The Place of "Only Love"

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The Foundation of The Galactic Free Press is Unconditional Love.  THAT is what drew me to joyfully be a part of those who recognize their Being as a Unique Part of the Whole.  We totallt aquiesce our wills to that of the Whole One, All that is.  We realize that mankind has crossed the meridian from the old age of power and domination into the New Age of equality, friendship, common vision and above all Unconditional Love which makes the New Age possible.

Many of our brethren may not even realize the existence of, yet they are also moved by the same spirit of Unconditional Love  This Spirit is now moving across the waters of mankind and building into an unstopable tsunumi of Universal Unity that will forever rid the Earth of the scrourge that has plagues us for 13 millenia.

CVAC appears to be one of these, as this video illustrates.  The question of balance is approaching its crest as we all love and witness from day to day with re-enforcing certainty.  We can celebrate Love's victory as we await the rest of our human friends' awakening to it.  


Unconditional Love To All,