The Power of Contrast by Lee-Anne Peters

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A sudden SLAM of fierceness strikes us. It hits us in different ways, but can knock us off our feet - like our world has been tipped upside down! This may play out as unbelievably shocking news or just this strange vague feeling of being stunned - without much of a reason why. Similar to a deer being caught in headlights!


Do you feel like you are caught in the headlights at the moment, and you are stuck or don't know which way to run?

Since entering into 2013 there have been more stable energies in general than most of 2012, and this time period now I feel is one of our first big energetic doorways of 2013. An energetic doorway or portal is like a vortex of energy that effects humanity to some degree. We entered into many from November and into the end of December 2012, now, we are faced with another on this power day 31:1:13! It happens to help us - as a collective, raise our energy frequency out of the denseness and into lightness - this is Ascension!
There is a TIME WARP we have entered into, which is quite typical of an energetic doorway opening or actually being open. This time warp may play out in your life as an 'unreal' grasp of the clock and how much time has passed during your day. It may affect your sleep - needing more or less sleep right now. It can also have us feeling rushed for time, or that we have all the time in the world - notice the contrast playing out too.
Lately, or even today / tomorrow you may find that you are running super early (unusual!), then only a short time later you are running super late (even more unusual!). You may get your times wrong and get to a store or appointment 5 minutes before or 5 minutes after closing - yep this is the Time Warp AND the power of Contrast playing out!
Why does this happen right now? Well, I feel (and please trust what you feel as well), that ILLUSION (duality, separation, inauthenticity, fear etc) is breaking down just that little bit further today. For it to happen all at once would shock the wiring of our systems, so it must be gradual and that which we can handle to some degree.
Our bodies are highly sensitive instruments, which is why many of us are FEELING this contrast right now. Your BODY will also be your best guide and assistant during this time - so please listen to it and trust it. If it needs extra rest, different foods, more water etc  - then follow through.


Become sensitive to your body!

As CONTRAST becomes loud, like it is at present in the world and our lives, illusion becomes that little bit louder too. When the illusion is louder it brings us more aware of our TRUTH. And our TRUTH is ever so important at this time. There are many tests from vast sources at this time - right hooking us to ensure the validation of our truth. This is not a validation that must be confirmed or agreed to by others - no sir-ee this is about US, as powerful individuals sourcing out our own TRUTH and knowing that that is right for us in that moment. Our truth will ebb and flow as we gain more wisdom through our life experience - so flow with that too.
Let's look at CONTRAST... contrast reveals to us the duality of this world. We notice the polar opposites, feel great one moment and blah the next. One moment we are wide awake, next almost asleep. Within this contrast or duality is GREAT OPPORTUNITY to become MORE. Use this CONTRAST - the extremes playing out right now in the world or in your life as a springboard into your EXPANSION.
Take some time to stop what you are doing, and just BE. Notice what's happening in nature. Notice what you are feeling. Pay attention to the details. Write in your journal if you need to and do what you do best to explore and observe the bigger picture. Perhaps write down keywords connecting with how you feel and what you notice right now, and allow that to help springboard you through this energetic doorway too.
Avoid trying too hard, and if you feel you are, then pause, breathe deeply, play some relaxing music or do something soothing for you. Then reflect again...
When you feel your epiphany - run with it. You are preparing to or are being catapulted through this energetic doorway and further into Oneness, Expansion and Ascension.
Gently does it and remember those tools you have learned to help you through times in your life past -remember to use these or modify them to help you now.
Hold your protection shield strong as many are threatening this expansion (which again is part of the contrast playing out loudly right now). 
I trust this message finds you well,
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Thanks so much and happy travels!
Lee-Anne Peters



Lee-Anne Peters is an Australian award-winning author, visual artist, motivational teacher, mentor and radio show host. Among her many creative adventures, Lee-Anne is the founder of Temple of Balance and Temple of Balance Publishing. She is Author/Creator of: Healing Energy Cards, From Lack to Abundance, Ascension Mastery Series, Temple of Balance Oracle Cards,  Aligning with the Speed of Light, Eternal Love and Temple of Balance the book.  A highly energetic and intuitive entrepreneur, Lee-Anne works tirelessly to help our planet and her people every day. Lee-Anne has appeared in magazines, newspapers and on radio around the world.