Scientists Discover That Eyes Are Windows To The Soul

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By Steven Bancarz|  The eye is the window to the universe, and some would say they are also windows to the soul..  We have heard this phrase get passed around before: “The eyes are the windows of the soul”.  People usually say this when they can see pain, anger, or some other emotion in somebody else’s eyes.  But recent research gives a whole new meaning to this phrase.  Eyes not only windows to emotions, they are windows to the soul.

How? The answer has to do with the actual eyeball itself.  Everyone has a different structure of lines, dots and colours within the iris of their eye.  Some people may have similar eye colour to each other, but the lines and dots on the iris are as unique as a fingerprint.

Although they vary from person to person, there are certain patterns contained within the iris which are widespread, and scientists at Orebro University in Sweden wanted to see if these patterns correlated with specific personality traits.