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~Real Feelings occur in the Present Moment of Now~
  The Present moment of now is about Feeling, Feelings are the only experience in the Present Moment of NOW! Feelings are Based On Truth and Real Feelings are always of Love and Joy! True Reality occurs in the Present Moment of NOW is Unlimited, and All Possibilities. HUMANITY JUST HAS TO SAY YES TO NOW!!!
In the illusion Humanity could not see anything or feel anything, because in the illusion there contained no truth. In the illusion Humanity looked outside themselves and then attempted to put truth into the illusion which is impossible. Truth can never match a lie. The same as the process of attempting to put truth in a box, WHEN TRUTH IS BIGGER THEN THE box and TRUTH only exists outside of the Box~
Being Multi-dimensional is the same as the experience "Be Here Now", Be the Experience, you cannot control it, control is what illusion attempts.Once the Being Lets Go, Chooses Love in Every Moment, then Love becomes the only Reality and Experience. Its so simple, and yet because of the deep programming that has been done by society for so long some attempt to make it complicated. 
  Its Very Simple "BE HERE NOW", BE PRESENT IN THE MOMENT OF NOW, THIS IS WHERE TRUE REALITY IS. Humanity has been lied to for a very long time, and have been kept busy and distracted by the controllers, to keep Humanity stuck in the past, so they could not be Present in the NOW. This has been occurring for 13 Millenia~ This is Coming to an End as Humanity is Being Set Free~
  ~The programmed ego mind aka unconsciousness and the Brain=Full Consciousness~
The mind and the Brain are not the same thing FAR FROM IT, The Brain which is Creation -DIVINE INTELLIGINECE, the mind simply a program that runs in crcles over and over and over and over again...JUST LIKE A DOG CHAISING ITS TAIL!
~God is already Brilliant, why put a programmed ego mind around it?~
What the program did to Humanity is it disconnected the fuses from the right brain and left brain, causing distortion, imbalance, and illusion. This was done so that the controllers could control Humanity. Through the disconnection that occurred Humanity forgot who they were, so it then was then easy for the illuminati to fill them with all the illusory belief systems and rules, to be manipulated, and then they trained humanity to serve the darkness, to become their servants in the darkness.
The ridiculous scheme to make Humanity slaves occurred with the help of the annanaki, and a few others.They convinced the primitives that were on this planet during those moments that they[ the annanki knew better then the primitives did.  The primitives, in their primivitive state were looking only at the shadows on the wall, once this separation occurred it took over, ignorance took over and the shadows to them became real. For 13 Millenia Humanity has been stuck in belief systems [bull s***] and ignorance. This was the beginning of isolation and separation, all illusions, and fantasies there in.The mind is a construct of all the lies about "self", that Humanity has been told.
  Most scholars from the past referred to the Brain as the mind through lack of vocabulary, however the mind only exists in illusion, the mind was created when the right and left brain became out of sync. When the right and left brain are out of sync, the being is unconscious.
How the programmed ego mind operates is that it gathers or collects all the experiences of the past, to continue the experience of the lower dimensions or lower thoughts of unconsciousness. This is where humanity has fallen into. We have sent many in to readjust Humanity into the Higher Thoughts. Such as Jesus, Buddha, and even they got misinterpreted. This is why we had to come in with All the Angels and Multi-Dimensionals, We call it a Reality Check.

The mind acts on the Being just like an anchor holds down a boat. Its function is to keep you held down, or "dumbed down", so that it can continue its survival. We say "Let Go of your anchor".
The mind cannot control Love, and We are Love Everywhere Present also called Creation. If something does not serve self, for the Greater of not only Self, but for ALL, including everyone, it is not Real and is illusion. The mind is the illusion, that something outside of yourself exists, that there is something other then "The Present Moment of Now that exists.
~In True Reality there is NO PAST NO FUTURE! Only "The Present Moment of Now". When you are in the Present Moment of Now, you are CONNECTED INTO THE ONE. Which is All There Really is. Love is ONE with EVERYTHING.~
End Transmission in All Love Is
Love The Earth Allies



Love is all there is

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Sometimes, we talk of one and at other times we talk as one.  There are two ones in the fibonacci sequence and they are both important each of their own right.  The collective one is the all, each of us as part of us, and to get into the spirit, we are told to go with the flow. This disrespects the other one, the i, the eye, the me - the one who gets to choose what is best for this one soul.  He does not like to be bullied into the group think that some people are trying to push upon us as all one.  All, includes each of us, no matter what we choose, and rewards us with unconditional love.  You know, the kind with no conditions.  So when we get to the reality of now - even if i disagree with you, it doesn't mean that i don't still love you, it means that i do love you and i want to see you get what is rightfully yours - no matter what we all get.  The big one will be okay, but i worry about some of us litlle ones.

I wrote a simple dialog:



Dialog One:


To begin, let’s start to count.


Zero.   One.   One.  Two.


Wait – what’s with the counting of one and one before you get to two?


That’s the way it is.


When I learned to count, it was one, two, three, four.  We didn’t even start at zero.


Why was that?


Because that is how I was taught?


Well, we are going to have to forget that.


Forget what?


How you were taught.


But I know how to count.


No, you don’t.  Counting starts zero, one, one, two, three, five …


Wait, what about four?


What about four?


You skipped counting four.


No, four is just two squared – it doesn’t count.


How are we counting if one comes twice and you skipped four?


Because I am counting by nature’s number code – the Fibonacci sequence.


I am lost.


In more ways than one …



Numbers follow a sequence where you can add them together and generate the next number in the sequence.  This generates a pattern, a spiral, a sequence that curls your toes and roughs off the fine edges. 


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