~Preparing Yourself for Disclosure!~~GALACTIC LOVE REPORTER DarLa Pearce~ 7~12~11

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~Preparing Yourself for Disclosure!~








We are very close now to disclosure. You may think you're ready and have been waiting for such a long time for it to come but even so, it will be a great shock to see the sky filled with Motherships and Star ships of all sizes and shapes!

It occurred to me that we should each be preparing ourselves ~ if we are to be of any service and assistance to those who are not expecting to see this day upon us and who have forgotten their origins and who still are caught up in the matrix of FEAR.

We do know and can remember that we've had our DNA tinkered with and genes placed to give us fear to hinder our progress out of slavery. And even though, in truth, we've been visiting Motherships many times while in a sleep state etherically and spiritually, we have no memory, it's wiped clean prior to returning to our beds and body by morning. If you find this hard to believe, just ask your own angels and guides and higher power about it. You need only have the intent to visit a Mothership and your wish is granted. We have been doing this for some time and it's nothing new. The Sirians and Arcturians we've known well since prior to and during Atlantis. We can ask to remember as much as we wish and it will be given when we are ready to receive it.

A Mothership is a "live" and a "living being." We have had the opportunity to visit and be "plugged" into Motherships often in past days and eons. We have been taught and schooled ~ although these memories are not available to us unless we ask to "remember."

When I came across this video of an Aquarium, it came to me ~ how like it is ~ to see the Motherships and Starships flying overhead if we had eyes to see them and it's much the same sensation as watching all these various fish swim. Only it will take place in the skies above us instead of within a water world. Many of those exist as well.

if possible play this video and others like it so that you will be prepared for the sort of overwhelming sensation we will feel when these wonderful events take place. Like these creatures of the Sea ~ these Galactics and Celestial higher beings are our future selves. They have come to assist us in Earth's ascension, as well as, our own if we so desire. We should welcome them with open arms but, of course, it is a personal choice and not necessary to do so.

We will see the Agarthans first, up close and personal. They have shared the Earth with us only they've lived in the Inner parts and nearer to the heart of our beloved Mother. They are far more advanced than we are and kinder, more benevolent. We have a lot of catching up to do and quickly now as time is ending and a new timeline is shifting into place. Now in 2011 rather than 2012.

Great days are ahead leading into the New Golden Age. No one will be forced to move into the higher frequencies but a window of opportunity has opened for all those who are ready to progress to the next step and get out of duality and 3D constructs.

It's also a choice for those who like things as they are and who may be benefiting from war, slavery, torture, who believe by being on the top side of the control equation, they do not wish to turn to the light just yet. This, too, is a choice. The only thing is that Earth is ascending with or without us and those who do not wish to ascend will be leaving for another 3D planet. This choice will come again some day and no one is forced or pressured to ascend who isn't ready for these higher realms.

Many of you are aware of the Solar winds and Solar flares with Celestials modifying the Adamantine particles of consciousness that are flowing over the Earth each and every day raising consciousness of all, one need only breathe in and consciousness comes. No effort is required and no one is exempt from breathing. Although I guess there is a choice involved in that feature as well.

Here is the video. Let's get used to it, so that we don't find a sky full of Star ships alarming when it happens. And it will happen very soon now. Much love! xoxoxoxo