Sandra Walter ~ Three Weeks Until The Equinox ~27 February 2013

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The Equinox used to be a glimpse of balance prior to shifting into something new. It was a metaphor for change; the days and nights getting shorter or longer, depending on your location on this gorgeous planet. It is not the habitual seasonal marker it used to be. As our consciousness expands within this divine dream of Source, our understanding of the Shift becomes more lucid.

Why is there an Equinox-to-Equinox Ascension Gateway?

The dynamics of the squeeze of the vortex – the area of space we are moving through and the myriad of alignments, energies and command from Source to create something new – is at its peak point from Fall 2012 Equinox to Spring 2013 Equinox. This is why Gaia and the divine HUmans assisting her chose to Ascend during this Gateway; the long-awaited opportunity presented and was utilized. The alignments created a chance for unique frequencies to penetrate the planet, which could be used to activate a new platform of experience – a fifth/sixth dimensional expression. She accomplished this on the 12-12-12.

Many HUmans participated in Gaia’s Ascension last December, as well as co-creating an Ascended Self from their Higher Self. These Higher expressions, also known as Christed Self, Solar Crystalline Self or Ascended Master Self, now reside on the new fifth dimensional expression of Gaia. Preparations are being made to welcome and integrate lower expressions (that would be the 4D Self reading this) as they merge with the Higher Ascended Self.

Know that the opportunity for these creations was taken on behalf of ALL of Humanity. The opportunity presented to do something amazing and we took it. That creation can now be experienced by anyone choosing the same vibration which created it.


Please understand that not everyone is meant to experience the same reality, this Shift is about REmembering your Creator-in-carnate capabilities. Some folks won’t REmember. All is well.

Infinite consciousness does not obsess over the particles of an in-carnate form. The Soul desires certain role playing in this game to rack up lessons while the playing field is in tact. You get to play until the platform isn’t supported any longer. As you ascend, you may realize that 4D is quite a limited experience. At this moment, I sense the 4D reality won’t take long to join the 5D platform. It make take some rumbles and tumbles to shake the collective into participation, however there are so many carrying the 5D frequency that a tipping point should manifest very quickly. Kindwhile, we get a splintering of realities.

Splintering realities

I have been talking about this for a while, but let me clarify my perspective. I already feel the splintering of realities, and see this becoming much more physical with the Equinox. As someone in watcher mode more often than not, I can see how easy it is to choose – or avoid – walking through to a higher dimensional experience. I know who I AM, what my role is in the Shift, and how incredible it feels to facilitate the resurrection of the true HUman. I have tremendous gratitude for all that is unfolding in the collective; the anxieties, the brilliant solutions emerging at last, the collapse of unsupported timelines, the difficulties with Zero Point dynamics, the miraculous transformations and deep revelations occurring in so many lifestreams. Completely different realities, even within groups who used to be bound by common experience. An ironic step toward Unity Consciousness, isn’t it?

In my perspective, there are many HUmans ready for the final sequences of Ascension. While this is a co-creation with your Higher Levels, there is a point when the supportive entourage backs away to see if you can ride without the training wheels. What you create during those (seemingly) disconnected from support moments/days/weeks is a bit of a proving ground. How do you handle yourself in the Zero Point mirror? Do you forge ahead with gratitude, love and grace as the presence you are – or retreat from the unknown? There is a good deal of training involved in Mastery, and it teaches us patience and perseverance. Know thyself.

When it comes to the theories of planet A/B, B, Q, Z, whatever you name them – I have to revisit the intel from 2011 when Gaia divided. She’s already split, created 2 platforms, and ascended to the higher expression. Zero Point dynamics can provide strong multiple realities for folks living on the same platform – and is doing so already. Those participating in 5D Ascension are merging with the Higher Self and leaving one expression of a planetary platform for another. It is already there; this kind of Ascension is already co-created in the future; we are walking right into a home we have already built.

Pure intention to serve the highest interests of all concerned makes the when can I do it question a non-issue. There is a deep understanding and curiosity about creation itself in this step of the Mastery game. Create whatever serves your journey, the collective and Gaia. Please beloveds, no fear about choosing the planetary expression that blows up or dissolves. Choose what you would like to experience and be at peace. Wavering or anxiety causes collective disharmony. Breathe.

Will 4D be around for a while?

How long the 4D platform is available depends on the physics of this area of space, the new light frequencies coming at us from the galactic center, the influence of Alcyone and the photon belt on Gaia, the transformation of our Sun and Second Sun, and the REturn of Solar Christed consciousness to this platform. There are too many never-encountered-this-before factors to consider a linear time continuum cutoff date.

Birth on Solstice, Resurrection on the Equinox

It’s a good story, especially when you learn it’s about you. I understand that the Alcyone-Pleiades predictions freak people out. As spectacular as a worldwide experience of three days of darkness would be, as well as providing the BIG FINISH to the resurrection metaphor, we cannot count on it to magically and radically transform all of us at once. You can see Zero Point already sorting out realities around you, including your own.  As someone with Pleiadian relatives, I try not to over-think the visions of Gaia bursting into a higher light. I try not to over-think the messages of 1999. But it is clear to me that the splintering of realities is occurring, and quickly.

I honestly do not connect with the consciousness running 4D Earth to ask, hey, how long are you booked here? I honor what is needed, and some things are none of my business. As a gatekeeper, my focus is on bridging the worlds in this now moment, embodying the Solar Christed state to show HUmanity what is possible, and being prepared to facilitate whatever, whenever.

Splintering realities should not affect anyone’s involvement in 4D transitional activities – restructuring the financial, social, governmental and spiritual constructs are bridges to the new paradigm.  This is crucial work done with integrity on behalf of the collective.

External events show what the energy is working on

From the watcher state, I see the self-judgment boomerang hitting some folks hard. All of the things that are not us – emotions, ego, mind, beliefs – are getting the boot. Please REmember that when you see external evidence of the old paradigm collapsing, especially in leadership and government, that same frequency is also affecting you on a personal level. Religious leadership getting the shake-down = challenges to your belief systems. Government = controlling behavior. Financial changes = manipulation, greed, material things. All of these have to do with the photonic frequencies demanding harmony, so take a look at what is being eliminated from the reality menu.

More encouragement from Yeshua

A while ago, I read The Magdalene Manuscript, Tom Kenyon’s co-authored book about the journey of Mary Magdalene. A question still lingered in my heart about what occurred in the garden at Gethsemane. In the manuscript, Magdalene mentions that something happened to Yeshua between that night and the next time she saw him after he was arrested. In the garden, he was haunted by doubts that he could accomplish what he intended; a full embodiment of what was to occur 2,000 years later. Essene Masters attempted transcension on their own behalf; Yeshua was doing it to reveal a future truth for all of HUmanity so we could access it down the line. When Magdalene saw him the next day, Yeshua was unwavering – the doubt was gone. She wondered what occurred.

Because Yeshua has been a consistent part of my path, I kept asking what happened to him in the garden that night. What did he see or do that eliminated the doubt? Did someone visit him? Was there a magical method to remove doubts of my own capabilities? Two weeks ago, after a powerful experience on the mountain, I asked him again. Share this with me, dear brother Yeshua. What happened in the garden to wash away the last shreds of doubt? What was it? What did you see?

After a moment his energy stepped in and a vision began. It was Gaia, ascending. She was shining, glowing, radiant. Then the crystalline grid of HUman hearts emerged all around her; a grid of shining HUmans beaming the love-light of Solar Christed Consciousness out into the galaxy. Yeshua then spoke: This is what was revealed to me in the garden; the fruits of my labor. I saw the future … I saw YOU.

Of course he meant all of us, the Divine HUman collective. I share that vision of the miraculous, and the unwavering creation of our Ascension. / link to original article



Very good

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Thank you Sandra, your message is good as any of the one's from the Masters, Archangels or Beings of Light.


I may favor your words due to my belief in sync with that of yours so much, but your information seems to be as authentic and accurate as any.



David Porter

Author of the series


Resonating with this....!!

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Thankyou for this wonderful post....!!! about a month ago, I had coffee with a girlfriend who for the last 15 years, even tho we live far apart, similiar knowings come to us.....and she, was talking about the equinox coming up, the infinity sign , the balance of all things, including the solstice and equinox, the still point, where something new will be birthed in March.....thankyou again for posting....blessings and big love to all......xox