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Remembering our Avatar Skills of Energy Transference 
Through the building of our Group Antahkarana and the simultaneous activation of our Solar Magnetism, our ability to  heal, transform and transfer energy is increasing substantially. We are becoming the full manifestation of our Solar Self, the mighty I AM Presence on Earth with a solid connection to our universal core - the Great Central Sun. Living as a radiant Sun, we stand ready to transfer our collective Light outwardly to all Life.
During the month of March we will be placing our group focus upon the development of our innate Avatar ability known as Energy Transference.  As we are all the same particles of energy, we can consciously transfer the ascension codes and avatar blueprint activations that we receive outwardly with the divine intention to raise the vibration of all things around us.
Building the Strength and Power of our Electronic Ring
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During our Ki of Life Trainings last year, we collectively laid the foundation for the etheric blueprint of our Group Avatar's Electronic Ring. We are placing great focus on this again to build the strength and power of our energy transference abilities.
This highly charged, prismatic forcefield of Sacred Fire Love is the one of the most powerful resources available that serves to activate the ordained levels of mastery over our peace commanding presence. As an electronic body of God, this halo of divine light carries the patterns of the Immaculate Concept and acts as a consciously replenished reservoir of the Platinum Light and Sacred Fires from which we can draw upon in times of need.
As we continue to experience deeper, more activated levels of our solar magnetism, we can purposefully direct the stellar rays of the Great Central Sun in, through and around our Electronic Ring thus increasing it's divine power and influence. This greater penetration of solar radiation will aid our beloved Mantle of Invincibility in transmuting and re-qualifying any dissonant energy within our vicinity... and especially powerful in the skill of Energy Transference and Radiatory Healing.
We sincerely encourage you place to your loving and focused attention on the strengthening and grounding of our Electronic Ring. It is through an absolutely harmonious and peaceful vibrational field that we gently open the door to our I AM Presence to reside within graciously within our physical form. As this Immortal Spark of God takes command of our sphere of influence, we naturally transfer the patterns of perfection outwardly all around us resulting in the complete transmutation of all discordant fields of energy.
We invoke the platinum light and flames of cobalt blue,
To fill our Electronic Ring with strength and power true!
We command the Love of God into every band,
So this aura of perfect peace, no darkness can withstand.
Our Mighty I AM Presence, unites us all as One,
Together with our source of power - the Great Central Sun.
We call forth from every cell the patterns of perfection,
To transform all discordance with the powers of protection.
This glistening halo of rainbow light grows stronger every day,
Grounding into actualization... the more of us that pray.
So join us now as we envision our race and planet free,
As this Electronic Ring encircles ALL Humanity!!!
During our Planetary Grid Transmissions, we have already been practicing Energy Transference and mostly in the forms of:
1. Distant Healing
2. Radiatory Healing
3. Conscious Projection
We are now called to master these skills in order to more effectively serve as instruments of the Divine Plan!
Healing from a Distance
Every particle of life is bound together through the unifying power of God. This living light intelligence connects us in ways that we are only now beginning to understand. This intricate network of light substance provides us with the opportunity to affect healing and transformation from anywhere at any time.
Wherever we place our focus, it is there our energy travels.  Energy does not experience distance or any other form of human limitations, therefore, we can transfer our thoughts and feelings at incredible speeds with the conscious intention to heal, to transmute and to activate.
The Sacred Fires contain the perfected patterns of light from the Great Central Sun which have been designated a particular focus of transformative qualities in support of our planet's liberation. At any time, we can invoke and direct these living light intelligences into areas of discord and darkness to illuminate and transmute all energy into it's perfected form.
Our beloved I AM Presence stands ready, awaiting our command to transfer out the Sacred Fires and patterns of the Immaculate Concept exoterically to every life stream. This divine activity is of great service in our mission to manifest the healing of our entire race.
Radiatory Healing ~
Through our Peace Commanding Presence
We are advancing in the ability to transform fields of energy into harmonious, unified currents.
With the building of our Group Antahkarana and through our deeper alignment to our source of power (Sun), we are more greatly prepared to act as Masters of Energy Transference, as the etheric blueprint is cleared, activated and grounded to an even higher degree.
Once the pathway to our I AM Presence is firmly built and defined, we naturally receive and transmit greater amounts of Divine Light.
One must enter into a place of inner stillness with our emotional bodies as limpid pools, completely stabilized and free of personal emotion and open to receiving the influx of illuminating peace, love, tranquility and wisdom streaming in from God/I AM Presence. We maintain this through our mastery of rhythm and constancy. Then, through the direction of our I AM Presence, we serve as hollow instruments... transferring the codes/energy/sacred fires out to all life forms.
Conscious Projection ~
We are a Forcefield of Sacred Fire Love
As a Body of God, we constantly live within a coherent field of countless electronic particles in abundant supply in, through and all around us. We breathe it, feel it, think it and move it. Through our every movement, we interact with and freely qualify (or re-qualify) these particles of self conscious intelligent light.
We can project ourselves to go anywhere to do this... into a specific geographic region, a tectonic plate, a government meeting, into plots, ploys and manipulative thought forms of dense energy. We can merge with the consciousness of resistance and opposition... pulsing in the vibration of love and transformation. Through this mighty act of service, we consciously transfer our energy into these locations and circumstances to be transmuted into the patterns of the Immaculate Concept of Divine Perfection.The planetary Crystalline Grid is the perfect medium through which to transfer these perfected patterns of God's Light. This cohesive matrix of prismatic energy is like the fiber optic networks used to transmit information from one location to another. We can easily relay and transfer particles of energy through this global meridian system with the power of our unified thought and intention.
We may draw forth as much radiation from the Great Central Sun that we need and require in order to fulfill our responsibilities in the Divine Plan. We have unlimited assistance and resources! Living light substance responds to every request that is made under the condition that these calls are made from acknowledgment of the Presence of God as the mighty sustaining grace of each and every fulfilling action.
To more quickly transform all planetary discord and unwanted potentials, we must develop in our feeling body absolute conviction that when invocation to God is called upon, this Omnipresent Power never ever fails to act.
Exercising our Skills of Energy Transference
The Planetary Grid Transmissions
Full Moon, March 8
During this upcoming Full Moon, we are exercising our skills of Energy Transference. Choose a focus at the local, regional and national level in the countries from which you  live and pour your full heart intention into this transmission.
We are encouraging every member of our Global Family to form or expand your Healing Circles and Networks so that we may reach an even wider field of people. Establish yourself and your group as a specialized Transformation Team, dedicated to transmitting the Sacred Fires and the Solar God Force to areas of need on a regular basis... people and situations, schools, governments, medical facilities, corporations, etc.
You have the support of our entire Group Avatar forcefield behind you!
We are also preparing our groups for THE AMAZON TRANSMISSIONS occurring during the New Moon, March 22. This monumental outpouring of ascension codes and activational frequency will be significantly amplified if received in group formation on the physical plane.
New Moon, March 22
 Our first Expedition of Amazon Avatars is preparing to make its way deep into the heart of Peruvian rainforest to commence an intense training program that will dynamically shift and transform every participant. The purpose of this experience is to activate the I AM Avatar Blueprint and the divine skill sets that accompany this greater level of expansion.
All members of this Expedition, as a unified Group Harmonic, will transfer a massive wave of energy to our global family from the depths of the Amazon during the March New Moon. Our intention is to raise ALL PLANETARY LIGHT SERVERS to the same level of vibration.
We are encouraging every member of our Group Soul to begin forging expanded Healing Circles within our Geo Teams and Light Networks. The goal of these Circles is to consciously expand our Group Merkaba portal of light to allow for maximum receptivity and transference of this Amazonian energy.
From every corner of the globe, ALL of us are to serve as divine conduits, channels and transmitters of these ascension codes and high vibrational God Force.
Effective Methods of Energy Transference
Below are some of the methods of energy transference
used by members of our Light Transmission Team...
Direct Visualization/Invocation
We establish a vision of projection to the object of our transmission. We then call forth to the mighty legions of the Sacred Fire and our I AM Presence to direct and ease the solar fires of God into our area of focus. Then, we become a silent watcher while the I AM does the work. There is no technique other than the constancy of our vision,  in holding the person or condition in wholeness and the patterns of the Immaculate Concept.
Electronic Ring, II
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We consciously place our loving attention and direct intention on our collective Mantle of Invincibility. We call forth for this powerful halo of rainbow light to be filled with all of the sacred fires and stellar frequencies possible. Once this ring is blazing with Divine Light, we soul travel in group formation as a radiant sun's presence surrounded by this invincible band to the area in need to effect spontaneous transformation of all discordant thought forms and energies.
Tube Torus Geometry
We place a tube torus of sacred fire (particularly the Violet Transmuting Flames and Transfiguring Rose-Pink Flames of Divine Love) around the area of focus. A vast beam of platinum light is then directed to penetrate through the center of tube torus, coming out of the bottom to then be recycled into the perpetual, requalifying motion of this geometric formation.
Maltese Cross Forcefield Symbol
Download this image HERE.
We invoke this sacred symbol that is the vehicle of the perfected patterns for our Group Body. This living forcefield of the Sacred Fire is charged with the transmuting presence of St. Germain, our beloved overlighting sponsor and his legions of angels of the Violet Fire. We then visualize this electronic pattern of Divine Perfection over our area of focus to effect the spontaneous transmutation and redeeming of all misqualified energy.
All of these methods are supported through the super conductive presence of the planetary Crystalline Grid. It is not our intention to fix anything or to affect the free will of others through these transmissions. We are simply clearing the path for God's Will to manifest fully here on Earth.