Placing Letters Together To Make Words

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Sometime I would just like to be "done", "finished" with all this 3d illusion. Then I wonder what illusion I am in? There is no "done" ever. The universe is always creating brilliance by taking a whole lot of small things and putting them together to make much bigger things until the bigger things start to glow. Then, I wonder why I would ever want to let go of this kind of magic. lol

I wonder why I ever give any energy to anything unreal? I am just a whole bunch of small things brought together to make a big thing which glows. The glow is the brilliance of the universe, within me. Could be the glow is just a feeling of awareness of the Life of creation and I feel that. lol

All the things which make me up are the same things the universe has made. Like, I mentioned the universe takes small things and puts the small things together to make much bigger things that glow brilliantly. Feels like creation, to me. I am the one experiencing this, this moment of presentness, just writing this.

I often wonder, I wonder a lot, what within me actually is, me. Then I wonder what a "me" is? Then Life comes along and takes my hand and guides me through this amazing experience of being.

I wonder how I can be any different from the universe or from my HU+MANNESS.  It seems in this realm I must place letters together to make words to convey feeling to express thought to engage in communication. Wow, that takes a whole bunch of energy just considering the experience, let alone writing it down.

There exists an awakeness within me which seems to want me, as awareness, to write. Yet I also comprehend what I write, in personal experience. What I choose for myself, is a choice for everyone on Planet Earth = Heart . I choose to "be" a part of this living universe as LOVE. Since I am made of LOVE this has to be easy, write? Hummm?

I wonder how many can relate to these thoughts I am sharing? Ah "THE GREAT I AM" the reality in I = CONSCIOUSNESS The AM = AWARENESS, BOTH UNIFIED IN EXPERIENCE OF BEING PRESENT. Also known as Life, Creation, through Awareness.