Satan and Christ

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I'm going to present a much different version of this conflict and instead of externalizing it, I'm making it deeply personal. Christianity is supposed to be based upon Judaism, yet if you look at the Jewish ideas about Satan, you see something vastly different than how it's portrayed in Christianity. While different Jewish sects has different views on Satan, I'm going to focus upon their interpretation of Satan as our "temptation to do wrong".

Now I don't really like the word "wrong", as it's rooted in the illusion of duality. I don't believe for a moment there's some list of rules God requires us to follow. God doesn't make rules, God only has Laws and those can't be broken no matter how hard you try. I'm going to use "wrong" in a very specific sense, where the only "wrong" is that which denies God. Denial of God is not "bad", "evil", or anything like that, it's simply heading in the wrong direction.

We have another word for the "temptation to do wrong" and the denial of God's Presence. We call that "edging God out" or ego. So instead of the idea of this vast cosmic war going on between the "forces of good and evil", it becomes a deeply personal conflict that nearly every Human Being on this Planet is going through. It's the struggle with one's own ego, one's own negativity. We're not helpless pawns in some larger game, we have our own power, responsibility, and influence over the outcome, as the battle is fought within ourselves.

How does one deny God? By entertaining things like fear, worry, conflict and other distractions. Holding onto the past and obsessing over the future is how people deny God's Presence within the Now. Getting wrapped up within your own limited mind, making that your entire world, and failing to see the Beauty of Creation is how one denies God. The word Satan simple means "adversary", and what bigger adversary do people have than their own self-defeating thoughts?

Enough about ego, what about Christ? Just like Satan, this has been externalized and turned into a mythology the church could control. Jesus wasn't the only Child of God, that idea is absurd. Every Human Being on this Planet is a Child of God. You have the Christ within you, as your own God-Self, your own Higher Self. Jesus simply realized this and Lived it. If Satan is your own denial of God, Christ is your own acceptance of God, your own Oneness with God.

Many have heard the Native American story of the two wolves each person has fighting within themselves. One is anger, violence and ego, while the other is Love, Joy, and God. When the child asks his grandfather which wolf will win, the grandfather replies, "The one you feed". Organized religion simply took this story and made it needlessly complicated. It became externalized into a story people believe they have no influence over, instead of one where they have the keys to their own Liberation.

There's another very important part of this story, and that's the idea that good fights against evil. God does not fight against illusion, when God Is Present, there is no illusion. Light does not struggle against darkness, when the Light Is On, darkness is gone. Nobody's ever won God by fighting for God, fighting is how the illusion is kept "alive". Conflict is how the ego feeds and those who struggle against their own ego are falling into the ego's own tricks. Believing you need to fight to get to God, is at its core, denial of the fact that God Is Already Everywhere Present. Those beliefs need to be let go of before the Real You can step forward.


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Love it

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States exactly what I believe. Thanks so much for sharing.

Those beliefs need to be let

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Those beliefs need to be let go of before the Real You can step forward.


I totally agree. I only begin to see/know God when I let all religion go, and became Spiritual. Then, my keys to life was found.


Love Nageeta

I like!

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Thanks for sharing Will. Im going to share this at some other sites in hopes that it will bring a different perspective on this subject to the others. Nice job.

Perfectly said.Going to share

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Perfectly said.Going to share with my sister and pray that she can let it speak to her heart and spirit.

Thanks Will

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Dear Will,

     I agree with you most part, very nicely put. But it's very tricky talking about all this - you put simply what is extremely complicated and if I may say so you stumble over words a few times as we all do, "it's not bad or wrong just going in the wrong direction"..from others' point of view you see away from what you call God is the right direction for them!  You make a judgement call while being non judgemental - we all do it!  Way I see it Satan represents mythologically that 'angel' or entity that first sacrificed itself and fell from primal Unity to facilitate the cosmic experiment in separation - which has been a tremendous success!!!  That is the Divine willed to have a different kind of universe Life experience - set up the drama of duality and polarity - some say He was bored as the One just beibg the One, some say He was kind of lonesome!  - So for the sake of self exploration Self enrichment Self expression, Self adventuring into an 'Unknown never been done before' kind of cosmic scenario - He asked for volunteers and Lucifer and later Satan obliged!  Since then as the poet John Milton put it so well "better to rule in hell than serve in heaven" we are all sparks fragments of Luciferic fire playing at being god unto ourselves journeying the prodigal way and dreaming our prodigal dreams till we suffer enough in this crucible of devolution evolution and begin what is called in Theosophy the Great Path of Return, the prodigal begining the new road back to the Father's house.  Nowhere else to go for how I weary of wandering the strange and foreign lands of duality.  

   Now perhaps for some the tide is beginning to turn we sicken and die as our poor wounded abused Mother Gaia Sophia rears like a great whale in the cosmic sea with a harpoon in her side and the God/Gods heave heard her heaven piercing cry and the Father has written a line in the sand - for the experiment in duality has gotten way out of hand and layers upon layers of being and the majority of humans have run with this energy, exacerbated and fine tuned it to the nth degree!  so enough is enough is enough!