Quantum Physics Confirms Ancient Science Was On To Something

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Quantum Physics Confirms Ancient Science Was On To Something



by Galactic Love Reporter Ryan




The ancients have deciphered consciousness in ways modern science is just now coming to terms with. They have discovered everything is a fluid energy and the so called solidity of the world we see around us is only an illusion. Everything, including our consciousness, is a constantly flowing energy that has uniqueness based on the variance of vibrations. However, it all originates from the SAME infinite source.

Go look at your hand, a stick of gum, or a cardboard box underneath a microscope. You’ll find if you zoom in far enough they are all just a bunch of atoms. Atoms are composed of different types of particles that can be even further dissected. At the heart of it all is a tiny filament that, depending on how it vibrates, makes up the different things we see.

While this may be an abstract concept for some, it is indeed a common accepted truth among quantum physicists. Let me see if I can relay to you the implications of what I just said in simplistic terms: We are all the same damn thing! The only difference between the dust-bunny under your couch and a living, breathing human being is a vibration! Where does the vibration come from?

A complex consciousness that is far above the understanding of our rational mind, but just because it is hard for our minds to grasp, is no reason to simply dismiss it as unfounded or superstitious. It is a grand perspective that modern science is steadily catching up to, and one our ancestors have already grasped.

Have you ever stopped and marvelled at how beautifully synchronous nature is? How everything works in such perfect harmony? What is behind that, where does this order come from? IT is composed by a highly intelligent, fully conscious, and undeniably divine energy. To take it one small step further, look at the planets, stars, and the galaxy. EVERYTHING works together in ways that science still doesn’t fully understand.

For example, the different astrological cycles the Mayans recorded hundreds of years ago, some of the cycles reaching millions of years in length, are only now possible to calculate using computers! How the hell did they do that!? How did the yogis of India long ago identify and document what we now call the string theory without microscopes and computer aided models? The ancients were far more advanced than we have been led to believe.

By simply working with their consciousness and the natural laws of the universe, they uncovered how to alter their vibrations and were able to see through the illusion we currently experience. By obtaining a higher perspective of reality, they were able to tap into the unlimited and timeless intelligence of the universe, god, nature, or whatever word/vibration you feel comfortable using. Naturally, this allowed these spiritual scientists the ability to transcend linear time as we know it. This is precisely how the ancient technology called Nadi Astrology came about.

Consciousness explorers of the past tapped into the source of all-that-is, aka the source of the vibrations, and identified our individual vibrations that make our souls unique. Although we are all connected through the same microcosmic energy, we do have our own unique vibration. This explains how people of the same cultural and social upbringing can have such a diverse perspective. Why, for example, some people easily understand math, and others just do not process it as fluently. Everything from your financial situation, relationships, and intelligence is part of your ongoing unique consciousness/vibration and 100% identifiable.

If you were only willing and able to experience what it is to identify your particular Nadi leaf, and see how undeniably accurate it is down to birthmarks and even the exact time when you decide to have it read. Your skepticism would not only disappear, it would be forgotten faster than you can say NO WAY! This science is above superstition and above most of our understandings. It is in fact a highly sophisticated discipline that can now be collaborated with the rationality given to us by quantum physics.

So leave your pre-conditioning behind you and step into your truth.


With Love,