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This Full Aries Moon (at 9:52 pm CDT) … is a powerful one! This Moon is also known as the Harvest Moon (the first Full Moon after the Equinox) ….and also known as the Equinox Moon….leaving the Full Moon energy lasting a little longer than normal.  Aires/Harvest Moon/Equinox Moon is a Super charged Full Moon…and it can ignite a lot of growth, or a lot of compulsive and destructive behavior….as deep feelings are brought to the surface. This Aries Harvest Moon is happening within the energies of the Fall Equinox, since these 2 events are happening within 2 days of each other.  Therefore there is a blending of the energies of these 2 events.  Many of the aspects will be the same except the Moon.  Since these two events are overlapping….I will talk about the Moon changing signs (the Moon is now in Aries) and then repeat the meanings of the aspects that are the same as the Fall Equinox again in this report.   The energies of this Aries Full Moon is emphasizing (from the Fall Equinox) the message of relationships….Love….action….and Peace!

Full Moons are when the tides are high, and feelings are flowing.   Full Moons are a time of releasing.  It is a time of releasing the old that is no longer working for us, for our community and for all humanity.  Right now we need to release the negative, fear, and anger…that is all around us from the events of the last several months.  Go deep into yourself and deep in your Soul, your foundations and old perceptions and observe what is no longer working for you for your community and humanity.   We will be surrounded by intense releases of  “old” energy….. that is no longer vibrating where we are now vibrating……let it flow away from you.    Take time to meditate on areas of your life that you feel you need to move away from… or distance yourself from… at this time in you evolution.  Surround yourself in more positive and happy energies…as we try to stay out of fear.   It is a time of purging and releasing in all areas of your life.   

All Full Moons involve the Sun… the Sun opposite the Moon is what creates the Full Moon. This Full Moon being in Aries along with the Sun being in Libra, is all about Balance!!!!  The Aries (fiery, action, male energy, passion, impatient, the Pioneer, the “me” energy, and the warrior) Moon, is ruled by Mars (the male energy, our passion, incitation, warrior, male energy, accidents)……and the Libra Sun (the feminine, balance, equal give and take, relationships, the “other”, and the peace maker), which is ruled by Venus (our love, attraction creativity, feminine energy), is guiding us with love & peace (Libra), and passion and war (Aries)……. into a merging of opposite ends!  We are moving into a balanced, equal give and take relationship, in all areas…… for ourselves, along with all humanity……throughout the world.  Bringing back into focus, emphasizing, and acknowledging the major theme throughout this Shift of the balance we need to achieve in all areas!   Especially between the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine (which is of utmost importance)…..the right brain and the left brain, natural medicines and pharmaceuticals, natural foods and GMO’s…etc. etc.   Balance is extremely important now……the Universe is getting Urgent.  We have to be in total balance… order to be one with the higher energies, the ascension energies… we move into Oneness! We are all one!   Mediate on how to bring balance into all areas of your life, your tribe, your community and the world……and then manifest and create ways for this to happen

This Aries Moon has a reputation of inspiring the brave and strong….along with being hot headed and angry!  Because of the Sun being in Libra… will notice this Full Aries Moon energy….in all of your relationships and also in the relationships throughout the world.  Libra is about Love and balance…..lets concentrate on that energy and bring it in all around you…..give it forward… give it out to the world. Think Peace

During this Aries Full Moon and Libra Sun (Full Aries Moon)….it is a time to look at your relationships… all relationships. It is time to figure out who you want to spend more time with….. or is it time to start distancing yourself from a certain relationship?  It is a time of recognizing when you need to distance yourself from relationships that are not vibrating where you are….relationships that do not make you feel good……relationships that are holding you back…….and to do it in the most compassionate way possible.

Are the relationships you are in, embodying the energies of equal give and take within them?  Are you feeling fulfilled, and is there a feeling of harmony?   There needs to be a balance between yourself and the “other.” You are learning about the art of “intimate conflict”……harmony within conflict!   Your learning how to balance the “me” (self/Aries) with the “we” (partners & community/Libra)   The Universe is speaking loudly again with this Full Aries Moon about Balance!   LISTEN!!

The Sun in Libra, is ruled by Venus and therefore has the qualities of love, creativity, committed relationships of all types, diplomacy, balance, the peacemaker and “open enemies” (meaning, people that we have to be around and deal with even though we know that they might be an enemy) and Venus is in Scorpio which will accent relationships…of all kinds.  Deep Soul love and bringing about deep passion and intensity to all relationships…..including the Earth…which Scorpio also loves.  Libra also represents areas of the Law.  It is an extremely powerful time to pray for PEACE!   Peace within ourselves, our community, humanity, our World and its leaders, and all worlds, throughout the Universe!   Being in balance is the key word here……Peace is the result!  This is a very powerful message from the Universe at this time…..Peace not only on Earth….but throughout the Galaxy’s!!!

During this Aries Full Moon we also have a potent Cardinal T-Square involving Saturn the Sun/Mercury and Chiron which is sitting with the Aries Moon.  Cardinal energy is about: Birthing of New, Change and Urgency.  A T-Square is a stressful/friction energy aspect.  This brings a shift in the energy of relationships of all kinds.  We are moving from being of service to others… being in equal give and take relationships. With Mercury there…it also means that, how we speak to and of others…is up for some changes.   Saturn (government, military, corporate, structures, CEO’s etc.) brings challenges to all types of structures and relationships….and how they need to be looked at with integrity and respect.  Chiron represents a wound that needs to be healed and it is sitting with the Full Aries Moon!  This wound that Chiron/Moon is representing is about how we handle our emotions and our relationships….is it about “ME” (Aries) or is it about “the OTHER” (Libra)?  With it in a T-Square with the Libra Sun/Mercury and Saturn…that wound has a lot to do with all relationships….friendships, working relationships, Family and Mother relationships, Lovers and committed relationships and relationships among  leaders throughout the world…… and making some changes in many of the ways that relationships have been structured.  With an emphasis on bringing in integrity, respect and love, within equal give and take relationships.  Remember they all sit in Cardinal Energy…Change, Birthing of New, and Urgency!  

We also have a Fixed (not wanting change, stubbornness-but can be stable) Grand Cross happening…. a very powerful intense aspect.   The Grand Cross consists of  Mars/South Node, North Leo Node, Venus, and Uranus.  Mars (warrior energy, passion, action, pioneer, anger) is sitting with the South Node which represents past lives and things in your immediate past.  Lessons, that can be a challenge and disruptive…that you need to look at now and take action on in order to change them and move forward towards your evolution.   North Node in Leo….what we all are moving towards now….which is the big Heart energy.  Thinking with the Heart….speaking with the Heart!  Learning to have fun and enjoying our inner child.  Then we have Venus (love, attraction, female energy, creativity) that is also opposing Uranus (outside the box thinking, constant of change, community, humanity, genius).  This again is accenting relationships and how many need to change and “upgrade”.  There is also a emphasis on love of our neighbors, our community and humanity.  Uranus and Venus square the Nodal Axis and in Evolutionary Astrology this is considered a “skipped step”.  Meaning that we have been working on this lesson as a collective for life times….and we cannot move forward till we take care of this!  What does it mean?  One big meaning that we are still working on and that we need to overcome is….unconditional love for our community members and all humanity!  We need to Love one another….    We need to find ways to positively express our individuality, our creativity and love….within the whole of humanity, while offering the same respect for everyone else. At this Aries Full Moon….we are being given a great opportunity to take action and start making these changes.

We have been feeling and reacting to these energies for the last several weeks.  This energy is very chaotic, disruptive, and powerful, bringing about many changes and transformations in all areas.  You can see and feel it in many meetings and gatherings of all kinds….in politics, in relationships, at work and at play….in the weather, and throughout the World.  The Universe is speaking loudly…..this is a lot of Energy….a lot of Power….a lot of opportunities for change and transformations….that are now being put right in our faces, so that we won’t miss them!  It is a very powerful time that we are in right now….a time of break downs or break through's.  It is time to hold on tight as we navigate through the chaos that is colored with the urgency of change and transformation.  With this Aries Full Moon….we need to pull on the Aries energies of….action and courage…..not anger or fighting.

So again I would like to emphasize  that…..This Cardinal T-Square (involving the Full Aries Moon) is also strongly associated with worldly events.  The relationships between Countries, the Country Leaders, or Religious groups, etc.   The Energies of this Cardinal T-Square will be with us for a while and we have already seen it play out in our own current Politics, shootings, and the weather. This energy can also lead to anger, compulsion and destructive behavior…as deep feelings and hurts are brought to the service for us to look at!!  However we also look at the Libra Sun to help us move into the more peaceful and loving energies of Libra! 

With Libra (the Sun in this Aries Full Moon) also representing areas of the Law… is an extremely powerful time to pray for PEACE!  Peace in ourselves, our community, humanity, our World and its leaders, and all worlds, throughout the Universe!  This energy with the overlapping Fall Equinox and Aries Full Moon…..can be dramatic, and can even bring about conflicts, anger and more…… especially anger with authority.   Meditate and above all…..Manifest Peace!!!!

Remember this is a lot of changeable, urgent and transformative energy for our bodies, and the Earth, to try to handle and embody. There can also be the added energies of stubbornness and those that don’t really want to change….coming from the Fixed Grand Cross!   For the next several days…it is a time to be careful and cautious, watch how you and others are driving.  Put down the cell phones and watch where you are walking, driving and what you might be communicating.  You may be really tired, headaches and other body aches as we integrate the energies…. and those of the past few months.   The Earth is also receiving all these unsettling energies….so extreme weather and events like earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes etc. can also be in the news as the Earth herself purges.  Try to… Relax, mediate, get out doors, exercise, be creative and manifest….to help the body absorb these energies in a more peaceful and loving way.  Allow your life to unfold naturally. Sit by a body of water and pay attention to your dreams.

Take this time to increase your work outs, or join in more sports activities….channel this energy into action and passion and begin some new projects, or finish the projects that you have been dreaming about.  Use this energy of passion and structure to co-create your own reality.    It is a time to be cautious and careful…as these energies are quite intense……  Remember you will be feeling these energies for a while.

I believe that this Aries Full Moon can be very positive for growth and that it can bring about these energies within us…. of freedom and liberation so we can move away from the things that are holding us back….. and move forward into the higher energies

During these powerful times when things at times seem totally out of whack.   …….the Universe just wants you to take a step, any step and just move forward.   Meditate and release what is no longer working for your higher good, and then Manifest and create a better way….a better world.   Remember that we are Co-Creating the “New”……we are being given everything we need….. to help show us what needs to be changed, deep down in our Soul’s….what needs to evolve!    At times things need to be put right in our faces, right in our faces….. even if emotionally it feels uncomfortable, we have to See it before we are given the opportunity to Heal it… and move forward!     The Universe is getting serious!  

These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth.  These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.

Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below).  Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way.

Feel free to share this update, in its entirety!   AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2018  Cathy Lindsey     All rights reserved. 


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