Releasing Shekhina ~the Divine Feminine and True Love Reborn

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The London Earth Star Chakra


On Sunday I received a request from Mother God at the Galactic Free Press to ask if I would visit London here in my home country of the UK to prepare the country for the energies of ascension.  I agreed to do this astrally working with other friends and lightworkers.


Being stationed at the heart chakra of the planet both Mother God and I mutually understood the significance of this mission.  For GFP readers and spiritual workers who are not familiar with my history, the mission for Earth Star Network was formed out a twin soul awakening – not too different from the process of Mother and Father God’s awakening – but at a different time and place because of the role we were to play in the planet’s awakening process.  Although my twin soul ‘wilfully’ chose not to follow through on what happened to us, I continued with the work and carry much of the energy and guidance gained from our twin energies.  Part of the guidance I received early on was that I was to deliver a letter to humanity about “a love story” and tell them I’d made a ‘new font’ – which represented a new language for a new age. 


This is the very first time I have shared this information.  It will be enlightening for people to consider this context as I speak about what happened as I made my visit to London.


As Through Meditation

All in all I made a visit to all of the following areas – some on my own, and some with Mother God, Lucas (2012 Infos) and Rain, Andrea and Michael of the GFP.  In each situation I experienced the most incredible feelings of love and cried as I spoke; the truth of love within me now so palpable.


Cleopatra’s Needle

Here I was greeted by all members of the group and an angel who I didn’t know – though I understood the angel to represent all angels that were represented by many vague figures behind him-her.  Light then poured down from above the Obelisk and we joined hands.  I went across to Mother God, we nodded at each other and then cried because of a feeling of homecoming.  The rest of us did the same and Lucas gave me the most humongous bear hug that felt very protective.

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Big Ben

I arrived at Big Ben and began crying instantly.  I could see flash after flash of workers in offices and clocks ticking.  I said “time we will no longer be a slave to you, what you have done is brutal”.  At this point Lucas climbed up to the clock and set it to 12.  I had a big inner grin at the symbolism and Lucas because it was cheeky and very much his energy throughout the clearing.

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Trafalgar Square

The energy at Trafalgar was strangely peaceful.  As we approached the lions around the bottom of Nelson’s column just got up and started running away – like they had been freed.  I walked to the column and thought about all the protests that had been held there.  I shouted up to Nelson, ‘no more wars, no more men dictating from on high, no more politics about right and wrong and ownership”.  At this point Michael (from the group) scrambled up the column and held a sword up to the sky and light struck him.  It was an act of strength some how.


Financial District and The Gherkin

As we approached The Gherkin business people were showing up all around us and Mother God went dashing over and held a man on the back.  He collapsed on his knees and she was going ‘it’s okay you are just sick, you just need to release it’ and he began vomiting repeatedly.  Eventually he got up and floated off towards the sky, kind of light and whispy.  I am still crying at this point, and begin talking again (yeah I don’t shut up in this whole thing) – “we are not machines, we are not clones, we shouldn’t be exploiting each other and in workplaces that are stifling and inhumane – we are brothers and sisters and we need creative release”.   The others are going up to business people and helping them to get well.


10 Downing Street

The surprise of Downing Street was how still the energy was.  We got through the door with very little resistance.  David Cameron (our Prime Minister) came down some stairs and we said there’s no point asking us to leave – a new government is on its way.  He doesn’t resist and I say that I feel he is not such a bad person but his politics is a sign of how confused the country is when his own party is even divided in two halves.  I go into a room and open a box and release reams of paperwork that floats off into the air.  I know at some level this is an uncovering of secrecy.  We then go to leave and Mother God runs up to me and says Tan you’ve forgotten something!  She takes me into a room where there is a huge portrait of a regal woman.  We lift the painting down and behind it there is a vault.  She hands me a letter out of the vault and it has a moving picture on it of Prince William and Princess Katherine getting married which I know represents the ‘divine marriage’.  The fascinating part of this experience is that when I go back to Skype to share what happened with Mother God I revisit her original request and she had said ‘you hid the documents containing humanity’s freedom in a vault”.  I couldn’t stop laughing at how my forgetfulness had been portrayed in the astral – a huge clue for those on the path of awakening!


So here is the first revelation I have to share from this trip and the first time I am going to do it publically, although other lightworkers speak of it.  The real secret to the awakening and this planet’s ascension lies in our ability to love ourselves so clearly – without rationalisation, validation, need or control - we can love others that clearly too.  Only then – with all ego gone – can we be with others and feel without any debris the love running through us – an energy that is more delightful and powerful than any sensation we have yet experienced.  That sacred energy is not only what is going to power this planet way out of its lower realms, but it is the energy that binds the universe – and enables us to interact with our God, source self.  Why?  Because only when we can understand through others that our true nature is one of energy, experience, being and emotion and not thought, calculation, control or regulation can we even begin to understand our relationship to higher dimensions of consciousness.




What is out there, is a mirror of what is in ‘here’.  Free energy starts in our own hearts.  As a very dear friend of mine says regularly:  “free energy is more than electricity”.


House of Lords

We get into the House of Lords with no challenges – the dignitaries simply let us straight up on to a platform to address them.  Lucas tells me that in his work he had been in well in advance of us to clear any resistance.  I get up on the platform and say ‘lords and rulers do not hide under wigs or exclude themselves from those they govern – they are real and not separate.  True sovereigns see everyone else as sovereign”4 – and I point at Mother God.  A huge stream of light then comes in from an upper window and is filled with butterflies, flowers, swans and other feminine symbols – it is beautiful in the room which is very austere.  We leave and Lucas, being as cheeky as ever, picks up their papers, scribbles all over them and laughs.

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Buckingham Palace

We approach Buckingham Palace and suddenly a giant lion appears behind us!  I know this is the Lion energy of the heart chakra portal of GB.  We get to the Victoria Memorial outside the palace and without doing anything it falls over.  Underneath it is a huge hole with a blue glowing box in.  This morning I’d had the guidance that I was to open the blue box (not knowing then what it meant) so I do and two beautiful doves spring out of it.  They are made of sparkling light with a blue hue and both holding a ring between their mouths – it bonding them together.  Lucas instantly recognises this as the energy of Shekhina – the feminine presence of God.


"I sing in hymns

to enter the gates

of the Field

of holy apples.

"A new table

we prepare for Her,

a lovely candelabrum

sheds its light upon us.

"Between right and left

the Bride approaches,

in holy jewels

and festive garments..."


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Humanity here you have it – our rebirth through the divine goddess energy has been expressed and located.  Within!


After many tears we go straight through the palace gates and up to a door to get into the palace.  I can see the queen through a window trying to escape but she moves so slowly she can’t and she walks down some stairs into a basement. Suddenly we’re all there and I’m saying to her, Queen you feel so cold, I can’t feel anything from you, it is so sad.  Her face then turns into a picture and her eyes go black and hollow and everything begins to disintegrate.  I say to everyone how tragic it is that she came to this.  All of a sudden a woman then springs from the ground and it’s the Queen in what looks to be her early twenties and she is glowing in brilliant white light.  She is so beautiful I cry (again!) and she hands me a staff with a diamond in it and says thank you.  I know she has been released and we are all forgiven.  Lucas also tells me later in his work I was working with a staff.


We all then move into the palace and start taking pictures down to let light in through the walls and ceiling.  At this point a man – who I believe is my twin complement (not twin soul) appears from the upper floor dressed like a king and embraces me – I am shocked saying why are you here!  We go upstairs and the Duke of Edinburgh (our present ‘King’) is at a table and unable to move.   I understand his slowness to reflect his ‘frequency’.


Wow!  If all this wasn’t emotional enough we all gather outside the palace where an Angel comes flying into the grounds of the palace as a totally crystal/watery figure.  He has hundreds of angels behind him.  I understand intuitively he is Michael.




This astral work was hugely rewarding for me and also surprising.  I had no idea what was going to happen and the most stunning moment was without doubt the doves in front of the gates of the palace.  The feeling of peace, love and beauty I experienced was incredible.


There is a reason this mission delivered such important messages at this very special date.  Principally, there is evidence from the work of Chris Street as well as other commentators (Dianne Cooper) that London is the planet’s earth star chakra portal and site of the ‘new Jerusalem’.  Please see (it’s a ‘synchronicity’ Earth Star Network shares the name).   To reinforce this concept I had guidance this morning I was to make reference to the red cross at the centre of the Union Flag as a symbol for North, East, South, West and union. 


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I have had to go back to notes I made in 2010 to remember what this means as I was being given directions then about the significance of the cross, particularly in relation to the Rosy Cross and compass points.  It is this – all directions, all conflicts, all opposites, are all actually one in the centre, the heart. 


The message then – unity is not just about us uniting as friends and people, but uniting every single thing we understand to be separate as one in our own heart space.  Only then can we uncover what has been hidden from us all – the pure energy of love and our connection to the divine.  It is also why the secret of humanity’s freedom could only be unlocked from within – it had been there all the time, we just were unable to see it.  Happy 12/12/12!



Tan, Earth Star Network



Releasing Shekina....

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, Tan and all of the others. When I read this post, I didn't cry like with the other post, but my heart overflowed with wonder and joy. It will be interesting to see the changes, that all of these forays have brought about. The energy is becoming stronger and stronger, as now time is experienced by my heart. Bless all of you!