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Pure Energetic Vibes/March 18, 2011

Channeled Through Eric Breault

Hello, we are the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.  We are enjoying the vibrational shift that is going on within and around you.  The more you lift higher, the more apt we are going to work with you.  We stay away from those who don't have the pure energetic vibes.  More interaction with us comes when you are in alignment with the pure energetic vibes that flow through you.  It is time for you to express your pure nature.  Allow your pure energy to shine freely like the sun in your solar system.  Know it is so.

You will find that in the coming weeks, more people who are aligned with the pure energetic vibes that flow freely through them will be drawn to you.  Those who aren't in alignment with the pure energy will stay away from you.  Only those who resonate with each other will come together.  Those who are dark will be drawn to other dark energetic beings, while those who are light will be drawn to other light energetic beings.  This joining forces of dark and light is called the polarization.  This polarization is all a natural part of the shift in consciousness that is happening throughout your planet.  There is no good and bad in any of this.  It's all in perfect divine order.  Trust and have faith in the process of this awakening.  You are truly ready to remember who you are.  The awakening and remembering who you are is all a knowing for you. 

You will be manifesting grand things this year.  Many miracles are going to be happening through and around you.  Even though that the world seems to be falling apart, you will know that all is well.  You will find that many people will be relocating in the coming year.  Those who relocate will be going to areas that resonate with them.  When you feel guided to move to an area that resonates with you, do it.  Moving to this new area will allow for you to be true with yourself and others. Perhaps a move for you won't be necessary because you maybe in an area that already resonates with you. Being in the area that resonates with you, means that you will be seeing many relocating to your area.  Everything is going according to divine plan.  Keep trusting the knowing that is flowing through you.  Just relax and enjoy the flow of the knowing channeling through you. Keep up the great work.

We are truly blessed to be working extensively with all of you.  The pure energetic vibes channeling through us channels through you.  We are one.  Namaste