The questioning nature of the self and the non questioning nature of the ego mind

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The questioning nature of the self goes against the ego, the mind, the conditioned state that the ego mind is. Those who identify with the conditioned ego mind, are all over planet earth = heart. They can be seen going through many varying experiences. Gay's,bisexuals, beings with sex changes, excessive eaters, sleeping too much, any activity that's experienced “too much”. This isn't saying that beings who fast, sleep a lot , or don't get any, or eat a lot (kriya yoga), or have sex or no sexual intercourse, are identifying with their ego mind. That's a common misunderstanding on this planet.

Beings who claim to be gay, bisexual, or have had or are planning to have a sex change, will claim that there is nothing wrong with being this way. Same with over-eaters, smokers, sleepers ,drug users,non drug users. Use your own individual ability to seek the truth and discover what it is I am pointing at here. These beings who claim to be in the right, are wrong. They will fight you over this, so look out. Same with beings who claim to know what love is. They get upset with you at the fact that you say that they do not know what true love is, same with the true meaning of what true intimacy is,ethical living, and family oriented living is.

This also goes for beings who go for being violent towards another being, no matter what kind of violent behavior it is, violence is still violence. I'm not saying to watch a violent program, by all means go ahead, but the key here is learning about all the variations that violence can come in. When you go over the line from being loving, to being vicious. This also goes for beings who claim to not care at all

about how it looks, the way they come across, their lifestyle choices. They say they do not care, yet all of their actions show otherwise about this statement. Every one of them has a chip on their shoulder.

They give you an attitude in return for you even pointing this out. When you speak of self discipline, they give you an attitude, when you point out of that which you understand to be the truth, after long time of questioning it and it still remaining to be true after all that, you'll see what I'm talking about. They all have one experience in common, and that is that they identify with the conditioned ego mind and its insanity or sickness. This isn't to confuse you with the fact that all these beings, even those will currently debilitating disorders identify with the conditioned ego mind, but some are, and some are not.

Even those who do not identify with it ( the conditioned ego mind) as who they are, and still live with a disability, are living this way, out of contract. As an example for the all to look at and investigate into the truth about the love of god. All beings are an example for each other, themselves included, into the truth about the love of god.All of the beings on this planet who completely identify with the conditioned ego mind, are completely insensitive towards their heart's desire's which means that they're simultaneously insensitive towards everyone else's heart's desire's. They won't admit to this as being true, which is the chip on their shoulder. They will claim time and time again that they themselves know better than you do, again chip on the shoulder. They will claim that you're the insensitive one.

They will claim that you're being condescending, superior,over-powering,trying to do this or that,even when you know yourself, that you are not. You may have an ego to deal with as they are, but the difference is, is that you know yourself and what you are going through, and even if you do not know who you are , but you know what you are going through, you're good to go. When you do not know who you are, and claim to know who you are, and refuse to question, who you are, that's you identifying with the conditioned ego mind. Those who identify with it completely, have hard life lessons to face.Those who do not, have an equally hard time , they just experience an easy journey.

The nature of the self is to question that which is not currently understood, the nature of the conditioned ego mind is to not question any of all that is.

Hilarion Melchizidek Ra