Sacred Toning for Gaia and Humanity

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I would like to invite anyone who would like to participate in their own space at the same time to join in and send healing to all of humanity and Gaia on Thursday's from 7-9 pm central time it would help all who participate.


I am working with an Arkatron which is a titanium globe that looks like the grid around the planet. The Arkatron has been anchored into all the pyramids and scared sites across the planet. This allows the energy to be sent out across the planet at one time. There are about 200 of these arkatron's that people own they are all linked together and work together with Galactic beings, Ascended Masters -You just need to invite them to help you, of which I open scared space and invite all to help. I am able to see them in the room and inside the Arkatron. During these group events there are around 50 people who are singing sacred harmonic tones of God’s name into the Arkatron.  I write up a clearing for all of humanity and Gaia to receive for that day, of which I connect directly to the Creator of all that is, to send and clear this energy for all to receive, which is also said out loud so it may go into the Arkatron. The Arkatron collects all of this energy.  When this group session is done I am able to send all the energy that is collected into the Arkatron and send it into Mother earth to receive and all of humanity, for whoever is open to receiving it across the planet. This process helps clear out, peel off the matrix of 3 Dimensional duality, polarity, fear, lack of, scarcity, deprivation, ect. What ever is removed the creator of all that is will replacing it with what the Creator see is your highest and best for you. This will changes it for you, your family and ancestors at one time so that it never allowing this back into your life, sealing these openings, healing auric fields with gold, white, violet threads of light. It is also cleared out throughout all time and space and all dimensions. 


We are at a crucial time to move humanity along and raise the vibration of the planet now. I always send a million blessings during these events. Thank you for your help and participation.






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Scared Toning and Scared space? Did u mean Sacred?

  sacred is spelled

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sacred is spelled s-a-c-r-e-d. the word scared has a totally different meaning altogether.

thank you

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thank you - someitmes when info comes through this happens. thank you for pointing this out. many Blessings


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You are fine, LynMarie!

They knew exactly what you meant you write. Sometimes people can't help but point out the mistakes of others.....which I guess is what I AM doing to THEM right now!!

Thank You for your blog and your effort to raise LOVE and PEACE throughout the world!
I will be joining you!



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Are you still doing this on a Thursday?