~Pole Shift and 30 Hours of Darkness? No Support for It~ Steve Beckow~

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~Pole Shift and 30 Hours of Darkness? No Support for It~


2012 January 23
Galactic Love Reporter and First Contact Team Member Steve Beckow

Further to our discussion of “three days of darkness,” Ev forwards Drunvalo’s Maya of Eternal Time discussion of 30 hours of darkness attending a pole shift.  (Thanks, Ev.)



So not three days of darkness in this version, but 30 hours, according to Don Alejandro as interpreted by Drunvalo. Perhaps go to the 9-minute mark in this video for that discussion.


My sense of what Drunvalo is saying is that this pole shift is not the same as the twenty or so hours of darkness that Archangel Michael described as preceding Ascension, but a separate event prior to that.


Readers will know the tremendous respect in which I hold Drunvalo. Nonetheless, where he relates the Maya’s belief that millions who lapse into fear could die in the course of a pole shift and the ensuing darkness, I have to say that I haven’t found support for that view anywhere else.


Out of all the sources that we regularly consult on this site, only a few even refer to a pole shift and none of them say a possible disaster could accompany it. Matthew calls our concern over it needless. Archangel Michael says the rising energies cause effects that make us think we’re experiencing a pole shift.


The Hathors say that the shifting of the North magnetic pole is part of the Earth’s birth pangs into higher dimensions. And Lauren’s Pleiadian High Council say that, despite the calamities of those times, which I believe are attributable to the cabal rather than to natural causes, all was well and perfectly in place with the evolutionary processes taking place.


These are all the references even made to a pole shift. Other sources do not refer to the matter. Let’s look at what the sources who do mention it say in more detail.


Matthew Ward

On March 10, 2009, Matthew Ward denied that any pole shift would happen for the Earth.


“As for a pole shift in 2010—or any other of your calendar years—Earth’s orbit has been changing gradually and there will be no dramatic geological effects.  Your scientists do not understand that the planet has left the space from which they are accustomed to viewing the heavens, and they are puzzled about their observations of unfamiliar celestial activity. And please keep in mind that some information is skewed due to lack of universal knowledge and other information is intentionally distorted to create fear.” (1)


Matthew referred in Sept. of 2009 to the Earth’s out-of-balance condition which was rectified by an infusion of light and did not require a pole shift.


“Concerns about a possible drastic shift in Earth’s axis are due to lack of universal knowledge, namely that about seventy years ago in your linear time, the planet was so out of balance that it was dangerously close to being pulled out of orbit; and ever since that time a powerful infusion of light from distant sources has been stabilizing Earth’s orbit along her ascension pathway.” (2)


On Jan. 15, 2011, he referred to the matter again, saying that”concerns about a shift in Earth’s magnetic pole and where this may be leading are needless.”


“The shift underway is a corrective measure that began over 60 years ago, when Earth’s planetary body was so deeply entrenched in third density that it was on the brink of flying out of orbit into certain destruction. God authorized powerful distant sources to beam massive amounts of light to stabilize the planet’s orbit, and that stabilization process will continue until Earth is within fourth density.” (3)


So according to Matthew, we need not fear that a pole shift will happen.


Archangel Michael


Archangel Michael, speaking through Celia Fenn, referred in passing to a pole shift, but only to deny that a “real” pole shift would happen. Instead he said the rising energies on the planet would act like a tsunami of light that would sweep away the old.


“The Rising Energies of the New are very powerful, and are being received on the Planet as waves of Cosmic Light. These waves create turbulence as they encounter the disintegrating Old Structures, like a Tsunami of Light washing away the Structures of the Old. It was this “vision” that was seen by many for this time, not a “real” destruction of the Earth or a “real” pole shift, but a great washing away of the old energies and structures and a reversal of values and ideas as this Tsunami of Light creates the New Reality.” (4)


So we hear no concern from Archangel Michael about a pole shift.


The Hathors

Besides Matthew, the Hathors also discussed the matter. In early 2010, they remarked on “the general thrust of your planetary state is one of extreme volatility.”

Your magnetic North Pole is shifting its position in erratic and unpredictable ways. The photosphere is also showing signs of unusual activity, as yet undetected by your scientists. All of this is to be expected for a planet undergoing a movement into Ascension, and we liken all of this to the birthing pangs of Earth’s birth into higher dimensions.” (5)

Again the subject is not a matter for concern.


Lauren Gorgo

The only other commentator I’ve been able to find who mentions the subject is Lauren Gorgo speaking on behalf of her Pleiadian High Council sources. She claims that a massive magnetic pole shift happened in Dec. 2010/Jan. 2011.  She goes out of her way to reassure us that nothing is out of control or catastrophgic about these events which are simply part of our evolutionary process. She says:


“It has recently come to my attention that we are beginning to mentally align with (become aware of) the great shift in perception that the unseens have been talking a lot about lately and this shift is apparently the result of some massive global (energetic) re-balancing that took place over the last 3-4 weeks in the form of a magnetic pole shift. These re-balancing energies started to aggressively bubble up on the winter solstice/lunar eclipse and are currently completing a round of physical aftereffects in the form of solar and geological activity…geomagnetic storms, solar flares/winds, coronal mass ejections, auroras, quakes and fissures, etc.


“So much of what is currently happening around the world is related to this shift and the unseens would like to clarify some things to settle any fears that may be festering from the uncertainty of such dramatic forward movement.

“First and foremost, we are being urged to realize…no matter what surrounds us…that nothing is ‘out of hand’  in this evolutionary process and that all is well despite external appearances. We are constantly reminded that everything is perfectly in place…how could it be any other way?…and that the increasing calamities on earth serve a great purpose in the planetary ascension.


“That being said, I realize how this may sound to, say, our fellow brothers and sisters in Queensland right now trying to ‘stay afloat’ in a very literal sense…but the unseens are making it clear that the purpose behind calamity is not merely myopic mysticism from a secular spiritual society, nor is it some new age platitude.  It’s science.  And tho to most this is still considered pseudo-science, that too is soon to shift because mainstream science, as we know it, is quickly running out of answers.

‘For those who still cling to fear, we reprise: All is well, perfectly orchestrated and systemized, as are all things in a vibrational universe.‘ – Pleiadian High Council.” (6)


She mentions in the same column the bird and fish deaths of that time and relates that as well to the alleged pole shift:

“What I have been hearing is that the recent magnetic pole shift…which incidentally caused a Florida airport to temporarily close down…created massive pockets of electromagnetic distortion which resulted in some freakish occurrences in specific geographic locations and planetary ley lines…in addition to the rerouting of our own internal GPS’s.

“If you have recently been feeling lost in your world, unable to figure out which way to go or why, most likely its related.  This magnetic shift is essentially responsible for reorienting us to the new timeline…translation: erasing our hard drives and rebooting our operating system now that we have all the latest updates.” (7)


She returns to the theme the next month and calls the increased geomagnetic activity the new normal.


“In the last article I wrote I mentioned that we were in the throes of some unprecedented geomagnetic activity due to a significant global rebalancing spurred by a magnetic pole shift….or visa versa. I also mentioned that “most likely, these natural events will continue to take place and maybe even increase as the earth sustains her transition into higher consciousness.”


“Well, today, the Pleiadian High Council confirmed that this year and onward there will definitely be an increase in geomagnetic activity…not that this is new news, just a confirmation that what we have been feeling recently around the world is related to the increased levels of light now capable of penetrating the planet thru/due to these various geomagnetic phenomenons: solar winds, solar flares, CME, etc.


“The PHC want us to know that this level of intensity is actually the ‘new normal’ that we will all eventually adapt to, and that these energies are here to stay.


“This is helpful to understand because just as we are already seeing, in the coming days there will be an increase in volatile weather patterns in addition to human emotional uprisings, protests, revolts, etc., as mood swings border on the extreme due to these magnetic fluctuations. The light of truth is becoming impossible to resist and we will be witnessing this more and more on the global stage, just as it is becoming unbearable to live without the light of truth in our own lives. In other words, once we feel the blissful, transcendent connection to our power Source, we literally can’t bear to live without it…this is becoming more and more clear to each of us.” (8)


 There certainly cannot be said to be undue worry or concern on the part of the sources regularly consulted on this site for the matter of a pole shift and accompanying 30 hours of darkness, just as we saw earlier that there was no support for the idea of three days of darkness.



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