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SaLuSa 16-March-2011
~Our appearance on your television channels will enable us to reach out to people to dispel any doubts that they may have about our intentions. We will go to great lengths to explain why we are here, and the plan to take you up to the end time.~

SaLuSa 16-March-2011
As problems upon Earth proceed to become more threatening, bear in mind that whereas the dark Ones can use force to achieve their objectives, the Light works in a more subtle way. Because it is co-ordinated across the world when it does cause action to take place, it is usually most powerful and cannot be stopped by any conventional methods. In fact it is the most powerful force in the Universe. Therefore regardless of the opposition against it, it will achieve its purpose. Presently it is increasing in its power levels, and will continue to do so all of the way to Ascension. Try not to be overwhelmed by the disasters that are happening, and know that there will be a positive outcome that will lift you up to a higher level. Much of what has happened was foreseen, but as it relates to karma – sometimes on a group level, it must be allowed to work through. From our point of view all will proceed as planned, and the Universe will finally ascend.
A lot can happen in a short time, and as you progress through this year events are going to become quite hectic. The people are beginning to take charge of their own future, and will not stand for the old ways to be reinstated. They realize that what were supposed to be democratic governments in many countries around the world, were more totalitarian and not answerable to them. In fact in many of them voting was a sham, and dictatorships existed that served themselves by denying the people their entitlement. In waking up to what has been taking place, they have stopped the dark Ones in their tracks and opened opportunities for a regime change. Not only that, when they take place they will be changes complete with a new policy, that will address the wrongs of many hundreds of years. These new energies for change will strengthen the resolve of those dear souls who have stepped forward to challenge the old set-up. Their endeavors are supported by us, and we guide them so as to achieve the victory that will fully open the path to Ascension.
As ever time continues to speed up, and that is a sure sign that you are well on the way to the great upliftment of 2012. Life goes on for every soul regardless of what they believe will actually happen come once that date is reached. In part you create your own future, but the fact remains that the final act will be Ascension. There is no necessity for great catastrophes or disasters, or masses of people dying as a result of them simply to reach that point in time. The only link between the two is the need to cleanse the Earth so that she is ready to ascend with you. So the remaining months will be filled with all manner of different happenings, which will gradually become more acceptable and beneficial to everyone. By then we will certainly have been officially accepted as visitors to your planet. In actuality we already have your acceptance, and the numbers of people turning to us are increasing each day.
The course is set for your release from the Illuminati, and they strike out in their last desperate attempts to delay or prevent Ascension. Their days are numbered, and little time remains for them to continue in opposition to us. It will be with absolute delight that we finally remove the dark Ones from positions of power, and bring in Beings of Light that have been waiting such as opportunity to replace them. These are our allies that have already done so much to create a structure that aids our plan for your release. Also many, many of you have especially incarnated at this time to be part of the final days upon the old Earth. Each you have something to offer that will be called upon when the time is right. There will be so much activity going on, you may be sure that even at a local community level, you will have plenty to occupy you.
Our appearance on your television channels will enable us to reach out to people to dispel any doubts that they may have about our intentions. We will go to great lengths to explain why we are here, and the plan to take you up to the end time. We serve you through the Galactic Federation, and Ascension is not the end of our presence with you, as we shall become your fellow travelers through the Galaxies if you should so choose. You will be able to visit the home of civilizations that dwell in the higher dimensions, and will be accepted as one of them. To say the least, you will be somewhat different to what you are now as you have yet to rise up to the higher levels of vibration. When you have done so, and work from your higher consciousness you will truly have become Galactic Beings. That is your present goal, and our help will be given to ensure you achieve it. These are all matters that we will need to introduce to you, and clearly it will be much easier when we are openly with you.
We will have a common bond with those of you that do ascend, because you are cognizant with the understanding of the Source, and that it is All That Is. Respect, Love and Gratitude are our offerings to the Creator and we know that many of you share those sentiments. The truth of such matters is also important for you to know, and they will be covered in due course of time. A belief in God will carry you forward, until we can enlighten you although we must say that many inspired teachers are already on Earth. Following religion as such is not our way, as all knowledge can be found within. You have it now, but find it difficult to touch that level of your consciousness. For the time being trust your intuitive powers and follow their promptings.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and watch the ever-changing levels of mass consciousness on your world. With each disaster a loving glow arises from Earth, showing how much love and compassion is being felt for those who are the victims of them. It is bringing people together who see the need to take back their power, so as to create a new world that is based upon caring and love for each other. It is truly remarkable how far you have come in such a very short time. It was expected to be so, but until the time arrived there was no certainty as to exactly what you would achieve. However, Ascension is the Creator’s directive, and no one but the Creator can change what has been decreed. Knowing this it must have a positive affect on you, as you need have no concerns or worries about the end time. We of the Galactic Federation are geared up to move anywhere at a minutes notice, and well rehearsed in all aspects of our assistance for you.
Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.