Portal Opened and Reconnection to “The Divine Supreme creator of all that is” & All Divine Supreme Abundances, Inheritances, Pro

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Portal Opened and Reconnection to “The Divine Supreme creator of all that is” & All Divine Supreme Abundances, Inheritances, Prosperity, Wisdom, knowledge, Wealth, Spiritual gifts for All to Receive.

Reconnection of Diamond Core God Cell of Sub- Universe

Reconnections of Higher frequency patterns of Divine Blue Prints,

Reconnections to Divine Adamantine Particles of Divine light of living energy and dispensed out for each and every individual’s divine Blue Print.

Reconnection to empowering first of discernment and truth, inter truth, With full  comprehension understand, communication  of this.

Reconnection to Tranquility of :  Cosmos, Universe, Galaxy, Planetary, solar, Gaia, Humanity As Above, As Below.

Reconnection to the diamond Core God cell of Self

Reconnections Higher frequency to balance, harmonize, vibrational patterns and facets for Divine self and Sacred Heart Core of Divine Blue Print.

Reconnection to the infinite Creation of all that is of “The Divine Supreme creator of all that is”

Reconnection to Power Source of Creations to the Supreme Creator of all that is.

Recalibrations to Magnetics and Magnetic Fields

This connection will recalibrate you to and anything and everything from Gaia- to the Cosmos as above as below, Animal kingdom, All of Supreme Creations as above as below, Angelic Realm, All beings, Multi-dimensional beings and more.

Release of all residual, imbalances frequency, patterns, from the 3D- 12D

Release of pain and suffering, limiting, separation, obstacles, lack of, dissolves all old programing, patterns, Propensity, dogma, dogmatic

Need to Choose and accept this we all have free will, and live a life of Thankfulness and Gratitude – It has been sent to all.

These things were done through the Crystalline Web Grids of: Cosmos, Galaxy, Universes, planetary, solar, Gaia, Humanity, Animal Kingdom, Angelic Realm, Water and Sea Manuals and Animals, Humanity for all to receive.  All New Harmonics, Harmonic tones from the Harmonic Universe 1-12 and Golden Ratio, unity symbol were used to recalibrate all.

Assistants of Soul Team, Team Angels and Guides Support





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yea, God definitely entered thru that portal. He is here, full force. Been waiting for Him to take this planet back. This so exciting! I do hear those tomes and singings of the angelic realm. And i had a dream last night, a nightly vision, that i walked into athe grocery store and and all the food was natural n healthy! And i had plenty of money to buy wat we needed...