President Obama is a "Lightworker"

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Submitted by Guest (unregistered) on Tue, 10/23/2012 - 17:47.

Dear Family,

President Obama is a Lightworker and he is needed to take us into the New Golden Age. President Obama has been doing alot we have been seeing some arrests and indictments of the bankers in the news and if you search on the internet there is so much information about these arrest. There have been so many resignations of top people in theses banks.  The banks are collapsing. This is due to our President.  New banks will open. President Obama stands for unity and will take us into the Golden Age.  We are the ones that can make the Change for the new world.  We have been here on Earth in training to experience the game of separation and to learn lessons from them, for our spiritual evolution. Separation of Race, Religion, Politics, etc. Our training is now over and we will be graduating at the end of this year "Going Home". At home in the universe it is complete Joy.  Love is all there is. Everyone is one and the same living in oneness unity with one another. All of us on earth today is from a planet within our universe and we live together there in love. To go home we must unite, WE MUST BE LOVE. Loving eachother no matter what color they are. For our new world please remember this, THE CHANGE IS US!   "WE ARE WHO WE ARE WAITING FOR." There is too much hate and killing in our world today and we cannot continue this way. Right now we have no future.  If we center into our hearts and become love we will come together once again and co create our new world of love.  WE ARE ONE.




My love to you all





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This may as well have my name signed to it. This speaks my Heart.

Thank You

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WE ARE ONE!! :)))

President Obama is a Lightworker

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Didn't he just state in this last debate:  Since they will be bringing all our military home and declaring peace, the money that would have gone for the expense of war will be going into our infrastructure to rebuild our communities, to give back to the people.

HEY FOLKS!! HE IS SPEAKING ABOUT NESARA!! Did anyone else hear that?  We must learn to LISTEN between the words----and HEAR what he is saying in 5th dimensional terms.


Linda in Florida

I can handle the truth !

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angels of light for all of humanity !

Last night on mainstream media, I saw cloud formations over Obama's head that I have seen before and a surge of understanding resonated clear and sound and the confusion in my mind over these past few years stilled. I felt love and appreciation go through me for all he has endured to get this far - for all humanity has had to overcome simply to find truth however painful it may be. We each know, firsthand, what it is like to be immersed in an impossible system that blocks every new path. I am going to relinquish all fear and let all truths in  ~ no matter how difficult they may be. WE CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH TOGETHER. No matter what boardrooms Mr. Obama has participated in, I have no doubt he is an important part of the greatest awakening on earth. I love him. I love humanity. I love all of the animals and elemental beings who have been working so hard to communicate with us. We are the ones we have been waiting for ! 

Obama Is Not A Lightworker

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I disagree with you. As a lightworker, you should be spreading the truth, not a lie. Leave that to the deceivers. I feel sorry for Obama because he continues to work with the deceivers. If he is truly a lightworker himself, he should stop working on behalf of the deceivers. Whoever has told you that Obama is a lightworker has told you a big lie. Please do not spread this lie, as your karma will catch up with you. Peace be with you!


duality trap

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As a system buster , a renegade member of the family of light we are here to take down as fast a possible a corrupt ,poison, death machine being used against the world !Its a political system so corrupt ,dark and 3d no enlightened  being would give it power by legitmizing it in any way, let alone have a candidate or vote to be lead. A enlightened being understands and knows a simple test to tell if a system,person,ET is of the light . Light is freely given, honest,open knowledge .Dark hides knowledge ,twists it ,keeps it  from you in order to have power over you, Ego demands this. Light empowers you to be free, self directed sentient being of light with no need to be lead,why because an enlightened being takes full responsibility for his or her life .You would like a new world of 5 d ? Time to wake up and understand it can not be created by working to keep
3D up and running by supporting duality and its system ,by the way the banking system runs the political system in the US and the rest of the worlds as well. All your current politicians are criminals and are looked on by all Beings of the light , Galactic,Enlightened Humans, true Starseeds,Wayshowers,Lightworkers as Dark.
If you want to move to planet love ,have a peaceful, abundant,healthy
new paradigm first you must stop supporting and creating what you don't want!!
Peaceful noncompliance is the pathway filled with light.I trained life time after life for over 100000 years to be here and destroy this 3d political prisons system, a system so many who say they are awakened lightwork cling to and recreate over and over again with a vote, while it kills 20000 childern a week from starvation alone.As  system busters our roll is to destroy all the dark has put in place to hold you in fear,time is now here  to let go ,i say to all ,take back your power and ownership of your life and planet .We are going to win
I tell you know now we already have won  and the criminals have been removed .
 Peace and Love  from a Renegade member of the family of light.....

Delightlfully Offended Lightworker...

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I'm a lightworker who's unemployed and I could of had more of an impact in the last 3 years, to closing Guantanamo Bay myself, than he has as the President of the United States. That says a little something about where our current leaders limitations and perspectives lay and stay firm. The last President that was honestly going after the banking industry (and not having the majority of his treasury Department all be from the Banking Induistry), was JFK, and we see what his own system did to him. The game is much bigger than they play out. Beyond the physical realm even. 


He might be an ok guy that shines more light than shadow, we just can't see it, I'll even give him the benefit of the doubt by saying he is just a puppet...but to call him a lightworker, with the amount of jails open, the cancerous foods, chemtrails, deadly prescription companies, wikileaks take-down, legal cancer sticks, and a still an up and running Guantanamo Bay (a proven American torture chamber), which was one of his first promises to close, I wouldn't come close to allowing his name to have the privelage to stand next to the likes of which actual Lightworkers have crossed my path.


That world where he still exists is severely behind the likes of which time doesn't even exist. There are so many layers, and octaves available to us in this moment, only if we were to tune in to the frequency. To limit our change, energy and focus to the likes of a political perspective is like watching only 3 channels of information on the screen, when at least 300 more are now available. Keep going...




We haven't even understood the most common system of measurment on this planet (the metric system), yet we still think the world revolves around  this country. I seriously doubt the starving people of the biggest continent on our planet - Africa, or even the most populated place on the planet - India, or even the 2/3's of the water covered part of our planet - Dolhin Collective, gives two snail farts what President Obama is doing behind, or in front of the scenes. This change is a lot bigger than the illusory power of a PRESIDENT OBAMA.

Illusions from a flat landers perspective.

This planet is about to receive a new Holy #$%# realization, equivalent, and beyond the same energy and consciouss shift energy of the moment of the Human Race opened up to the new thought frequencies of a circular planet reality.


We might know the planet is round now, but what's next? Those of us paying attention to the infinite shift are allowing the frequencies of a new world to come through us, to see. But to allow ourselves to still be linked to a world that is so out of touch with the new frequencies, is to have a shotgun approach to this reality, when the most change happens from the pinpoint perspective of a sharp shooters quality over quanity approach. Reaching further and more accurately to the strings of the heart.

Let go of the clutter from an out of date flat land, and all those who concern themselves with the illusion of controlling political power, and the imaginary world where imaginary state and national lines still hold power, and exist as some kind of representation of the infinite dvinity of our essence.

Find the Bliss in Silence, the silence of all limitation.

Lovin' every ounce of all of you,


Well Written

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As You know so well, you are an enormous piece / Part of the Freedom of This Sweet Earth and Her Humanity. Thanks for showing up !

The President doesn't have

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The President doesn't have the power to shut down Guantanamo Bay, and when he attempted back when he was first elected, he was blocked by Congress.

Obama is walking a fine line.

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Obama is walking a fine line. It is a very intricate chess game. The higher you go up in the tree the more complicated all the many potential branches underneath become.

Obama is the AntiChrist.

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I am in contact with the Ashtar Command. My Father was Jmmanuel and he has told me this. Andromedons are working with the reptiles. Anyone who claims he is a light worker is deceptive and not looking out for the people. We do reincarnate and look as we did In our precious life other than weight. I have been given a lot of information and will share it with you. Find me on f b and you will get much info there. Please no haters. You can see the pictures match, in these final days, you do not need confusion and that is what these entities are trying to do. Find me on Facebook and meet my family which you will know most from the stories you learned growing up. He wants you to know the truth and he wants us all to make it.

Matthew Maguire
Matthew the Apostle
Yes the other 11 are here as well as many others.

Little Brother

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My dear little brolther you can come out of the box now. It is time to breathe, Feel and Be the Cosmic Love Breath. I do know you. I remember. You know me I was in Judea with Yesu and the many also. Is this what you really want and wish ? to keep spinning your wheels in the botttomless sand?   Smile your Inner and your outer smile. For you, this could be called your Smiling Enlightenment.

ps Here's 3 quotes from you above, They're just like you before (in the OLD days),:  "I have been given a lot of information "

 "Anyone who claims he is a light worker is deceptive"

"Obama is the Antichrist"

God I Am Bless you little bro. You deserve a blessing.

I Am Yoj Chase





If you're really one of the

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If you're really one of the apostles you should know better than to believe in an "antichrist". Those kind of dualistic belief systems are precisely why people have such a hard time finding Christ within themselves.

Wonderfully said, thank

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Wonderfully said, thank you!!  I agree with you, Obama is indeed a lightworker.  Frankly, I wouldn't believe it if my intuition didn't back that information up.  He needs to walk a fine line because he is undercover.  When a policeman/woman goes under cover they must go along with the crimes being committed.  They must do the drugs, rob the stores etc so that their undercover work won't be busted.  He is playing a very important part right now and must act, look, walk, and seem like a person of the dark in order to keep playing the game.  The cabal needs to taken down from the inside, an outside job certainly won't cut it.  I feel with my soul that Obama does have a good heart, a strong soul and sincere Love.  He is a highly evolved being of Light.  Send him Love and Light, help him help us.

Obama "light bringer"

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Ya. I especially like him signing the NDAA when everyone was piss drunk on New Year's Eve. Paving the way for the new tyrannical dictatorship. A shame this will be deleted from the site