SaLuSa ~ 1 December 2010

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SaLuSa  1-December-2010


For many people the festive season approaches, so allow yourselves to indulge in the pleasures that take your attention away from the immediate worries. The collective levels of consciousness that result will help lift you all up and bring about a mood of peace and happiness. Now more than ever we ask that your focus be upon future, which will bring the answers to your problems. If you can, look beyond the repercussions that the changes will bring, and know that all will change for the betterment of humankind. This month will be one of mixed feelings, but the signs of change will be accompanied with strong indications of the upliftment that will result. Our allies are finding opportunities to voice their opinions, and direct your attention to what is really required to set you upon the right path.


As you are now noticing, what has been deliberately hidden from you in the past is coming into the public domain. Such revelations will reveal who has been behind many of the actions that have caused confrontations, which have in some cases led to war. Denial will not alter the facts, and the dark Ones will be caught in a trap of their own making. For the first time you will see your representatives as they really are, and how you have been fooled and deliberately misled on so many issues. Corruption and criminal actions have been endemic, and also involved the big corporations. It is why their power must be taken away from them, and smaller and more easily controlled companies put in their place. It will also make them more accountable to you and prevent a repetition of what has previously occurred. This is particularly necessary where the banking fraternity are concerned. They are in any event to drop the schemes that have been found corrupt, and revert to what was originally an honest and open way of dealing. No more will money be printed which has no real value, but instead only where it is backed by precious metals.


All of the changes that we are involved in will restore your sovereignty, and return to you the freedom that is your God given right. They will pave the way to Ascension and beyond, when you shall be lifted up into the higher dimensions. It is a necessary transition, so that you are prepared for what is to come. Nothing will eventually remain of the old dimension, except that it will still have a place in the higher dimensions. You are heading towards a new life where peace, harmony and balance are normal, and nothing will disturb that idyllic state of being. It should not be too difficult for you to project your mind into such a future, and the more you can capture that feeling the easier you will cope with the coming changes.


What must have at times seemed merely like a dream will become your reality, and all that has been promised you will be fulfilled. You are returning to those realms that you left eons of time ago that are your real home in the stars. It is why much of which we have referred to is quite familiar to you, as you experience an awakening to who you really are. Although you have spent many lives on Earth you are not truly Earth people, but you have come from elsewhere in the Cosmos. Many people are experiencing a stirring that tells them they are going home, and that is where their future lies. Once we are openly with you so much more can be revealed and you will learn of your connection with us of the Galactic Federation.


Because your deep memories have been veiled from you, you have yet to realize the full extent of your connection with the Star Nations. Most of you are related to those civilizations that have been most prominent in following your evolution. They figure often in your history, and it is only now that they are being recognized for who they are. Our long past visits to Earth have often been recorded, and although of a primitive nature you even have drawings that are clearly Space Beings. We are not therefore strangers where you are concerned, but friends who have the advantage of knowing all about you. The plan for your release from the dark Ones, has been in place ever since the inception of the original one that saw you drop down into duality. Therefore what is happening now has been expected and foreseen.


We have been your mentors for a long time, and some of us have at times incarnated upon Earth to help raise you up. You are about to take a quantum leap forward and it is what you are now being prepared for. Duality has all but run its course, which is why we repeatedly ask the dark Ones to step back and allow the end times to play out as intended. Their time as the rulers of the Earth is over, and the Lightworkers are ready to take their place. All they do is to delay the inevitable, and it cannot be stopped as it has been divinely decreed. If they do not withdraw very soon, they will find themselves removed with the authority that we have been given. They can no longer keep their positions of control over you, and must make way for the ones who are of the Light.


As time proceeds to speed up even more than previously, you will find that in next to no time events will suddenly come upon you that will open the way for disclosure. You will be surprised to find that we have often approached the major powers with a view to working with you to broker peace, and will be appalled that our offers were rejected. Like attracts like, and that is why the dark Ones were approached by the Greys, and allowed them bases on Earth in exchange for advanced technologies to enhance their military capabilities. It is amusing in some ways that you search deep space for other signs of life, yet it is already here on Earth. We also have bases on Earth, and millions of craft around your Earth and in your solar system. The whole scenario upon Earth has been falsely arranged to give a totally different view to what it truthfully is. You will learn so much after we are able to come out into the open, and it will be surprise after surprise with also many shocks.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased that many of you have grasped the truth of what is to take place. We are here to guide you and make your journey as comfortable as possible. We desire that you are well informed and are aware of what you need to do to help yourselves, but know that we are always with you.


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey