin supplying Europe as well. This move was supported by Russia, Iran and Iraq, which now makes up a growing alliance throughout the Middle East.


Soon after Assad proposed this new Iran-Iraq-Syrian pipeline, was when the “civil war” broke out and ISIL began creating havoc in the Middle East and more specifically, Syria. Once again, this situation in Syria has nothing to do with chemical weapons, but everything to do with controlling resources and thus, money. It also has nothing to do with Vladimir Putin being a “dictator.” In reality, he is taking a stand against the banking and political cabal who have deep and vested interests in control over Middle Eastern oil and gas. 

Ask Questions

With the Obama administration possibly deciding today on its course of action in Syria, we ask again: For what is the US wanting to overthrown a sovereign government in Syria? For the sake of gaining control of a major pipeline? Does the US really want to create a world war with Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Iraq and others just simply for more control over oil and natural gas?

If you are someone who has simply been following the mainstream narrative, it is time to begin questioning what is being put out to the public. We do not need to make another mistake of entering a banker’s war. It is time we once and for all end the Cold War propaganda and work to peacefully mend ties with Russia, China and the rest of the world. Peace is possible–and with an awakening humanity, it is inevitable. #PeaceWithRussia

Lance Schuttler graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree  in Health Science and does health coaching through his website  Orgonlight Health. You can follow the Orgonlight Health facebook  page or visit the website for more information and other inspiring  articles.