Raise the Roof...

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Raise the Roof…

February 1, 2013

raise the roof

I’m stubborn.  I always have been but that’s a Good thing.  It means I have the Courage to stand by what I believe in but it also means that sometimes I’m the only one getting in my own way.  I keep going to this “place” wondering what I’m doing wrong but that’s just “reality” speaking to me because I AM so very Loved by my Creator.  I’ve been reading quite a bit of the same feelings out there so, as always, I go through my process and share in hopes that it may resonate with someone who may need it.

It feels like there are these crises going on all around me so there is a time to begin to put them into some kind of perspective.  This is where we are Meant to have Faith and it’s not easy sometimes because, like Energy, most of us can’t See it or even Feel all the time.  So, there are these moments that sometimes turn into days of what I would call a “crisis of Faith” and this causes stress which decreases my Awareness.  I know there is quite a bit of clearing and releasing of old energies which can be difficult both mentally and physically, especially if you begin to get “stuck” there like I tend to do sometimes (I’m stubborn, remember?).  The Truth is that there is so much going on around the planet right now it’s hard to keep up and I was trying really hard to keep up too!  But, there has to be a “tipping” point where we go back inside our own Consciousness and Energy Field so that we can check in with the most important part of this Journey…OURSELVES!  As I’ve spoken about before, the Flight Attendant in me uses the “oxygen mask” theory quite a bit and it applies so very much in this process of Ascension.  We have to put our oxygen masks on first in order to help ourselves before we can begin to help one another, Humanity, and Mother Earth.

Mr. Moon Hippie Mystic used to work for the government in that “other” Life on a SORT team which stands for Special Operations Response Team so he has received intensive training in crisis type situations and I’m talking about the Life or death kind here.  He’s seen and dealt with what some of us would refer to as the “worst” that Humanity has to offer because he’s always wanted to be of service.  The thing that I/we forget sometimes is that with Knowledge comes Responsibility but what I’m referring to here is that in this Knowledge we also need to REmember that we have a responsibility to OURselves first.  So, the Mr. has this extensive government training and he’s been in situations that are Life threatening and even been shot at several times.  These are situations that are unimaginable to most of us, including me, so he’s learned quite a bit about how to act and REact in times of crisis.  I always see him as being calm, cool, and collected but he’s also gained quite a bit of cynicism which makes sense to me given all he’s had to see and endure when working as a Firefighter, an EMT, a Peacekeeper, and finally the government (it ended “badly”, enough said).  At any rate, this is someone you would definitely want to have on your Team in a Crisis type situation and I’m telling you this because he just gave me some really good advice I would like to share.

Lately it feels as if I’m walking through the fiery pits of hell and the reason I haven’t written much lately is because it is not my style to write from any other place than LOVE.  I wrote a blog post a while back called “Let it Rain” and it’s about grieving and this is sort of how I would describe this process.  Some people call it a “vasana” and some call it a “painbody” or it could also be called a pattern or defense mechanism but either way it is necessary so that they can be recognized and released.  In these moments I often feel as if they are pesky little ninja demons sent in to test my Faith which is hard for me because I haven’t had it that long and I certainly don’t want to “lose” it.  I often wonder if it is necessary to keep going through this so I try to stay in a Positive place but as it has built up I have ended up with a pinched nerve in my neck and a very strong urge to Let Go and cry it out.  So, I was in a PANIC like a bug on a windshield squirming to be Free so I can Create the things I Seek.

So, here’s the advice that my hubby gave me.  He told me to go ahead and PANIC!  Yes, Mr. “SORT” said “go ahead and panic” so you can get it out-of-the-way.  What that means is we are still Human and we tend to panic in crisis situations, even the people who are trained to deal with these types of situations have Human reactions.  This also goes back my training as a Flight Attendant because they train us over and over and over so that when we encounter a crisis situation our training will kick in that much quicker.  I’ve had “crisis” situations of a medical nature on my flights and I will be honest in saying there is definitely a moment of PANIC because it is unexpected.  But here’s why it’s okay to go ahead and PANIC because once you do your training will kick in and you will automatically begin to Act accordingly.  I heard a quote recently from Mooji and it was this “We are all in REcovery” so we need to treat ourselves as someone who is REcovering.  We are all BEings of the Light and we are now in a situation where we need to REcall our training but first we need to take a minute to PANIC and move on so that our training will kick in and we will begin to Act Accordingly.

I know there is Ancient Wisdom in this process and I guess I’m a bit of a Science geek which is funny to me because it wasn’t my best subject in “school”.  As I said, I feel sometimes as if I’m peeking into Dante’s Inferno so I decided to do some research on the beliefs about “hell” because it is a common thread found throughout religion and Indigenous Cultures and I enjoy putting the puzzle pieces together.  Since I’ve never been “religious” I’m in a place of “Consciousness” that I’m able to See that some of our religious texts have been taken out of context and I was “told” that there are common threads for those of us who choose to look for them.  At any rate, it is a common thread that in order to Ascend we need to go through a process of REdemption which is the same thing, to me, as working through this process of “grief” or releasing of old energies or vasanas or painbodies because otherwise I wouldn’t be waking up every night drenched in sweat with the most fiery heat radiating from my Body.  Either way it appears that there is a Journey in order to Ascend and this involves a Journey through the “afterlife” as the Egyptians saw it or “hell” as Dante and most religions describe.  However, I’ve come to understand that since “God” is the Lifeforce of Unconditional Love there is no such thing as “hell” other than what hell we have created for ourselves here and in our minds because we forgot that we are Divine BEings.  This tells me that in order to Ascend into this Divine Consciousness there is a necessary process of releasing these energies as there is no room for them in the “place” that has been laid up for us in Heaven.  This also tells me that this process is Truth and I willing surrender to it so that I AM Free to Create my Heaven on Earth.

I AM still here and still working my way through the Circles, the labyrinth, the “afterlife”…whatever you choose to call it. In order to reach this place we all seek it is also necessary to look at Life with the Good Eye or a Positive Attitude and as someone who wants to be of service it’s easy to get caught up in everything that’s going on out there and want to send Energy to it so we can be the change we wish to See in the World.  But, I came to realize that I can’t be the change I wish to See in the World until I AM Free to manifest the changes I wish to See in my own Life first and right now I have some serious manifesting to do right here so that I can find the prosperity I need to find Joy, Peace, and Love instead of stress and fear.

I had my meltdown today and it was a Beautiful release freeing me to write and Inspiring the Mr. to write another of his sentimental poems to me (coming shortly…).  I have yet to know if I’m finished but I feel ever Lighter.  There was this little girl inside of me and she was very, very scared and lonely and sad.  I thought I had let her go but she didn’t want to be let go because she wanted to feel Beautiful, Worthy, and Loved too so today that little girl is Healing in my Heart.  I realize that I’m Ascending right through Dante’s Inferno and I can See the Light.  It means that we’re already working our way through “hell” because it is part of the process of Ascension and I just RAISED THE ROOF!!  It makes sense to me that I kept reading the same paragraph from “Let it Rain” over and over again.

“After the Rain comes the Rainbow and this is acceptance.  When you see the Rainbow you will know that your friend is just on the other side filled with Joy that you made the journey down this road together.  You will See and feel the Spirit of your friend and their Gratitude that you Loved them enough to remember and Honor them in this way even though it caused you great pain and heartache.  Thank them for walking down this path with you and for being with you when you finally reached the Rainbow.  This is when you will know that they are always with you and will forever be a part of your Soul and you of theirs.  This is when you will remember where they are and where you come from.”

She is me and I AM her and I AM all that is and all that will ever be…

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