Quantum Thought

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Quantum thought

Possibilities’ of manifesting these in meaningful times, which should correspond to the in depth truths where areas of the world is in (above) and “beyond” the known implementations at a gradual frequency in set back’s…

The possible outcomes are there for you to see the greater avenues* which dispositions, has caused fractals of event’s, to happen worldwide… While keenly igniting the governmental flow* which disposes the fabrics of the individual “mind’s” while contemplating the greater aspects of this (feed).

Reminiscing the counterpart’s of the abnormal faction’s throughout the grid’s* in compositions.

There is but one aspect (god) in the known universe, the commands are given for you to understand what it is we may be fabricating in these moment’s as trust, for you to understand how important your creations might be in these moment’s.

Simplified aspects within “creation”, are causation, of the greater residual effect, in chained (events) while contemplating within the universal grids.

These possible flow’s may be from adaptation’s in querying attributes while confining the greater residual effects of said *attribute’s. Simply put the feeds are governed by general awareness which can rise if we are keen in the manifestations of event’s, composing (conforming) the higher intellect’s (flow) within fluctuation’s from the (contemporary stopping point’s) “said” manifestation’s.

While our “surrounding aspect’s” (Nature) or more so “sounds, movement, electric appliances” the basic of creation in manifestation, (flow of)... If we are in a house… The possibilities’ of manifesting coherency lie’s within moments of greater residual factor’s in balancing point’s (rendering) within or without causation of simultaneous moment’s (frequencies in acquisition, balanced harmonic’s*) in adaptations to the field’s, which corresponds to your “level” degree of development’s (knowledge within those field’s) from inner to outer balance with synchronic order after gradual implementation, (Integration), download* (concept’s realized) “anchored as abilities”  for singularity, we have attained gradual implementation’s in agreement to how we can manifest sound’s, which may be having effect’s on the probability factor’s, which discord’s aspects of the space time continuum, discourses with them in these moment’s, to align star matter… Either you implement greater balance within, to conjoin aspects of the outer creation’s in better alignment (manifestation) by “stasis” levels* Equals gradual alignment after what we can conceive of as general alignment within schizophrenia graded on a gradual selection of compositions (understanding’s) after gradual rise in frequencies’ composed by choices of general structure “mapping’s” to individually gather (momentum) in the fabrication’s (manifestation’s, creation’s) for connecting points (*which for example), … If we gather the momentum for the (Download’s), the “concept’s” has greater effect’s individually by moment’s in which we connect deeply (noticing the general alignments’ Events) from the moment’s in correspondence to your law’s in deviation’s to a selection of thought’s which *has in effect’s greater clarity from passing on advent’s to understanding what (randomness) can have as effect’s on human’s, when we are in general alignment within the fields at play, by giving out the known consensus, individually with any aspects of creation, anchoring instantaneously by listening either consciously or unconsciously, those will be accounted for in the general future, momentum will gather the fields (flow’s in correspondence) of the higher mind (by knowing (knowledge within the fabrics of*) those fields can cause) “information in correspondence” (Nature) to enable events of synchronicity, with everything in existence, (Inner and Outer), which causes higher frequency (stasis).

Awareness could then fabricate order, within (mind) behind the general *picture… What governs, *brings order, from the micro to the macro… Individually we would be advancing in higher attribute’s which would denote times of greater balance world-wide… Implementations of technology, can be of great use, if we are in effect’s having general alignments’ from sense’s we develop, after gradually following the *feed. Which implies on the possibilities of greater avenue’s in how we (work) “understand” the totality of system’s working in tantrum… Which coherency, after gradual (choices) in what we can learn to utilize, (without), would be implementing senses of the unknown which in this case would be causation of greater adaptation’s to the abnormal flow’s which interposes the residual fabric’s off the cosmic mind, in alliance’ to bring higher alignments*1 of “choices” within implementation’s which we may not know we have, until greater residual effects*3 are abolished*2 by bringing in the higher feed’s… Which is important for manifestation of the quantum thought* by (implementing) order and structure, while finding those choices*3 (accepting*1, rejecting*2 or ignoring*3) which work’s in tantrum to “life systems”, Consciousness* of said (systems), in higher order understandings* to MANIFEST “Micro to Macro”, within Space (XYZ) and TIME* (VELOCITY FACTOR FOR SPACE TO MANIFEST CREATION’S), while we are observing the residual factor’s, the law’s abolish the flow of the consensus within implementations of the gradual fall, in successive counterpart’s in reminiscence by having gradual effect’s chaining moments of possibilities’ within the confines of space by gradually creating new (Space) dimension’s for the actual command’s to fabricate the highest order possible in time of the event’ from creation’s in tantrum (Actuality, Governing Factor) General Flux* We seem to be in impossible moment’s for the fabrication’s to manifest greater exempt’s trough the eventual mean of the greater intellectual feeds composing the make-up (system’s) while we independently create from the choices, within the conscious manifestations of (TIME Velocity Factor).

We would be gathering effective means of order throughout humans of lower consensus, from greater possibilities’ in how we understand “consciously, unconsciously, or subconsciously” the present moment as the (Past, present and future), while opening up the higher levels of initiating causes, by implementing, cause and effect, (Observance) to greater life abilities’ (all together), as psychic abilities’ and more so *beyond, future contact.

If contact were to happen gradually we would augment in disposition’s (abilities’) to bring about synchronistic event’s (manifest) at will, with your surrounding field’s, (knowledge at disposition) gradually taping into a ^light line which would create a Vortex, by opening more than one (line) in attempts to fabricate momentum in our higher disposition’s, within moments of gradually attaining contact.

These would happen to humans who are in need of a general restructuring… Which implies that we condone to greater abilities’ (cause in effect) to capture* the known consensus of said individual’s while gradually augmenting in (“dimensions”) to comply with the new set of rule’s where we are not of this place, we simply are in moments of greater balance.

Now we have achieved the general balance factor, what is left…? Has to be done (happen) according to selective attribute’s within the momentum of being’s gradually implementing the higher attribute’s while confining the greater residual effects of the devolution’s, which implies, the residual factor’s at play.