SAUL ~ Slow down the frenetic pace at which you live

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The major disturbances occurring all over the planet are indicators – precursors, if you will – that humanity’s moment of awakening is approaching. The illusion, and the experiences that you are undergoing within it, are becoming increasingly untenable as more and more of you suffer on a scale not seen since the two major wars of the last century.  You have had enough, and you are all praying for something far better: lives that you can enjoy without the stress and anxiety of worrying “What’s next”?  It is quite amazing how unpalatable you have allowed the illusion to become before making the collective decision to awaken from it.  You have been slumbering so deeply for so long that to awaken from it requires an enormous quantity of energy, which is why you are all so firmly held in God’s divine embrace, as He suffuses you with an infinite abundance of His Love.  Not one of you is unable to avail of It, although, of course, you can refuse to accept It.

The numbers of you refusing to accept this divine gift are dwindling rapidly, because no one can be unaware now that you need His Love to achieve peace of mind in this uncertain and threatening world in which you appear to have your existence.  By finding peace yourselves – through stress-reduction practices such as relaxation techniques, meditation, dance, music, painting, writing, yoga, etc. – you share it with family, friends, neighbors, and work associates, helping them also to achieve lower levels of stress.  Doing this enables you to slow down the frenetic pace at which you have been living, and gives you time to question your motives for driving yourselves so hard.  Many in Western societies seem to see great honor and value in the driven lives they lead, whether at work or at play, although when your play is so driven it can hardly be described as play!

The driven way of living leaves no time for your real life.  It fills every moment with activity – thinking, talking, doing – leaving no time to reflect and consider whether or not your life provides a real sense of satisfaction.  On the whole, any satisfaction experienced is short lived; and then a new source of satisfaction is needed to replace the one just finished.  True satisfaction is peaceful and lasts; it is not something that is experienced and then discarded. That kind of experience is never satisfying, which is why it always seems to need replacing.

This constant rush for more and newer experiences is really a rushing away from life, a refusal to be with yourself, accept yourself, and enjoy the experience.  Very many of you find that being alone and quiet by yourselves is threatening, because all of humanity’s cultures teach you by example that, as yourself, you are nothing. . . valueless.  But if you do something, it can be set off against your basic worthlessness, enabling you to join and belong to a group, thus proving to you that you do have some value.  But, unfortunately, if you make errors or offend people, that sense of self-value could be invalidated and you could be expelled from the group you have worked so hard to become part of.  So there is always a constant anxiety driving you to maintain or improve your position in society.

The thing is, you are of infinite value just as you are.  Qualifications, titles, and achievements are meaningless and worthless, and you soon realize this because the brief satisfaction that they brought you did not last.  Satisfaction of a lasting nature can only be found in your own self-acceptance, and as God has placed an eternal and infinite value on each one of His children, how could it make any sense for you to judge yourself (or anyone else) as in any way inadequate?  Remind yourselves at least once daily of this fact.  Stop judging yourselves, and moreover, forgive yourselves for your errors which are just further nonsensical aspects of the illusion.  The resultant reduction in personal stress and anxiety will lead you forward towards your glorious moment of awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.