Secrets of the Whales

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"Whales and other cetaceans such as dolphins and orcas want humans to know that they will be increasingly attempting to gain attention by intentional beachings, getting tangled in fishing lines, and swimming outside their normal traffic ways. This is because as the largest of sentient species, they take it upon themselves to help acquaint other species such as humanity with universal wisdom.

Whales are in contact with off world species. Whales are a much older species than humans and have a different perspective on life and evolution than humans do. They are far less short sighted and far more interested in growth and evolution than humans are. 

Because of their access to dimensional energies, cetaceans such as whales interact with other species on Earth in ways that often do not make sense to humans. Cetaceans are always aware of their connection to each other and to other species around them. They make choices with the good of the whole, rather than the individual, in mind. This is one reason why they have no compunction to get the attention of humans by beaching themselves, mass deaths, or the ritual of pushing around a dead calf for days. All of these actions are designed to inform humans of the urgent need to consider the consequences of their actions so as to help ensure that the planet remains habitable for everyone.

If Earth continues to accelerate her rate of degradation and sufficient human intervention does not take place to save the planet from destruction, then cetaceans will leave the planet entirely by choosing to reincarnate elsewhere. Cetaceans prefer to remain incarnate on a planet also occupied by humans so as to assist in humanity’s evolution, but to save themselves they will choose to go elsewhere."

— Solara, channeled by Talyaa Liera, excerpt from The Secret Life of Whales, a channeled perspective on whales and other cetaceous species.

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