SAUL ~ Humanity's awakening into Reality is to be a time of stupendous celebration

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Humanity’ awakening into Reality is to be a time of stupendous celebration.  In your illusory reality you have been hoping and praying for it for a very long time, and to many of you it too has seemed to be but an illusion, a misguided hope of the depressed and disenfranchised among you.  So I am very happy to keep reminding you that what you long for is Reality.  There is nothing else – which is why you long for it.  Who among you could possibly want the illusion and all its suffering, anxiety, and fear, when the alternative, the only alternative, is God’s divine reality, which you have momentarily forgotten as you stumble around confused and seemingly lost in that illusion?

Humanity – you – has at last decided that life as you experience it in the illusion is unacceptable.  That decision enables you to open your minds and release the inflexible and insane beliefs that so many of you have embraced so enthusiastically for so long – “I am a worthless sinner; God could never forgive me; I must sacrifice myself to suffering in order to appease God; the world is so full of evil that God can only choose to destroy it” – and begin to understand that God’s creation, of which each one of you is an essential and eternal member, is and can only be perfect.  And as God is all that exists those rigid beliefs are just meaningless aspects of your illusory nightmare from which you cannot fail to awaken.

All around you, you can see signs that the time for this momentous event is approaching, as an increasing number of you learn to respond peacefully to each situation in which you are involved, because you have understood that there is no other meaningful way to behave.  And as you respond in this new way, it rapidly becomes apparent that it is normal, natural, and free of stress and anxiety.  The positive feedback this provides is instantaneous and very satisfying, and you wonder why it took you so long to realize this.  Continue to practice peacefulness in every moment of your lives.  Initially it can be difficult to maintain the focused awareness necessary to enable you to do so.  Just keep reminding yourselves (and forgiving yourselves when you forget – this is very important), and it will become spontaneous and automatic, and cause what is basically an evolutionary shift in your energy field, which will affect all those with whom you interact very positively indeed.  And that is one of your tasks as you make your way Home from the illusion.

Enjoy it!  Being peaceful, calm, and attentive is a wonderful gift to offer to others.  It is a sharing of the divine energy that is embracing each one of you, and when you share it, it is returned to you greatly strengthened, because that is how divine energy works.  It is always reaching out, expanding, and intensifying because that is the divine creative process in action, perpetually. Your enjoyment will infect others, who will themselves start practicing peaceful interaction because you have demonstrated its effectiveness to them.  And so enjoyment will spread as peaceful interactions become the norm.

From that norm trust grows and develops, as people feel less and less threatened and their need to be ready to engage in defensive behavior falls away.  This too is something you can see spreading across the world, and this is because your own energies are becoming increasingly aware of and responsive to the energy of God’s Love which has always enveloped humanity. Never has there been even an instant when this was not the case because it is the life force without which you would not exist.  You are divinely cherished, and your awakening is awaited with enthusiastic expectation so that the celebrations can commence.

With so very much love, Saul.