Religious fanatics are completely insensitive.

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Religious fanatics are totally insensitive. Every single one of them. The reason why they're insensitive, is because they're walking around, telling other's that they know the way to "salvation" and threaten you with damnation if you disagree with them. They condemn you for being the love that you are, for pointing out their misunderstandings, they condemn you, they tell you that sex is wrong, when it's perfectly natural to touch yourself and enjoy the sexual energies. They condemn you for genuinely loving yourself and other's as equals, and enjoying helping other's in the way that you're heart truly desires. They condemn you for being all that they are not, and they refuse to even admit to this fact because they're completely willfully ignorant.

They will also condemn you for nurturing a child properly. Letting the child know that touching themselves is okay, that it's okay to desire to see other's naked and to examine themselves and other's completely are they are. They condemn you for nurturing the child in understanding their true intelligence that lies within them, just desiring to be truly nurtured with real unconditional love and ruthless compassion. They condemn you for nurturing yourself and the child for expressing your true sexual desires. The reverse psychological misunderstanding that they refuse to condemn and claim that it's perfectly natural, is being gay or bisexual, and or getting a sex change.
They're all for complete delusion and stating that their savior from their religion of choice will come back and they nurture their children to abide by their way's because they're older, they have more experience on this earth than you, so therefore, they know better.

They say that praying is necesssary for a better life. They say that to not pray is to be inhumane. They say to trust god, without question, because god does not allow for questions to be asked. They say you must go without allowing yourself to feel sexual energies because to feel any form of sex from within you and the desire to continually feel that energy, is immoral and against god's will. They seek to keep you down, miserable, and keep you from loving yourself unconditionally from within with ruthless compassion, because they themselve's cannot truly see themselve's as they are because they are completely ignorant of themselves as they are.  These are the being's who will state when they get totally riled up, that you're worthless, god hate's you, and that you deserve to burn in hell. They tell you that we're separated and isolated from god's love, and that if we fail to spread the gospel from the book of god (choice your religion of choice) and convert other's into joining their covenant, that we will all perish and burn for all eternity in the lake of fire.

They will tell you that, you will end up walking around with other deceased family member for a certain amount of time, in limbo, or end up in purgatory for a while , or the fact that you will have to go through some other experience that they say happens in the afterlife. They will also tell you that there is no afterlife, that there is no point in living life, that there is just this one life, and that's it, so you better live it up or else you're doomed for life in dwelling within your own regret for denying yourself the right to live life the way you feel from within your heart , where your true intelligence exists. They also contradict themselves and say that you have the right to live, just as long as it's in line with the way we see the life you live is fit to the T with the way we feel from within ourselve's how life is meant to be lived.  

There is truth to the fact that living in accordance to how other's feel from within their heart's is the way, because that's a fact of reality. However due to what I understand about even saying that, is the fact that there's a fine line that you have to pay attention to genuinely in order to even see it. That's the energy that's being emitting from within the being, who is stating " this is the way". Whenever they even mention to you, that following , worshipping, praying, and idolization through a specific being is the way, then they're attempting to perpetuate the collective insanity out of the fear and pain of change and those who are willfully ignorant, will refuse to admit this fact completely and are even willing to fight you over it ,and even claim they would rather die, then let you have it your way. However, when it come's to them dying, the moment that that happens, they freak out. They beg, plead, pray and even expressing their willingness to offer you material good's just as long as you don't end their life.

How ironic these religious fanatics are when you refuse to back down in front of them when they threaten you with ending your life. How ironic they are truly, when instead of seeking to end your existence, they seek to end your current experience "with them" in the "same environment". If neither of those, they seek to take away some of your so - called priveledges that you have " earned" throughout your current incarnation here on earth. They feel that by doing this to you, somehow you will learn to obey them without question and get with the program. Otherwise you will lose more than just the room, bed, shower and food, plus transportation to where you desire to go on a daily basis. You will lose the roof over your head, that you're told you will lose if you do not obey them. They will tell you that you do not know what it's like out there in the wild, and that it's in your best interest, to just listen to them, question not , and all is well.

They tell you that the music that you choose to listen to if it's not their taste in music, is the music of the unholy and that you are not allowed to play that music in your house. I'm not saying that everyone who desires to not listen to certain types of music doesn't enjoy them, they just have their own preference and they're that stubborn to keep listening to what they truly enjoy, not everyone wishes to hear the music you desire to hear at the same time, so respect is due , even towards the ignorant, just not unquestioning blind respect. This is why we have mp3 players, cd players, our own room's and headphones or computer's with headphone jack's on them. I'm just pointing out the insensitivties of all religious fanatic's on this planet. They will also always gives you time to yourself on special occasions where you get to choose your most favorite activities of all time to experience. The one condition of this action is that it's only what they can afford to give you, because as far as they understand, this allowance will bring you true peace and everlasting happiness.

The ironic part about their misunderstanding in how to truly live and love life, is the fact that , they will tell you that they cannot afford what you desire to get from the physical manifest realm, and simultaneously go off and buy trinket's, or a boat/yacht , a car, or a fancy new tv to watch. They say, the economy is in bad times right now, so let's not go off splurging our money just in case something bad were too happen. What happens next? They repair the house, buy a new foundation for the land that the house is built on, and their excuse is "Well I don't know how to go about helping fix our economy, but i do know how to go about fixing this house we live in and the property it's built upon."



Great Review!

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I was brought up Catholic and had all their nonsense conditioned into me, basically from the time I left the brith canal to when I started waking up in my late 20s after my first marriage collapsed.


My religion taught me to hate myself, taught all of us kids to distrust ourselves. After that brainwashing work was done, then they taught us that they - the nuns and priests of the religion - had the answer to our "salvation".  Lies, lies, and more lies - from beginning to end.


I became a Psychologist to get over this machination of dumbing me down and crushing my spirit.  I know, I chose this lifetime and those experiences, to learn in fact what I know now.


The Catholic Church, the Vatican, they are all part of the Criminal Cabal that has been running this planet up until now.  Many of us are awakening.  The energies from Mother Earth, our Sun, the Galactic Center and our Extraterrestrial brothers and sisters are doing their job.


Some of us have been on this Personal Growth path for a lifetime, 40 years and counting for me.


I've written about this religious calamity as well.  I really appreciate your take and your contribution.  Keep telling Your Truth.  You are a Lightworker and Gatekeeper for what is Real in this life.  You have correctly identified the nonsensical basis of what can only be described as Religious Addiction.


Keep on Rockin

Love and Blessings to You


Dr Moe