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Hello, lightworkers. This is SaLuSa connecting to you through a close friend. I have been so happy to witness Ikao’s awakening, from afar. He has had very rapid success, and is now ready to go into heavy detail about many things confusing humans on the surface of Gaia. I will start by announcing that we will be having mass reunions, soon. Many humans on the surface of Gaia have had a full remembering of their life outside of earth, in the eternal. This means, a wave of remembering is soon to sweep across the whole planet. Not a single soul will be free of this remembering. It is mandatory. That being said, if you find the truth truly unbearable, the appropriate measures will be taken to preserve your wellbeing, both physically and emotionally.


In the coming weeks, many events are to take place. Firstly, the arrests. You have heard oh so much about these arrests, and many of you doubt them. Why? There is no valid reason to doubt it anymore. Not only have there been record numbers of resignations in the higher decrees of the American financial field, but the paperwork is available for everybody to read. The plan itself is held solely within the higher densities, and it is impossible for any one person to know all of it. Because of this careful practice, this plan absolutely cannot fail. The plan is written into the structure that is your current reality complex.


Be at ease, gentle souls, there is nothing more to fear. There never was, but you were to experience existence as if there was, to see what it would be like. How was it? What did you learn? What would you do differently? these are tiny fragments of concepts towards what you will have learned upon the finally of this wondrous experiment. When you finally realize what reality truly is, you will be so happy to have your body. You will see. To have such direct control over matter is such a beautiful gift.


The difference between this life, and every other life you have ever had upon earth, is you will be bringing your material body back with you, to the higher densities[ Light]. You will be returning the matter to light. Now, this MUST occur. Your body is not entirely of you. Your body is comprised of a very small fragment of Gaia’s body. Gaia is ready to snap up into the higher densities, but your society is still so behind. That is perfectly okay. We have the pleasure and delight to finally be able to say that not even one single entity upon the earth is off track.


Everybody, just keep doing what you are doing, with more and more love and light in your heart. Get ready for a monstrous quantum leap like you have absolutely never experienced. Nobody has ever experienced this. Never forget how truly amazing you each are.


What is going on on earth is unbelievably difficult. There are so many beings out there, who truly believed this would be a catastrophic failure. Not only has that been shattered, but your complete successes are so impressive, that entirely separate, unrelated universes are watching with a careful eye.


So much has been learned from this experience, that not one single field of action will be unaffected by the information acquired. Consider yourselves the most successful beings in the 3rd density, because you have all done so incalculably well. To do such a task, only the mightiest of the ‘big guns’ stepped up for the roll. That, folks, is all of you. Before long, you will each see you for who you truly are, and WHERE the lightships are in the sky. Don’t think of petty flying saucers, those are shown in that form to show off, and not much more. We exist predominantly where the mind is. Out of location all together.


Pat yourself on the back, and truly love yourself, for you have done more for this universe than anybody thought possible. I will never be able to fully express how impressed with Humanity I am, and all of the Sirius Nation smiles in sheer awe of your actions.


Congratulations, and we will be shortly welcoming all of you on an individual basis, to the Universal community.


This has been SaLuSa through Ikao, and I am absolutely astounded by each and every one of you. I love you all so very much.



arigatou gozaimasu

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WOW..since 2 years ago since I found Salusa (thanks to Komurosan videos) and Sheldan Nidle, on the internet, I found all the answers to all my questions, from armagedon to enlightenment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and NOW again tehse 2 most reliable of sources(in my opinion) have said the most heart soaring words of comfort.!!     But again.....5D and 3D time differences are still not that easy to co-relate.....LOL!    I think i'll just celebrate anyway.

Thankyou GFP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What fantastically amazing

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What fantastically amazing energy coming through on this post. Thank you Salusa for this "shot in the arm", was needed today. 



With Love